EGM Controversy Brings NSW Venue Closures into the Spotlight

A recent spate of venue closures across New South Wales (NSW) has stirred up a hornet's nest, directing attention towards electronic gaming machines (EGMs) and their impact on local communities.


Closing Time: The Reality of the Situation

The shuttering of a number of venues across NSW is not just an economic concern, but it's also a matter of community wellbeing. These venues often act as community hubs, offering entertainment and social interaction opportunities. The closures have left a void in the community, triggering a debate about the role of EGMs and their impact on the local economy.

The EGM Dilemma

EGMs, often a major revenue source for these venues, are also seen by some as a contributor to problem gambling and financial strain. Balancing the financial benefits against the potential harm they can inflict has become a burning issue for policymakers and the community alike.


The NSW venue closures bring to the forefront a complex and contentious issue. On the one hand, EGMs contribute significantly to the venues' profitability, enabling them to provide services and entertainment to their local communities. On the other, there is a societal cost associated with problem gambling, which can lead to financial hardships and other personal issues.

While it's crucial to consider the economic implications, it is equally important to address the potential harm caused by EGMs. Policymakers must strike a careful balance – ensure the survival of these vital community venues while implementing measures to curb problem gambling.

A potential solution could be to introduce more robust harm minimization strategies and tighter controls on EGM operations. Education about responsible gambling and providing adequate support for problem gamblers could also be a part of the solution.

These venue closures should serve as a wake-up call for both the gambling industry and regulators. It is a stark reminder that while EGMs can provide financial benefits, their impact extends beyond the economic realm, touching on the fabric of our communities.

Michael Dean Moriarty

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