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Established in 2012, Big Fat Slots Casino prides itself on being established with the aim to provide high-quality entertainment for customers who enjoy gambling.

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• Website:
• Established: 2012
• Country: Malta
• Support: Live Chat, E-mail
• Deposit Bonus: 200£/€/$
• Minimum Deposit: 10£/€/$
• Payout Percentage: 97.5 %
• Software: Progress Play
• Where to Play: Malta, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand

Big Fat Slots Online Casino Review

Big Fat Slots Casino provides an excellent gaming environment for players. The security of the casino offers an excellent environment for playing because the management is consistently monitoring the players. Big Fat Casino allows membership from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, and Sweden.

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Big Fat Slots Casino

There are various online casinos in the web of online game providers. In that dark ocean of different games provided by different companies, there are factors players consider even if they are seasoned players. To such players, it is important to know how to evaluate the value of games offered by online casino platforms. Also, it is essential to consider reliability, safety, variety, preferences of games provided by a casino. For most gamblers, these are key factors to check before becoming a member of an online casino. One casino that has won the hearts of many players through its services is Big Fat Slots Casino. Derived from its name, Big Fat Slots Casino prides itself in offering customers a variety of games through a secure platform.


Big Fat Slots offers players the opportunity to enjoy playing in safety, fun and fair environments under the regulations of online security managers. These features make the gaming experience at Big Fat Slots Casino enjoyable. ProgressPlay Limited regulates the operation of Big Fat Casino. The management is under Suite 1258 in Vincenti Building, and this is a liability company with a registration under Malta. Malta Gaming Authority issued the registration number under the UK Gambling Commission. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is a potent regulator involved in various gambling activities across different gaming sectors. Under insightful leadership, the management manages the complaints of players, and this is however not done directly because the management always involves different game operators.

Malta Gaming Authority Licensing

Malta Gaming Authority is responsible for managing the complaints of clients. When it comes to dealing with various complaints, Malta Gaming Authority has an equipped team with trained professionals. The allegations of the customers go a panel for discussion. Through Malta Gaming Authority, Big Fat Slots Casino has resolved many issues from credible players. That is how the company has managed to maintain many clients.

Customer Care Live Chat

Big Fat Slots Casino provides players with an interactive platform through live chat, and this is a customer care support team that offers one of the leading and highest member satisfactions. The live chat interface provides an excellent as well as a professional platform for services. Big Fat Casino continues to pride itself on being a leading online casino gaming provider for the best players in different states following its impeccable customer live chat. The line is always on, and the team that answers the questions is committed to providing all answers to the raised questions. Through live chat, the team in charge can respond to questions on a face to face basis. From questions regarding the games played to payment methods, Big Fat Casino is committed to being accessible through live chat. There is also an email address available for customer care, and this is another faster way to get help from the support team. One of the attractive features Big Fat Slots Casino has over other online casinos is the ability to stay online for twenty-four hours. The goal of the company is to acquire the best as well as the highest level of satisfaction for its members, and this has been possible through the excellent services the company has provided. Through the professionalism of the management, Big Fat Casino has maintained a huge client base. The team has knowledgeable as well as experienced professionals committed to assisting clients. Upon a challenge, the client should not hesitate to communicate through the stated channels.


Aside from the live chat interaction and email for customer care support, Big Fat Casino offers VIP treatment for other clients. In the VIP package, the player earns one VIP point for every 16 Euros that the players wager and this means that the sum of points garnered in three months by the players will play a crucial role in determining the level of VIP the player receives. Big Fat Casino has five levels of VIP. There is bronze, which newcomers can claim. The next levels of VIP are on offer to seasoned players, and they depend on the seasons played:

Under the VIP level, players enjoy the packages that come with birthday celebrations as well as anniversaries. The management of Big Fat Casino provides a feature with self-limitation to players, and this is done to encourage responsible gambling in the casinos. It is also the safest way to monitor the games of the players. Another package that comes with being VIP at Big Fat Casino is being able to dictate the daily, weekly or monthly routine for playing. The players also get the permission to set limits when it comes to deposits.


Big Fat Slots Casino utilizes software called ProgressPlay Ltd. In addition to that, the company uses Microgaming Software Systems. These are the leading online software for gambling. The two software choices allow players to enjoy a variety of games through the flash disk. For most casinos that utilize Microgaming software, there has been a huge client base gained. Big Fat Casino has produced a huge payout through the use of this software. The system software boosts the credibility of the games by offering not only a variety but also a high quality of games. ProgressPlay software is prominent for its functionality.


Big Fat Casino provides various games including blackjack and slot games. Most of the jackpot games offered in this casino are prominent for being some of the leading jackpot games in the industry of casino. The casino is also renowned for offering scratch card games. Passionate about keeping up with the clients, the management makes a daily post on the available games. Some of the featured games offer cash bonuses. In one slot of games, Big Fat Casino offers approximately 100 titles. For lovers of slots games on computers and mobile phones, Big Fat casino considers such players. The management offers a vast variety of games under different mobile platforms for the players to enjoy when on the move.

Mobile Casino

At Big Fat Casino, there is a variety of mobile games. These are games that allow players to enjoy playing on cell phones, iPhone, and tablets. When the player is on the move, all that needs to be doing is logging in through the login details. A player can enjoy various games after logging in. One account can allow an individual to play on multiple devices.

Deposit Bonus

The first deposit a player makes earns them a bonus. At Big Fat Casino, the first deposit earns a player a bonus through their winning account. For the player to withdraw the bonus, they must have the wagering requirement of nothing less than$ 50. These bonuses must also have 90 days validity, and this is after the amount finds its way to the player's account. For players who have not spent their bonuses within the 90 days, there will not be a Bonus to the awarded amount. Big Fat Slots has the right to cancel promotions without notice. The company also has the right to disqualify players from the offered bonuses as well as promotions. The roles of the management extend to maintaining order in the house. The Bonuses offered at Big Fat Casino have a Bonus policy that players should check. Players cannot withdraw the deposit bonus in cash. You can spend this amount on the games at the casino. In a different scenario, players can withdraw the winnings after hitting the wagering requirement. In all the bets placed, 5% of the total can be towards wagering requirements. For players in specific parts of the world, players can cash out the deposit bonus after hitting nothing less than 100 times the total Bonus. When the player makes a valid deposit to the casino, they are entitled to a deposit bonus. Every player is issued one deposit bonus through one online casino account at Big Fat Casino. The casino does not accept the use of multiple accounts. For more questions on deposit bonus, contact

Welcome Bonus and Promotions

Big Fat Casino has a welcome bonus package that totals to 200 Euros, and this highly depends on the initial deposit and individual has made. For example, if the original deposit is 100 Euros, the player receives 100 Euros as the welcome bonus. The game, therefore, begins at 200 Euros. To get a bonus, the player needs t sign up. The next step involves making a deposit to acquire a match up for a welcome deposit.

Weekly Promotions

Every player likes rewards. At Big Fat casino, loyal customers will enjoy a lot of rewards. That is why the company has a weekly promotions surprise for clients. The mechanism of this reward highly depends on the number of times an individual makes a deposit. The more player deposits, the higher the chances of enjoying the promotional packages. Every week, Big Fat Casino surprises its players through awards of over thousands of pounds. The awards play a pivotal role in growing the player's bankroll. The more the deposits as well as play, the more the surprises that come in promotions. It is crucial for players to keep up with the games that are available every week and this is for players to be able to land promotions packages every week.

Terms of Weekly Winnings

· For the players to win the weekly promotions, the following must be observed:

· Players have to make a deposit within the first fourteen days for bonus legibility.

· Although the aim of making a deposit is landing huge wins, there is no guarantee of winning in equal measures. The bonuses may vary.

· For players to make withdrawals, there is an amount to be reached. This amount cannot be 50 times less than the wagered deposit bonus.

· The bonus has seven days validity, and this starts from the day you get the bonus in the account of the player. Players who fail to utilize their Bonuses in the time frame do not have the leisure to enjoy the expired Bonuses later on. It, therefore, means that players should use their Bonuses within the time frame.

· Big Fat Slots holds the canceling rights to various promotions.

· Upon the discretion of the company, players can be disqualified from the promotions

· The promotion is subject to the company's promotions policy.

Security and Fair Play

Big Fat Slots Casino prides itself on being a utilizer of 128-bit secure encryption for the safety, and this is a firewall technology that ensures the security of sensitive data. 128 encryption ensures that the internet is safe against malpractices. From the processing of online credit cards to the handling of several accounts owned by high ranking individuals, it is undisputed that there are firms that are prominent for breaking into such systems and this is however not possible with the use of SSL machines. Big Fat Slots provides its players with a vast variety of e-commerce wallet services for transactions. Through the same security channel, Big Fat Casino provides fair play, and this happens through tight security measures. With a keen observation of how the players interact in the platform, the management monitors their moves with the aim of providing fair chances for playing.

Overall Experience

Big Fat Casino has a team of managers with high skills in providing excellent customer care. Licensed by the Gambling Commission, this casino is a leading online games provider in the industry. Players are allowed to participate if they are 18 years old and older. Players have to meet the legal requirements.

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