Sic Bo

The game of Sic Bo (pronounced See Bo) is a dice odds game played using a board. Sic Bo has been very popular in Asian countries. In China, Sic Bo has grown to be one of the most popular, if not the most popular game and has spread its way around the world to major countries like the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom where it has gained even more popularity.

While Sic Bo may look like a tough game to learn, it is actually quite simple and easy to learn. If you enjoy the style of gameplay in games like Craps or Roulette, Sic Bo may be a good match for you. Similar to craps Sic Bo uses dice, however, Sic Bo has 3 compared to the 2 used in craps. Similar to Roulette you bet on a certain outcome happening. Sic Bo also offers one of the smallest house edges in a casino, giving you a much better chance to win and make money.

Sic Bo has two main parts to it: the board and the dice.

The Board

Sic Bo boards are often what make new players shy away from the game as they look complex at first sight. In reality, the board simply shows what bets you can place and usually the payout for each bet.

The Dice

Translating to “pair of dice”, Sic Bo is actually played with 3 dice. The dealer handles the dice, which are kept in a small cage. Once you place your bet the dealer will roll the dice, deciding whether your bet won or lost.

How to Play

The first step in Sic Bo is the bets. In a Sic Bo game, you place bets on what the combination of the dice will be. After you have placed your bet the dealer rolls the dice inside of a small cage. The outcome of the roll will decide which bets win and which lose. Different types of bets will have different payouts depending on the probability that the dice will land on the combination.

Types of Bets

Sic Bo has a few different kinds of bets. The different types of bets include:

• Big and Small
• Odd or Even
• Doubles
• Two Dice Combination
• Triple
• Any Triple
• Any Number
• Totals

Different casinos have varying payout prices for bets so the payouts may be slightly different. The payout rates listed below are common payouts. It is very important that you make sure what the payouts are for the specific casino you are playing in. Knowing exactly how much you can get payed out will help you decide what bets you want to take.

Big and Small

One of the most common bets in Sic Bo is the big or small bet. When betting big or small you are betting on whether the total of the three dice will be big (total = 11 to 17) or small (total = 4 to 10). If a three is rolled then either bet will lose. You can expect a 1 to 1 payout for this type of bet. Big and small bets have the highest probability of landing with a 48.6% chance of being rolled.

Odd or Even

This bet is pretty straight forward. You will bet on whether the total of the three dice is an odd or even number. If a 3 is rolled either bet will lose. A 1 to 1 payout is normal for this bet although it is not offered on all tables. Odd or even bets are also the highest probability of landing at 48.6%.


Betting on a double means that you are betting on two of the three dice having the same number on them. Possible combinations: 1 and 1, 2 and 2, 3 and 3, 4 and 4, 5 and 5, and 6 and 6. These bets generally have an 8 to 1 payout. Double bets have a 7.41% chance of being rolled for any of the double bets.

Two Dice Combination

When betting on a two dice combination you bet on two of the three dice containing two specific numbers. Combinations include: 1 and 2, 1 and 3, 1 and 4, 1 and 5, 1 and 6, 2 and 3, 2 and 4, 2 and 5, 2 and 6, 3 and 4, 3 and 5, 3 and 6, 4 and 5, 4 and 6, and 5 and 6. A normal payout is 5 to 1. Two dice combination bets are higher than doubles with a 13.9% of any of the combinations being rolled.


The triple is a bet that all three dice will roll the same number. To win a triple bet you must have a 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, or a 666. Triples usually have a 150 to 1 payout rate. Specific triples have a very low probability of landing which coincides with the higher payout. The chance of one being rolled is 0.46%.

Any Triple

If you bet on any triple you are betting that the dice will roll any triple compared to a specific triple. As the odds of any triple being rolled are higher than a specific one, the payout for this bet is generally 24 to 1. Any triple bets have a better chance of being rolled at 2.8%.

Any Number

Any number bets are when you bet on a single number being rolled on any of the three dice. You can win these bets if the number you bet on is rolled. The payout for these bets depends on how many of the numbers you bet on are rolled. If one die reads your bet the payout is 1 to one. If two dice read your bet the payout is 2 to 1. If all three dice read your bet the payout is 3 to 1. Any number bets vary in probability, with the probability decreasing depending on how many of the dice display the number. One die is rolled the same as the number has a 34.1% chance of landing. Two dice reading the number bet on having a 6.94% chance of being rolled. Three dice reading the same number has the lowest probability at a 0.46% chance of being rolled.


Total bets are placed on what the sum of all three dice will be. Payouts are different for differing totals. A total of 4 or 17 has a 50 to 1 payout. A total of 5 or 16 has an 18 to 1 payout. A total of 5 or 15 has a 14 to 1 payout. A total of 7 or 14 has a 12 to 1 payout. A total of 8 or 13 has an 8 to 1 payout. Totals of 9, 10, 11, or 12 all have a payout of 6 to 1. Payouts on Totals bets generally vary the most from casino to casino. 4 and 17 both have a 1.4% chance of being rolled. 5 and 16 have a 2.8% chance. 6 and 15 have a 4.6& chance. 7 and 14 have a 6.9% chance. 8 and 13 have a 9.7% chance of being rolled. 9 and 12 have an 11.6% chance. Finally, 10 and 11 have a 12.5% chance of landing.


While Sic Bo is completely random and one strategy will never work all the time, a few strategies can help increase your chances of winning. These strategies also make the game easier to play because you will know what spots you want to bet on as soon as the current roll is over.

Generally, people use one of three different strategies to play Sic Bo. These include small risk betting, medium risk betting, and high-risk betting.

Small Risk

The small risk strategy gets its name because you will place small simple bets. Using this method you place bets that are not a large percent of your bankroll on parts of the board that have a high chance of being rolled. Try to use small or big bets for a large portion of these as they have the best odds. This method is good if you don't have a lot of money on hand and want to slowly build on what you have. Another benefit of this strategy is that it minimizes loss by giving you the best odds to win.

Medium Risk

The medium risk method is the most complex and involves many bets at one time. When using the medium risk strategy you have the potential to make more but also the potential to lose more. This method is best for those who have used the small risk method to build up their bankroll. In the medium-risk strategy, you place multiple bets on the parts of the board that have the highest probability. For the first part of the bet using 9 and 12 for totals offers the best odds. The second part of the bet is using doubles bets to hit combinations that can still win even if a 9 or 12 is not totaled. When betting place bets in a 3:2 ration with total: doubles. If you bet 3 chips on a 9 total, bet 2 chips each on a double one, a double 5, and a double 6 as these can't reach 9 when adding the third die. If you bet 3 chips on a 12 total, bet 2 chips each on double 1, double 2, and double 6.

High Risk

The high-risk method is the riskiest of the three strategies. Using this strategy you place bets on parts of the board that can overlap if you win. This method is generally done by betting on totals of either 8 or 13 and trying to win other bets that line up with that total. The same 3:2 ratio is used in this method. If you place a bet on an 8 total you also place bets on the dice doubles that are still possible while having a total of 8. If you bet 3 chips on an 8 total then you bet 2 chips on a double 1, 2, and 3, as well as 2 chips on a 2 and 3 combination. If you use 13 then you would bet 3 chips on a 13 total, 2 chips on doubles 4, 5, and 6, and 2 chips on a 4 and 5 combination. This would give you 27 chips if you get the total, 22 if you get a double, and 12 for the combination, for a total of 61 chips possible.

Using strategies can help increase your odds of winning or decrease your odds of losing, but if you are just starting out with the game try it without strategies at first. Get a feel for the game and begin to employ these methods. It is very important to remember that the house always has an edge. Using the same strategy or betting on the same numbers will eventually cause you to lose all of your money.

History of Sic Bo

While the direct origins of the game are unknown, Sic Bo came from China hundreds to thousands of years ago. As Sic Bo grew older it spread and became popular across Asia. Chinese immigrants, who were moving from China to the United States as well as the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe, brought the game into the countries they immigrated to. Immigrants taught the game to people already living in the country at the time and planted the seed for the game to grow. The first versions of Sic Bo were thought to have used painted bricks inside of a chest for dice. Slowly the pieces and the cage got smaller to the three dice and cage we use today. Other names for Sic Bo include Tai sai, dai sui, hi-lo, and big small. As the game has gotten older a few different variations have stemmed from the original.

The Positives of Online Sic Bo

Online play also generally moves at a faster pace than in a land-based casino. A large number of online casinos also offer bonuses depending on how much you deposit when you sign up.

Online casinos allow you to enjoy your games from the comfort of your own home. You can also easily switch between games without even having to move from your chair. Many land-based casinos allow smoking which can be a bother to some people. Playing online is better for beginners as they learn the ropes of the games. Time is also an advantage of playing online. Online casinos allow you to log on in seconds without any drive to enjoy your games right away.

Basic Casino Etiquette

While land-based casinos have many strict rules, online casinos don't have as many rules and generally don't allow situations where rules will be broken to happen. Make sure you check the rules of any site you plan to play on. Many casinos offer players the chance to try out games without betting real chips so they can learn the ins and outs before trying against real players. When you switch to actually playing with chips you will be able to keep up with all of the players who know the game already. It is important to be respectful of any other players that you might be able to chat with in table chatrooms. If a player does not want to chat or respond to your messages leave them alone and give them the freedom to choose to stay anonymous. Restrain from using caps lock. Typing in all capital letters can seem like you are yelling at them. If players break the rules or insult other players in the chat report them to the site. This helps keep the chat rooms clean and makes the site administrator's job easier. Never spam or use the chatroom to advertise this is almost definitely against the rules on any site.


Two variants of the game have become popular. One known as Grand Hazard originates in England. In Grand Hazard, the dice are shaken up in a cup and then dropped down a chute called the “hazard chute” that tumbles the dice. Another popular variation of the game, that stems from the United States, is known as Chuck-a-luck. Chuck-a-luck is actually a variation of Grand Hazard. In Chuck-a-luck bets are only placed on only the singles.

While Sic Bo is a centuries-old game, it seems it will only become more widespread. As time goes on this game will increase in popularity and grow a large base of players. Using a combination of strategy and luck you can have the edge while playing Sic Bo.

Sic Bo

For an average reader, it will take a few minutes to understand the rules, learn how to play and the associated payoffs about Sic Bo. This game was a borrowed idea from the ancient Chinese game of dice. The game has gained rapid popularity globally, and at times it's referred to as Small and Big. Sic Bo is found in lots of casinos in the U. S with usually 46 and 50 bet layout. Most of the casinos sic bo table layouts are from a London’s based manufacturer known as TCS John Huxley. They are equipped with an electronic-aided layout that reads the dice and lights up the winning bets emanating from every shake of the dice. TCS John Huxley table layouts come in only two styles, the traditional fifty bets and the SB-106 which has an additional fifty-six bets that include an even and odd bet, a four dice combination bets and the all three-dice combinations.

Impact of Sic Bo on the modern casino

This’s a fast-paced game that greatly appeals to fans of both roulette and craps or any player who is looking for a change from their usual game. Sic Bo which is pronounced as See Bo means a “dice pair”, but the game contrary is played using 3 dice. It’s also referred to as “Tai Sai” meaning Lucky dice and “Dai Siu” meaning Big Small. A couple of English games have been made on similar lines as Sic Bo, like the Chuck-a-Luck and Grand Hazard, So if you are familiar with one of these games, then you are more likely to understand Sic Bo.

The Sic Bo board and how to play it

The board might look complex, but the rules are very simple. The dealer throws 3 dice in a small cage and then punters bet on the results of the dice – for example, any single number appearing, the total of the 3 dice, and a certain combination of numbers or two specific numbers appearing. Every bet has a different payout based on the probability, and you can make as many bets as you would like – its almost similar to Roulette.

The Sic Bo bets total

The simplest bet you can make on the Sic Bo board is the three dice total. This ranges from four to seventeen (three and eighteen are covered by Triple one and Triple six). The payouts on these bets differ depending on the probability of every single score that occurs. These are then clearly displayed on the betting squares. For instance, a total of four pays about sixty to one (i.e. win sixty units per unit staked) whereas a total of ten or eleven pays out at six to one (i.e. win six units for every one staked).

Small and big sic bo

You can make a bet on the total of the 3 dice either being small (i.e. four to ten) or big (eleven to seventeen).
The payout on both the small and big is one to one, meaning it is an even chance bet, like Black/red in Roulette, making the small and big bets the basis of our lower risk. A crucial point to note is that small and big both lose if any triple appears. This now explains why a total of three and eighteen isn’t included in these bets. The triple rule works in the same way to zero in Roulette, meaning that it makes the fifty/fifty bets less than an even chance, and keeping the casino’s edge of the house in favor.


Combination bet is a bet which is played on any 2 specific numbers showing among the 3 dice. For instance, you can bet on a combination of four and six, which will win if the 3 dice thrown show a combination of 6, 4, and 3. The payout on a combination bet is six to one (i.e. you win six units for every single bet, giving one a total return of seven units, regardless of whichever combination you bet on. This differs from the total bet which pays differently depending on the specific total.


Single bet simply means that a bet with a specific number will appear on any of the thrown 3 dice. The payout on the single bet depends on how many instances of your chosen number shows up on the 3 dice. If your number turns -up on a single dice, you payout is one to one (one unit won per unit stake). If it shows up on 2 dice, your payout is two to one and if in the event it shows up in all the 3 dices, your payout should be twelve to one. This payout as good as it looks differs wildly from the Triple bet which pays one eighty to one for a winning triple. These different options in Sic Bo are what make it so fascinating.


The Double bet is a bet in which two specific numbers will show among the three dice. For instance, a Double bet after being thrown is supposed to display numbers like 2, 3, and 2. You can bet on any number in the double bet ranging from one to six. The payout is ten to one (i.e. you win ten units for every single unit staked, giving a return of eleven units). Unlike the Triple bet, there isn’t an option to bet on any double, a player has to bet on a specific double, although you can bet on as many doubles as you would like, in combination to any other numbers of other bets.


In this bet, all the 3 dice are supposed to display a specific number. A player is supposed to bet on any specific triple ranging from one to six. The payout, on any players triple, is thirty to one (i.e. a player wins thirty units for every one unit staked), but the payoff on any players specific triple chosen is a whopping one eighty to one, making it the top payout on the Sic Bo board. It is an unbelievable return if it comes up, a bet for the high rollers.


Introduction to Poker

You might have heard of the word “poker”, and you wondered what it is all about. You are right about to know what it all means and how you can play it. Poker is a gambling game that involves individual play and betting. Playing poker requires a standard 52-deck of cards regardless of their brand. Some cards hide until the end of the game. Both the combinations of the maps and their ranks determine the winner of play. Almost all casinos in the world accept poker game as it has grown to be the most popular game in recent times. The fact behind the popularity of the poker game is because of the reason that millions of people play poker each day. In poker, there is an equal chance, and as such you must not place a stake against a bank or a bank deal. You only need to understand that each participant has a highly equal chance of winning it. Because of its ever-increasing popularity, poker is now available on the internet. As it is available on the internet, you can play it online as you wish. People fear to lose their money as they presuppose that poker is a game of chance. It is more than that because it is not only dependent on chance, but it also needs a strategy and engages your mind so much in decision making. The only thing you need to do is to have a positive attitude, stay calm and possess the skills of the game, and you will be unbeatable in this game.

Playing Poker for a Living

Besides playing poker for fun, you have the chance of building your skills slowly and reach that “self-actualization” stage in poker. At this point, you can try playing poker to make cash for your daily bread. However, playing soccer professionally has its pros and cons and as such, great care must be taken then. You ought to have the necessary skills for it to be a success for you. The most primary skill you should have is endurance. It is important to endure as the difficulty level of poker oscillates. If you switch to endurance mode, then you can be able to make a year worth of rent in a matter of minutes. Besides, the reverse can be true. Secondly, you need to be flexible. After a week of success in quick succession, do not think you are crafty or ingenious enough. The reason for the flexibility is that, in poker, unlike other games out there, tactics and trends change pretty fast. So you ought to be flexible so that events do not overtake you. The third and most important aspect is that you MUST be creative. General mental wherewithal is all you need here. If you are a sophisticated poker player, then you understand that strategic creativity is the key. With poker, you can shed tears of joy each day, but the reverse could be true as well. Besides, you need to be result orientated, commit to learning, and always question yourself. If you are critical of your ideas, then you will be successful. Lastly, you need to look at things from the process point of view. Poker is a game, just like any other, therefore, you must master the skills of the game to excel. You should learn to lose and to win as you cannot always win every time.

Things to Avoid When Playing Poker

Do not play recklessly because you will be playing for real money. You should be sober in making decisions. In case you make a mistake, do not dwell on it, just get over it as fast as possible. Stop being a calling station because if you do, you will be losing in small bets. You should avoid this because the small losses are the ones that count in the total losses. Stop playing weak cards. This mistake is common with online poker players. Always stick to premium maps.

Variations of Poker

Like many other games, poker has variations depending on where it's setting, and as such the rules vary, though slightly. You can play poker at home, at work, in casinos, in a pub or club, or you can play online poker. The setting of the tournament thus sets the light of the rules to be followed. The different types of poker include the Texas Hold'em, Omaha Poker and Stud Poker.

Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em is the most popular variation of poker game. The game supports between two and ten players. Each player gets two personal blind-cards after the initial blinds and antes. The blind-cards so begot hidden until the end of the showdown. Firstly, the round of betting begins with the players making a blind bet. The play proceeds clockwise with each player either matching or “calling” the previous maximum or fold, thus losing the amount bet. Besides, a player matching the bet can either raise or increase the chance that brings the round of betting to an end. After each round of betting, the players expose their fourth and fifth cards called the TURN and the RIVER respectively. In each turn, each player has a chance of dealing only once. When all the actors have matched or folded, then the betting round ends.

Several Card Stud

Several Card Stud is another variation of poker which is available for play online and in casinos. It is less popular than the Texas Hold'em. The game starts like in Texas Hold'em. Just like in the other one player build their match on the five best cards they pick.

One can play poker online. You should not doubt the security of the websites.

The history of poker dates back in the 19th century. In the subsequent time, they called poker a “cheating game”. In the 21st century, there grew major tournament fields as the popularity of the game increased. Examples of such game include the World Series of Poker Tour and World Poker Tour Main Events.

Caribbean Stud

A game that has started to become ever so popular these days is a game called Caribbean Poker. But what exactly is it? Well, if someone has never heard of Caribbean Poker before, here are all the facts, rules, and ways to play. Much like other poker games, the winner can be determined when there is a player left with the highest hand. As one progresses further through the game, the jackpots that are to be won increase.

Here’s how to play: He or she, the player, is at a table with up to five other players, including themselves. Only a single deck is used and only five cards are given to each player, very similar to that of an original poker game. The player is given a choice of selecting one of two bets, the first being an ante. The second bet goes toward the highest earner in the jackpot as it progresses.

Anyone can play this game. All levels of experience are welcome as the game is moderately simple in learning. One could be a novice player or be a long time fan of the game, it’s quick to master. The rules will adjust to anyone. This is one of the reasons why the game has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s become a worldwide phenomenon. The success of this game, in particular, is because of its progressive jackpot. It’s a way to lure people in to play from both the offline and online worlds. Since it is a progressive game, the money increases and so does the levels of both excitement and suspense and that is what has shown to keep the players interested and coming back for more.

To get started, one needs to know that at the foundation of any and every poker game is the betting itself. There’s nothing to be won if no money has been bet. It’s not any different with Caribbean poker. After laying your bet down on the ante, one must then determine whether they will try their luck with the progressive jackpot prize and do it once the cards have been dealt. He or she is only allowed to participate in the game if they have placed the ante bet. The progressive jackpot is an optional bet that one does not have to take. Several players have lost the game in the past due to refraining from making a bet up front. Most of these players make it a point to avoid the risk of losing by placing a bet on both.

Once all of the bets are laid out on the table, and the players of the game are ready to get started, the dealer will then deal out five face-down cards to each individual player. Out of the five cards, one of them must then be face up. Afterward, the player will look over their cards and determine what their next course of action will be. They can either continue to play or they must choose to fold. Like standard poker, Caribbean poker has pairs, straights, and royals along with the other basic cards. Those are high scoring hands.

If one has accepted that they have a good hand and it’s good enough to play, they may continue to play the game and proceed to up their ante. If a player isn’t confident enough with the hand they’ve been dealt with in the game, they have the option to fold. Something to remember is that if one chooses to fold, they will lose all of their original bets and the includes the progressive bets if the player had previously placed a bet on it.

Should the dealer’s hand qualify as either an ace-king or higher, the game will then progress forward, and if the player’s hand trumps the hand of the dealer, then the player wins the bet that was placed. However, should the hand not qualify with the dealer, every player that’s still participating in the game will get a return on their progressive bets and get double what their original ante bet was.

Now one might find themselves curious as to how the game would work in an online casino setting. Similar to offline betting, the betting method is the same in the sense that the player has the choice of placing two bets. They bet on the hand and also the jackpot.

One is required to bet on the hand in order to be allowed to participate in the game. Each individual player must place an ante to join in on the game, and everyone must have one shot at doubling that within the first hand.

How far the game can potentially progress depends entirely on the player. They have the choice to place a bet on the progressive jackpot. That option provides one’s best chance to win the highest amount of winning money. If the player should choose to bet on the jackpot, they must continue to do so at the beginning of every hand.

Online betting isn't for everyone and that's okay. But if the player is willing to take a chance and even risk a little bit of money, they might find that it works in their favor. There are several strategies one can take and research in order to tilt the odds that would benefit them.

To be perfectly honest, Caribbean poker is not actually poker at all, but simply a casino game that originates from the game of poker. One would play against the casino itself, albeit online or in an actual casino setting, not against the other players. As one could and should expect, the odds will generally benefit the casino itself and not the player but that shouldn't discourage anyone from playing the game. With a little clever strategy and thinking, a player can become lucky enough to take home the money. The game might not be made for everyone, but before someone decides that it's not, they should give it a chance. One never knows if today will be the day they win.

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