ASA Happy with UK Gambling Ads Behavior and the UGKC Closes its Consultation

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The ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) in the United Kingdom stated that the age restriction violations of the UK gambling ads have fallen. The statement relies on one of the latest reports of the ASA. The agency analyzed adverts that involve alcohol, tobacco, or gambling. It also includes any other products that are for adults or harmful to kids. The report covered a 3-month period, which was from October to December of 2020. It covered a sample that included forty-nine websites, twelve YT Channels.

A total of forty-seven age-restricted ads were found to be in violation of the UK ASA regulations. It also found that 21 advertisers placed their ads on eight YouTube Channels and twenty-three online websites that have predominately underage members and viewership. Out of all of these violations, only three of them were gambling-related. They were spread across 3 websites, but they were all by the same ad agency.

The ASA Appreciates the Gambling Ads Behavior

After the reports, the ASA seems to be encouraged by the lower number of gambling ads that violated the regulations. The ASA is going to monitor and report again in the first quarter of 2021, and they will then publish the final report in the summer. It will reflect back on this 1-year project.

The United Kingdom Commission to Close Its Advice

In related news from the United Kingdom, the UKGC issued the final call on evidence a few days ago regarding the gambling act. It is a review that aims to reshape the research methodologies that measure UK gambling participation. The UKGC’s consolation made its debut on the 18th of December of last year. The commission stated that it is looking for input from various stakeholders in the UK gambling industry. It is the commission’s approach to collect information and data regarding UK gambling participation as well as problem gambling.

The commission closed the consultation while underlining that securing feedback is quite important. It is essential as the commission works with the government on the ongoing review of the UK’s Gambling Act 2005. It is currently revisiting its research methodologies. The review aims to provide the UK government with accurate gambling data, as well as more insight on the elements that can cause or influence gambling harm and problem gambling.

The UK Gambling Commission Statement

The statement of the UKGC made it clear that they are ambitious regarding enhancing the robustness, timeliness, and quality of their statistics. Therefore, they committed in their 2020/2021 Business Plan to review their current approach when it comes to gambling prevalence and participation. The UKGC also stated that they would publish their conclusion as soon as it is ready.

Up to this date, the UK Gambling Commission has produces and compiled its data as per the guidelines and standards of the government’s code. Of course, the gambling industry has called for an evident-led review. They also made it clear that the research and any new regulations have to be backed by reliable facts.

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