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As the trusted online casino consumer guide; our mission is to keep our readers informed of the best gaming sites available. Our reviews are the accumulation of over two decades of reporting the experiences of online casino gamers.  Each casino in the top 100 list is properly licensed and provide a secure environment. Players can trust that their data, both financial and personal, will be defended by the best in online security.

Our Mission

The purpose of our site is to give players easy to read, informative and honest reviews. Choosing the right online casino often depends on the personal gaming strategy of the player.  What we provide is a source to let our readers know which casinos have the games, bonuses and promotions that will help in making a decision.  Each service provider listed on our site offers real money gaming and also free demo versions of their games. Our reputation depends entirely on our usefulness to our readers, and we appreciate all constructive feedback.

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What Are the Differences Between a Good Casino and a Great Casino

First, let us make it abundantly clear that there are bad casinos.  They aren’t on our website.  If a casino drops below our high-standards, they are removed.  Now, what is the difference between casinos that makes one much better than the other?  Customer experience is our top consideration.  Players that are happy and feel they have had a fair and fun time at the casino are the best indicator.  When there are more happy players, then we find that is ample evidence of a casino’s success.  Even then, there are so many good casinos where players have a consistently positive experience; we push to go a step further and examine other factors.

Ratings are determined by factoring in our reviewer’s observations for the following considerations.

Site Speed and Game Stability

Not much is worse than finally hitting that bonus round you’ve been waiting for and the game stalling, freezing or crashing.  We make certain that in the case of game server malfunction that the casino makes their best attempts to let players continue their sessions by logging back in to their accounts.  Continuation of play is important because there are several things that can interrupt gameplay such as a slow connection or even just poor local weather.

Another issue that can cause player dissatisfaction is a game slowing to a crawl.  Casinos that are not properly setup to deliver high traffic gaming, can sometimes have games that simply drag.  That’s when a slot machine reel or even a shuffle, becomes incredibly slow or might even stutter a bit.  It can be a frustrating phenomenon.  Sometimes it simply can’t be helped and even the best of casinos can see it happen occasionally.  However, casinos that consistently have this issue and make no effort to correct it, are removed from our 100 recommended online casino listing.

Jackpots? Jackpots!

This is one of the lower on the list but can be a tie breaker between two great casinos.  Jackpots are a main source of major winnings at the casino and not every casino online has a lot of jackpots to offer.  Our reviews let you know which providers have the highest jackpots with the most frequent payouts.

Depositing and Withdrawal

It takes money to make money and that’s never more true than at the casino.  We share with you the different methods that are available to deposit funds for your bankroll and the different ways in which to receive your winnings.

Bonuses, Promotions, and VIP

Each casino has different promotions, welcome bonuses and VIP programs and each has different terms for each.  We examine each in detail to determine which best serves our readers.

Gaming Software

With as many game developers there are now, it can be a tough choice deciding which are your favorite games.  We give insight into the games available at each casino and the pros and cons of those games or game developers.

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