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[wpsm_button color=”gold” size=”big” link=”/up/playnow/” icon=”none” border_radius=”15″ target=”_blank”]Play Booster Now[/wpsm_button] [/vc_column_text][vc_st_section background=”#ffffff” padding=”20px”]Booster is a new and exciting slot machine by iSoftBet that has a classic fruit theme that has five reels and 25 wager lines, as well as a wide array of winning chances that it offer.

The game is surely going to provide you with the slot thrill that you are after. The game has an excellent visual quality, which represents the classic fruit machine in a modern way with modern gameplay features.[/vc_st_section][wpsm_offerbox image_id=”739″ price=”100% up to £$€ 1000 Bonus T&C Apply” button_link=”/up/playnow/” button_text=”Play Slot Games Now” title=”Best Casino Slots for Real Money”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text][review]

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Booster Slot Overview

Booster by iSoftBet is a new slot machine that has three rows of symbols, 25 pay-lines, and five reels. The game is available for desktop players, as well as tablets and on almost every other mobile device.  The slot machine has a wide betting range as you can place a bet that varies between 0.25 and 25 credits for each single spin on the reels. The game’s visual style is mesmerizing as it looks like the slot takes place in the vastness and emptiness of outer space. The Reel set comes with a shiny look with an infinite number of stars looming in its background, to add to the visuals quality of the slot machine.

Booster also comes with a lot of winning potential, thanks to its highly rewarding symbols that would appear on the 25 lines of the game. That is not all, as the game also packs a set of unique features through which you can claim plenty of rewards. So you better be ready for a unique slot machine experience that combines between the classic fruit machines, with modern video slots that come in an advanced format with plenty of features and great visuals.

The Story behind the Slots’ Theme

Booster Slot is a fruit machine at heart and a modern video slot machine from the outside. iSoftBet has managed to create a game that pays respect and tribute to the classic fruit machine that started it all and still manages to offer an excellent video slot with advanced visuals and gameplay features. The game takes place in space, which adds to the relaxing factor of the slot machine. So it seems that the game has two merged themes, the first one is the classic fruit machines, and the second one is outer space. Therefore, you will see an advanced gaming format, which takes place in space, while having traditional fruit symbols spinning the reels and the lines of the slot machine.

Gaming Format and Visuals

Booster video slot by iSoftBet is a five reel game. These five reels are hosting three rows of fruit symbols and a total of twenty-five wager lines. The Reel set itself appears in the vastness of space, with an infinite number of bright and shiny stars in the background. These amazing and mesmerizing visuals would help immerse you deep into the experience. The stars in the background move in an animated way to make it look as if the reels are moving forward into space, making its way through the bright stars.

As for the symbols that you will see on the reels of the game, they include many classic symbols, like the ones you used to see on the traditional fruit machines at pubs and land based casinos. These symbols include blue 7s, red 7s, the bonus electric symbol, the golden star, the one bar symbol, the two bar symbol and the three bar symbol. There is also the pink jewel symbol. All of the symbols have a glitz and glamor feel to them, as they are bright, well-designed and smell of fortune.


Booster is a highly rewarding video slot machine that comes with 25 wager lines. All you have to do to grab a payout is get at least three matching symbols on any of the lines, from left to right. The biggest payout that you can claim this way is equal 2500. You claim this payout when you get 5x of the pink diamond symbol on the same line.

Booster Bonus Rounds and Special Features

There is not much about this iSoftBet game, as it only has one unique bonus symbol and one bonus round. Although it is still pretty rewarding, but when compared to the other slots that iSoftBet usually develops, it is underwhelming of sorts. The developer always produces complex games with advanced features such as Mega Boy and Cloud tales; they came with in-depth bonus rounds that have multiple levels and layers.

The Bonus Electricity Symbol:

Whenever you succeed to get three or more of the bonus symbols, the slot will take you directly to the bonus round. The bonus round of the game looks like the prize board that you can see on a TV game show. You will see a light that is going to make its way around that board, on the items, until you click on STOP. When you click STOP, the light will stop moving, and you will claim the bonus it stopped on.

The board can give you up to 6000 coins, or you can claim free spins. When it comes to free spins, you can earn up to 100 of them, with a multiplier that can amount up to 5x. Therefore, you can expect to find huge winning potential during that bonus round.

You can win one of the following:

6000 coins prize

A Mystery Coin Prize

100 free spins

Fifteen free spins

Ten free spins with 2x multiplier or a 3x multiplier

Five free spins with a 5x multiplier

Fifty free spins with a 5x multiplier[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row row_container=”yes” font_color=”#411d93″][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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