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24 Hours in Police Custody’s new series began yesterday, on the 22nd of March. It aired on Channel 4 at 9 PM. The new series includes four episodes. If you missed the episode on TV, you could easily watch it online on Channel 4 online websites.

24 Hours in Police Custody Episodes 2021

The first episode of the show takes place in Bedfordshire. There is a 23-years-old guy who is in custody, but it is not his first time under arrest. He does not hide the fact, as he claims that he has been arrested 100s of times before. He is facing a string of crimes, for which he answers with a simple “no comment.” The string of crimes includes many victims who claimed that they had been hurt badly.

On the other hand, without any evidence, the officers of Luton Police Station had to release the 23-years-old guy. After that, there were other public reports of a fresh new crime wave, including the same suspect. These crimes culminated with a sexual attack on a young woman. The suspect is now on the run and out of control. The suspect is officially “The Most Wanted.”

In that episode of 24 Hours in Police Custody, the camera will follow the armed officers as they deploy so they can find and arrest the suspect. All of the turns and twists are recorded on camera as DS Gilbert, and her competent team try to find evidence to arrest and convict the suspect, who represents a real danger to the public.

Episode 2 To Air on the 29th of March

The second episode of 24 Hours in Police Custody takes place in Luton. There is a man who got shot point-blank and fighting for his life. It seems that the attack was unprovoked, where a stranger used his handgun to shot the guy without reason. The police launch a very frantic operation for the gunman on the loose. The problem is that they do now know the identity of the suspect. Then there is a young woman that enters the police station and says the same gunman threatened her. She said that he grabbed her by her throat and asked her if she was a wolf or a wolverine. The officers try to find the gunman and arrest him before he threatens anyone else, or even worse, manage to kill a complete stranger.

About 24 Hours in Police Custody

24 Hours in Police Custody is a British documentary TV show that airs on Channel 4. It mainly follows the force of Bedfordshire Police who are investigating criminal cases in Luton. The TV series is by The Garden Productions, which is the same company behind the successful how 24 Hours in A&E.

The first series of this show included seven episodes, and it aired back in 2014. The filming of the series took place at the Luton Police Station throughout a 6-week period. There were more than 80 cameras involved in the shooting. Due to the great success of the series, Channel 4 commission more seasons, with the second one airing in 2015.

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