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Real money craps online is one of the most exciting table games you can find. To a new player, the table looks confusing at first, but as you get used to it, you will quickly realize that it is not that complicated. You can find craps in most if not all the online casinos and is available in both the download and no download versions. Craps requires no specific skill or strategy, but just like any other game; you must understand it to play effectively. At the same time, it's nice to find a casino that will be suitable for you.

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Craps Rules – Placing Bets at the Table

There are multiple bet options in craps, and a craps table is marked with all the various betting possibilities. The gameplay in an online casino is just the same as the one in a regular casino, and the table also looks the same. Every player places their bets on the last number that is rolled. Here is the gameplay description:

  1. Choose the bet you want and put the chips on the bet. A player (also called a shooter) needs to place at the very least a minimum bet on the pass-line. Other shooters present at the table are also required to make their bet.
  2. All the gamblers start rolling the dice in turns. The ‘come out roll’ is the shooters first roll.
  3. The player will keep rolling the dice up until they arrive at a losing combination:
    a. If a come-out roll is a 7 or an 11 the pass line bet has won, and players who bet the don’t pass will lose, and the round ends.
    b. If the come out, roll turns out to be a 2,3 or 12 in this case the don’t pass line has won, and the pass line has lost bringing the round to a close.
  4. If a player rolls up a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or a 10 on a come out roll, the number rolled now becomes the point number.
  5. The player continues rolling the dice until they roll 7 or the point number.
  6. Pass line bettors will win if the point number is rolled, while the don’t pass bettors lose. Don’t pass line bettors will win if a 7 is rolled, and the pass line bets lose.

When a player loses out then, the shooters change, and a new player will take his/her turn rolling the come out roll on the table. All players will once again place their minimum bets.

After the come out roll, there are a number of betting options available.

The Craps game is a game based on chance – sometimes you will win, and sometimes, you will lose. The game system is developed to benefit the casino. It is a game that you will have to play for fun, excitement and rely on pure luck while enjoying a superb time. The online craps game is considered one of the better casino games according to players. If you make good betting decisions (some bets give the house a massive advantage) you have a decent chance of winning some profits from the craps table.

Unfortunately, no real crap strategies can ever give you an edge against the casino. So the only strategy that you can apply is to reduce the casino edge to the very minimum thereby maximizing your winning chances. Of all the available bets in a game of craps, you will find odds that are worse and others even much worse. Still, you will find odds that provide you with more or less even money when playing against the house. If you find this kind of bets and you stick to them amid the chaotic crap action, you are likely to hold on to your money for longer, with a chance of actually walking away from the casino a winner.

Bad Online Craps Bets

Field Bet

These are the bets that are placed on the large mid-section of the table. This bet is a one-roll, and you become a winner if your next roll turns out to be a 2,3,4,9,10,11, or 12. You will win 1 to 1 if there is a roll is a 3,4,9,10 or 11, more for 2 or 12. The bet loses if you roll a 5,6,7 or an 8.

Big 6/Big 8

These are the even money paid bets, which are identical to the place bets only with worse odds and so playing the place bets is better.

Horn/Horn High

The horn is a proposition bet that works as four bets in one, and players bet one unit on every number. The horn high has five units instead of four and is played more often. If for example, you bet $5, one unit goes towards 2,3,11 and 12, and the fifth unit would then be additional on one of these numbers. Payout for the 3 or 11 is 4 to 1, and 7.5 to 1 for 2 or 12, and any other number results in a loss.

Aces/2 or Boxcars/12

Both of these bets will pay 30 to 1. If a 2 is rolled, the Aces has won, while Boxcars will win when a 12 is rolled. You will have lost if any other of the other numbers is rolled.

Any 7

The payout is usually 5 to 1, and you are a winner if the number you roll is a 7 and you will have lost if any other number is rolled.

Good Online Bets in Craps

Luckily, the best bets in craps are also known to be the easiest to remember, and most favorite to make. These are easy and safe bets to make and have a low house edge. As opposed to the more complex bets that require knowledge of the game etiquette, these bets are clearly marked on the table which makes it easy for you to place your bet.

Pass Bet

This bet is the most important and common in the game. The pass bet has a house edge of 1.41% which makes it also one of the best online casino game bets. This bet is placed on the come out roll and is made on the Pass Line marked area of the table. The bet becomes a win if the player rolls a 7 or 11, and a loss is as a result of the player rolling a 2,3, or a 12, but if a there is a 4,5,6,8,9 or a 10 roll the point number is established leading to a continuation of the round. The pass bet also wins when a point number is rolled before number 7 and loses if the 7 is rolled before the point number.

Don’t Pass

The opposite of the Pass bet is the don’t pass bet. Instead of betting that a player will win, you are betting that he will lose. In live casinos, this kind of betting is known as betting against the table, which also means you are betting normally against other players. Your bet wins if a player rolls 2 or 3, and it’s a standoff if the player rolls 12 and nobody wins. Your bet loses if a player rolls a 7 or an 11. The point number is made with any other number, and the player now has to roll a 7 before a point number to win the bet. If the point number comes before the 7, then the bet is a loss.

Come Bet

The come bet is very similar to a pass bet, but a come bet is made as the round progresses and also after a pass bet point number is made. You have to place your bet on the table’s come section, with the next roll after placing a bet becoming your ‘come out roll’ where you can either win or lose or a come bet point number is established. The bet wins if the player rolls a 7 or 11 with the come out roll. You lose the bet if a player rolls numbers 2,3, or 12. The point number is set if any other number is rolled. The point number is very independent of the pass line bets and the pass bet point number. If a player rolls a come bet point number before 7, the bet is a win. The rolled out point number determines the payout for the bets.

Don’t Come Bet

The don’t come bet works opposite of the come bet. It is made as the round progresses and after the making the pass line point number. After placing a don’t come bet, you lose, win, or a point number is made on the next roll, that is the come out roll. If a player rolls out a 2 or 3 then the bet is a win, a loss if the player rolls out a 7 or 11, and it results to a tied bet if a 12 is rolled. Any other results in the point number being made and if a number 7 is rolled just before this point number, then you win.

Combining Bets

For any casino game, the house edge for simple craps bets is very decent. The odds bet is one bet you won’t even find indicated on the craps table.

The Odds Bet

Once the point number is made, you can make the odds bet at any time as an addition to your original bet. You can ‘take odds’ if you have placed a come, or pass bet, and ‘lay odds’ if you had placed a don’t come or a don’t pass bet. These bets are actually not marked on the craps table.

This bet is placed behind the come, don’t come, pass or don’t pass bet, and depending on your original bet, you are betting on if the point number or 7 will be rolled first. The bet wins if the original bet wins. You are allowed to remove, lower, or increase the odds bet at any time in the game.

On points of 4 and 10, odds pays 2 to 1, 3 to 2 on 5 and 9, and 6 to 5 on 6 and 8. Normally odds bets will be limited to only two or three times the original bet. As an example, if you made a pass bet of $10, you can bet an extra $20 as a 2xs odds bet. This now reduces the edge of the casino to 0.6%. Sometimes online casinos run various promotions some of which involve allowing much higher odds, which bring the casino edge closer to zero.

Best House Edge

The best strategy when it comes to online craps is to reduce the house edge to the very minimum by playing simple don’t pass or pass bets and following up with high odd bets. There are different kinds of craps players – the high rollers, the ones who place high-risk bets for thrill and excitement and those that like playing slow and safe.

Other Betting Strategies

There are various options that you can apply should you choose to adopt strategic betting on the craps table. The best thing you can do is to learn the best and also the worst craps to play and when to play them. There are also online craps strategies developed specifically for this game such as the 5 count. Making use of these procedures may or may not make a difference in your winnings, but if you are a player, you do not lose anything by reading and trying them out.

The Dice Control Theory

The dice control theory is a controversial method that is sometimes advocated by gambling writers. The idea behind this theory is whereby a player holds and throws the dice in a manner that limits the rotations, making it likely to land on some numbers more often. Most casinos raise a lot of concern about the dice techniques, and for this reason, casinos only allow players to hold the dice with only one hand. The rules that require dice to hit the table’s back wall are a way of assuring randomness.

A lot of gamblers consider the theory a scam, but many experts in the field advocate for it. Some of the known proponents of the said dice theory are Jerry L. Patterson, Stanford Wong, and Chris Pawlicki. Some demonstrations have provided some evidence that these might work, but no evidence exists to prove the ideas. Whether the dice control method makes any difference or not, there can never be a sure way to establish the credibility of the game.

Money Management

Craps is a very fast moving game that does not give you a lot of time to think about your bets as you go and it is incredibly easy to forget your active bets, place bets that you do not want just because you were caught up in the moment. What a player can do in this case is to decide the amount they are willing to risk before a game starts. For regular craps players, there are various ways of building a craps bankroll, such as playing free online craps and playing with specific bonuses.

History of Craps

Essentially, craps is the simplified version of an old English dice game that was known as Hazard and dates way back to the 14th century. This game became very popular in France during the middle ages, and a French aristocrat introduced it to America in the 19th century by. By this time, the game was called crapaud, and it quickly became popular among the African-American communities.

The game was later named craps as it grew more popular with the advent of casino all through the 21st century. Nowadays, craps has made it to online casinos and is played by millions of craps online players all over the world.

Craps is a type of a casino game where players bet on the result of a roll or several rolls. Typically, every player is given a chance to make the turn. The winner is the one whose rolls land at the exact agreed or set point. The players can decide to stake a certain amount of money during the game. The winner usually bags in all the cash collected. Craps is a form of casino game.

Historically, it is an ancient game as even soldiers who took part in the Second World War describe it as one of the few ways of entertainment they used to do.

The game of craps is an American favorite that is played in casinos, online, as well as privately. It is a game that not only provides endless excitement but at casinos provides one of the best chances of seeing a return of bets.

Despite the popularity of the game of craps, most Americans would be stumped if questioned about the game's origins.

Early Origins

It is commonly accepted that the game of craps is a direct descendant of an earlier game once popular in England known as Hazard. Hazard is believed to have been invented by Sir William of Tyre, an English nobleman, and his knights during the crusades. It has been said that the game of Hazard was a pastime of the knights while awaiting orders to attack the castle Hazarth in 1125 AD. The name Hazard was meant to be a play on the name of the castle the soldiers were attacking.

There is evidence of an earlier rendition of the game taking place in Rome. Roman soldiers would take the knuckles of pigs and form them into the cube-
shaped objects. They would roll the cubes against their inverted shields as part of the game. An Urban legend is that the term ‘roll the bones' references this practice.

The Spread Across Europe

The game of Craps exploded in popularity throughout Europe in the middle ages. Geoffrey Chaucer, a well-known author at the time, referenced the game in
his story “Canterbury Tales.”

In the late 1600's and on into the turn of the century the game of Craps became a staple at luxury gambling houses. Participation in Craps became a huge social
event for the elite of the time.

It was the French who officially changed the name from Hazard to Craps. The name change coincided with the naming of the lowest value that two dice could yield. At the time this value was known as crab.

American Origins

A group from France, who had previously been living in the French colony of Acadia arrived in Louisiana shortly after France lost Acadia in 1755. These Frenchmen identified themselves as Cajuns and arrived in what is now America with a language and culture all their own. An important part of Cajun culture was a dice game still being referred to as crabs.

The Birth of Modern Craps

John H. Winn is credited with revolutionizing the game of craps in 1907. Winn was a crafter of dice and introduced to the game the concept of betting with or against the roller of the dice. Winn also improved upon the game's layout and added the Don't Pass area of the board. Winn's version of the game is the one that is popular amongst Americans today.

20th Century Craps

The state of Nevada legalized gambling in the 1930's resulting in droves of gamblers flocking to casinos in the state. Craps was a favorite amongst patrons of these casinos because it provided more excitement than many of the slower moving card games.

The game also became popular amongst soldiers fighting on both fronts in World War 2. This greatly increased the game's global exposure.

When the casino industry took to online gaming it was immediately obvious that Craps would again be counted among the favorite game selection casinos had to offer.

Despite being an amusing game to play, critics have been pointing to the name. Where on earth would a game be called craps? Maybe this is the reason as to why the game is less favorite compared to other casino games.

Top Craps Winners

Yes, craps is a game of probability where the probability of losing may be seen higher compared to that of winning. People have however made fortunes from it. As you read, you may be getting the thought of trying it out, yes go ahead. You never know you might be the next big product from the game.

Below is a list of people who made fortunes from playing craps.

Stanley Fujitake

Stanley Fujitake made history in 1989 by winning more than $1,000,000 in just 3 hours. At a California hotel, Las Vegas, Stanley Fujitake made about 118 strokes before he was declared a winner, going down in history the top earner in the casino. This amount of money is at the time of the century huge, massive that it can make you paralyzed for several hours. Now try to imagine its impact in 1989. After his win “the golden arm” phrase was introduced in the game. Those who win are said to have a golden arm, and on an average basis, only one person with a golden arm is found in every month. History has it that Stanley Fujitake won not less than four golden arms.

Patricia Demauro

This is a woman who broke Stanley Fujitake's outstanding 20-year record. It speculated that she won figures nearing $5,000,000. As for her, she made the longest craps roll of 154 strikes in 4 hours and 18 minutes. For those who thought women go into craps matches, this woman proved them wrong, and there she is today holding the record up to now.

William Lee Bergstrom

He was nicknamed “The Phantom Gambler.” He won more than $700k at Horseshoe Casino, Las Vegas in the 1980s. How he got his nickname is still a puzzle as he is not any lead to it. He is famous for his betting behavior. He would walk with two suitcases, one empty and the other entirely of money. By the time he steps out, both bags would be full of cash. At one point he risked $1m, and it was so unfortunate that the money lost never to recover it. Later in 1985, he committed suicide. All in all. He is among the big winners of the game.

Hollywood Executive

There is a reliable informant who says that one of the executives at Hollywood made $2m with crap rolls.

Mr. Royalty

It is noted that on member of the royal family won $4.7m in a period of 6hours and barely a week later; he won another $1.5m

Craps may not be familiar to many. In fact, many do not prefer it compared to the other casino games. However, the few pleasant times to learn the secrets of the game win big.

Practicing Your Craps Skills

Playing the free craps online game is a great way to learn and improve your skills at the game before you can dive into the craps gaming for real money. Playing craps for money online can be fun and exciting if you are prepared, and the best way to prepare is to practice playing free craps on the internet. The only way to fully understand the happening on the table is to polish up on all the games.

If you can stick to less risky bets and the basic game strategies, you have more fun, and your chances of a win are significantly improved.

How to Play Online Craps

Online Craps is a fun game that many people avoid because they think it is too complicated. Although there are payoffs that are mathematically challenging, that is not the concern of the player. The player merely places his or her bet, and if the right number rolls, the player is rewarded with the appropriate payout.

In its most elementary form, craps is an even simpler game than the game of blackjack. The basic wager is to place a chip or chips on the “pass” or “don't pass” line. This makes the player either a “pass line” player or a “don't pass” player, also called a “don't” player”.

The first roll of each game is called the “come out” roll. If the player is on the “pass” line and a seven or eleven rolls then the player wins even money. This is to say that, if the player has a $5 bet and a seven rolls on the “come out” roll then the player is paid another $5. However, if a two, three or twelve rolls, then the player loses their original $5. Rolling a two, three or twelve is known as rolling “craps”. If any other number comes up, (four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten) then that number is called the “point”.

Once a “point” has been established, then the object of the game for a “pass line” player is for that number to be rolled again before a seven is rolled. If a player is playing the “don't pass line” then that player is rooting for the opposite outcome. The “don't” player wants a seven to be rolled before the “point” is rolled again. Both “pass line” bets and “don't pass” bets pay even money.

The player also has the option of placing “odds” behind a “pass” or “don't pass” bet once a “point” has been established. Doing this will increase the amount of money the player wins if the “point” is rolled. This is also a very simple concept. If the player wants to place “odds” on the “point”, the player merely drops down multiples of the original bet. For example, if the original “pass line” bet is $5 and the player wants to place “odds”, the player will drop down additional multiples of $5, up to the table maximum. If the “point” is four and a four rolls before a seven then the player will be paid $5 for his “pass line” bet and double the amount of any odds placed. So if the player had a $5 “pass line” bet and $10 “odds”, the player would win $25 and still be up to win again. The “odds” payoffs are different for each number, with the four and ten paying the most and the six and eight paying the least.

Once the player masters the “pass line” bet then the player can try some of the other bets available on the layout. A natural transition would be to try a few “come” bets. These are bets that can be wagered after a “point” has been established. These bets are made by placing a betting unit in the part of the layout called the “come”. A “come” bet is basically a “pass line” bet but for subsequent rolls. For example, once a “point” of six has been established, the player can further his betting action by placing another $5 in the “come”. Say a nine rolls, you have now established a “come” point of nine for yourself. You can also place full “odds” on any “come” bet. If a nine is rolled again before “sevening” out, then the player wins money on the original bet, also called the “flat bet” and on the odds. If the player had a $5 “flat” bet on the nine and $10 “odds”, the player would win $5 on the “flat” and $15 on the “odds” for a total of $20, plus the return of the original $15.

“Don't” betting is probably the most complicated bet on the layout. The “don't” player is betting the seven will come up before the “point”. The “flat” bet for “don't” players pays the same — even money. The “odds” for a “don't” bet, or the “lay” as they are properly called, are a little more perplexing. They are the opposite of “pass line” odds. If the player puts five dollar “odds” on his “pass line” point of eight, the player expects to win $6 on the “odds” plus the “flat' for a total of $11. On a “don't” bet the player must “lay” $6 to win $5 on a “point” of eight for a total of $10 if the seven comes before the eight.

The player might also want to consider making “place” bets as well. A “place” bet is one where the bet is placed directly on a particular number. It is not left up to the roll of a dice to determine what that number will be. A very common bet after the “come out” roll is for the player to “place” the six and eight for $6 each. This is a proper bet and it means that the player is betting $6 to win $7 should either a six or eight roll.

There are a multitude other bets on the craps layout as well. Many of them are located in the center of the layout and most are one roll bets. In general, unless the player likes losing money, they are to be avoided. The odds of rolling a particular set of numbers on the very next roll are low and thus a poor use of your bankroll. An exception would be to play the “hardways”, which means rolling a pair of twos, threes, fours, or fives. For example, two fours would be called a “hard” eight. This is not a one roll bet. The player is betting that a “hard” eight will roll before an “easy” eight, such as a five and three.

Craps, at its basic level, really is an easy, exciting game to play. Most people that give it a chance, enjoy it.

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