Casino Bonus Guide

Online Casino Bonus Guide

When it comes to online casinos, bonus offers become plentiful in options. There are all sorts of bonus offerings ranging from free sign-up play or a structured referral program. Deciding which option best suits your play or recruitment skills are tough and cumbersome. You need a way to weed through the good and bad to discover the bonus offering of your dreams. Do not fret; we have you covered. Below we'll detail everything from the payout structure of bonuses to which ones provide you with the most bang for your buck.

What is a Casino Bonus?

In the online marketplace, casino bonuses are offered on a large-scale basis. It is uncommon to find an online establishment without one. As we mentioned previously, these offerings can range in variety from free spins to bonus credits. A casino bonus is something online establishments use to create traffic and increase usage numbers of their online marketplace. It is a promotional offer that usually pits other online establishments against one another, upping the ante constantly to see which can offer biggest and the best. When online casinos compete, you win! These bonuses can be claimed on top of deposits or can be offered at no cost to the user. Scouring the web for the most intriguing options represents the fun in the search for the user.

Why you Should Select Bonus Offers Carefully

The search can be fun, but it must also be strategic. You must find the playing style that suits a casino. Do you like free spin featurettes? Do you enjoy the thrill of a mystery box? Do you like playing slots or table games? You must answer all potential questions before finding what is right for you. Do not fret, narrowing down your selectivity doesn't mean you'll dry up the offerings. There are plenty to go around, and you'll find many options after narrowing your focus.

It is good practice to see the bonus payout structure. Most bonuses will carry a large offering, but may also have a high playthrough rate. The playthrough rate is the number of times you must play through your free money before you can become cash positive. For example, if a casino offers a $100 free play bonus with a 10x playthrough rate, you'll have to clear $1000 in gross winnings on that $100 before being able to become cash positive. Although confusing, it is important to understand these rates before making your choice. The lower the playthrough rate, the better. A $100 free play with a 30x playthrough rate isn't nearly as attractive as a $50 free play option with a 10x playthrough rate. Check into this thoroughly as it will be rare for an online casino to feature free credits without a playthrough rate. If you find one without a playthrough rate, jump on it immediately as all your earnings will be yours to withdraw.

Another factor to be mindful of is reduced winning payouts or odds attached to a free play amount. Most free play options will require you to play on select machines. These machines could feature lower winning odds and payouts. Peruse the fine print to ensure you don't fall for an offer that is too good to be true.

What Type of Bonuses Exist?

The best part about online casino bonuses is that they are constantly invented and upgraded. You will find a wide selection in the browsing process, but we'll detail a few of them below. This can give an idea of what you have to work with and assist in the searching process.

  1. Welcome Bonuses
    • A welcome bonus is offered to those signing up at an online casino. Your account is credited with certain amounts based off signing up or by making an initial deposit. The initial deposit is matched in a structured format. This is where you search out the casinos offering a 100% or more match on your money. Some casinos will offer upwards of 200-300%, starting you off with a very friendly bankroll. Most of these offerings will re-occur for your first couple of deposits. The structure usually follows a 100%, 50%, and 25% trend for your first three deposits. Again, if you can find a structure that produces a higher percentage, take it. The welcome bonus is usually exclusive to the first couple of deposits, so we'll move onto the next option.
  2. No Deposit Bonuses
    • Everyone loves free cash, so the no deposit bonus is often a hot commodity. It requires no credit card numbers, no banking information, and no financial burden for you. Casinos will offer free spins for users or free cash to play with. Both methods can range anywhere from 25-50 free spins or $20-$200 free credits. These items aren't necessarily 100% “free.” We discussed the idea of a playthrough requirement previously, and this holds true for these offerings. Most online casinos aren't going to hand out cash, but you should seek out the ones offering the low playthrough options. Anywhere from 10x-15x playthrough is a good place for you to start. This makes the task rather manageable and stands for you to benefit from some free cash.
  3. Weekly, Monthly, and Seasonal Promotions
    • Most online casinos feature a promotional calendar. This calendar contains allocated days of the week they have set aside for bonus offerings. These offerings will look something like this: “Double Deposit Weekends: Deposit any amount of money on Saturday or Sunday and receive a 100% match on your deposit”. They will take other forms such as bonus payouts for certain slot machines or table games. Be sure to check the weekly offerings to ensure you're not missing the free cash for games you love. Casinos will also run monthly promotions that feature a similar effect. A ‘month of money' promotion could gain you higher jackpot amounts or an increased bonus amount on top of your deposit. This stands in line with other seasonal offerings. Casinos will create mini-featurettes around important Holidays or significant days in history. Take full advantage of these offerings, as most occur on a limited time basis.
  4. Rewards Programs
    • Loyalty clubs and comp points are found across the online marketplace. These promotions often mimic the ones you would find in a real casino. Get those comp points just for playing and redeem the points for fabulous prizes, ranging from cash to luxurious vacations. There are also days that are allocated for double points or machines that will credit you with a greater number of points. The loyalty programs also cater to those who make multiple deposits. The more times you deposit, the more offerings you'll stand to receive regarding deposit matches, free spin features, or other great items. If the program is free, it makes sense to enroll, as you will be gaining extra tender in multiple forms.
  5. VIP Programs
    • Those spending large sums of money at an online casino stand to receive a better rewards program. Online casinos that offer a VIP program often feature special games, machines, and other such rewards for these big spenders. Unlocking exclusive content isn't the only thing to be obtained through these programs. These individuals climb the comp points ladder rather quickly, gaining fast access to great prizes and additional payouts. Most VIP programs will offer an allocated deposit amount that will carry over for any deposit. While this option is geared towards a high-end market, the rewards carry high-end intrigue.
  6. Machine Specific Bonuses
    • As mentioned previously, there will be times where a casino offers double points on a certain machine. The casino will also have periods where certain slot machines and table games are featured for a higher jackpot. These machines will feature large payouts and a better chance at taking home the coveted jackpot. The casino will feature an area where this content can be viewed, ensuring that you don't miss out on taking a chance. The casino may also add featurettes to certain machines, with fun little free spin content or extra multipliers tied to that machine. This increases your chances of big winnings and adds an extra element of fun in the process.

    Do Casino Bonuses Expire?

    The answer to this one is yes. Most contain expiration dates when it comes to weekly, monthly, and seasonal offers. They will run for a certain period and this time will be held at a strict level. This means you want to check the time zone of the operating casino and match it up with the time zone you currently reside. We know this may seem a little excessive, but that is the only way to ensure you are getting the maximum for your money. The expiration date can also work in your favor if your timing is right. Casinos will increase the offerings if the number of people who claimed the offer is minimal. It is always good to check back with your sites often to ensure you don't miss out.

    Where Can I Find These Bonuses?

    Most online casinos will feature a banner that promotes their current best offerings. Some feature the slideshow option that helps you locate a few additional offerings. If searching on a casino homepage, scroll to the bottom of the screen. These will have tabs for privacy statements, FAQs, and you can often find a ‘Promotions' section here. Selecting certain offers takes you to a page that explains the payout structure and playthrough amounts in detail.

    You can also find these offerings through browsing casino review sites. These sites do a good job of explaining everything associated with a particular casino. They often are given coupons and additional offers you won't find advertised on the site. These coupons range from smaller free play amounts to extra cash back on your deposits. Make this a starting point for your search, as these are very informational and geared towards getting you more bonus opportunities.

    Pros and Cons of Bonus Offerings

    With anything that carries a ‘free' title, it is good practice to review the terms of engagement to ensure it is something you want to pursue. There are many great things about these free offers, but there are also some things that may not be beneficial to you. Below we'll detail some pros and cons of online casino bonuses.


    • The multiple welcome bonus structure. Going back to the well doesn't have to be a painful trip. Locate a casino that offers multiple welcome bonuses for your first few deposits. There are casinos out there that offer them up to your first 5 deposits so that searching can place you in a nice spot.
    • More than cash options. With rewards programs, casinos have the ability to offer the consumer more than just cash. Customers can indulge in luxury vacations and top-of-the-line electronics with a given reward program. Find one that suits you to ensure you are gaining whenever you play.
    • The weekly, monthly, and seasonal promotional calendar. This is the one calendar with deadlines you don't want to miss. Casinos can truly express their creativity through these offerings, and customers will benefit from this expressionism. The holidays seem to be the hottest time for additional payouts, and with Easter right around the corner, you should start your research now.
    • The no deposit bonus. You'll find this item on our pros list as well as our cons. It makes the pros list because someone can walk away with money without losing a dime.
    • The deposit matches. These are the greatest because they represent free cash. You can double your winnings before you even spend a cent at the casino. These usually carry very minimal playthrough structures, a second reason we love them.


    • The playthrough structure. The playthrough structure can be a pain, especially those that come in large amounts. Casinos can offer a $4000 no deposit bonus and mark it up with a 30x playthrough rate, making it virtually impossible to gain any return on this offer. It is free money, though, so no harm no foul.
    • The expiration dates. Most dates feature a generous period, but others can end in a matter of seconds. Casinos have to protect themselves, so they strictly state that they can end a certain promotion at any time. This can be frustrating for those devoting large sums of money to a certain establishment.
    • The last con is the use of jackpots to entice customers. When we see a large jackpot, our eyes light up. Sometimes they can be misleading because they can change the odds on a certain machine during that period. It is always good to compare the odds of a jackpot machine to a non-jackpot machine just to see how they stack up. The results may be enough to turn you away from a certain promotion.


After fully immersing you in the world of casino bonuses, there are a few talking points we want to leave you with. Remember that the online marketplace for casinos stretches across a very wide range. There are casinos that will offer many bonuses and others that feature very few.

You have to understand the structure of these bonuses to gauge whether or not it is something that suits your needs. Always be diligent in your search. Reverting to the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of online casinos, it is a good idea to place the offers side by side for consideration. These casinos are constantly competing against one another, leaving you as the one to benefit. Locate your opportunities and always sign up for the offers that require no deposit. The no deposit offers are very user-friendly because they don't require you to sacrifice your bank card or money. You can't lose anything if you don't deposit, and you can't win anything if you don't give these offers a chance.

The last thing is to have fun. Browsing these offers can be an exciting process. It can help expose you to the online marketplace, which is a giant. Exposure can help increase your knowledge base and help you sniff out the good offers from the bad in a matter of minutes. There are thousands of these offers currently waiting to be claimed, so find yours and get started earning your free cash today!

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