Britain to have its Third White Christmas in the Last 10 Years – Bookmakers Offer low Odds

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It seems that Britain might be in for the third white Christmas for the past decade next week. That made the odds for snow falling on Christmas go down to 1/4.  The UK didn't see snow falling on Christmas day since 2015. It was in 2010 before that during the coldest December this century. Most parts of the UK already witnessed falling snow at the start of this month. There is also a spread of sub-zero temperatures. Now, it seems that there are hopes that it would return once again with some cold air set to push south towards the United Kingdom.

Weather Forecast Lean Towards a White Christmas With No Confirmation

Many United Kingdom betting companies are offering odds that snow will fall in the United Kingdom on the 25th of December, making it a White Christmas. The odds also include 4/5 odds that December is going to be the coldest December ever. According to the Met Office in the medium-range forecast, there is still a chance that snow will fall temporarily on low levels towards the end of December. There are also high expectations that snow will fall on the higher grounds up north. A spokesperson of the Met Office stated that while snow will not be widespread across the UK, they can’t rule out some flakes of snowflakes around Christmas, making it a White Christmas for the UK .So, while they cannot confirm for sure if it is going to be a White Christmas, the trend is going towards much a colder condition.

The BBC Weather monthly outlook stated that according to recent forecast models, there is a suggestion that cold air is going to push towards the United Kingdom. They expect that to happen on the 26th and 27th of December. However, the signal was also not conclusive.

UK Betting Companies’ Odds for Now on Christmas

Ladbrokes offers a ¼ odds for snow to fall anywhere in the United Kingdom on Christmas Day. A Ladbrokes spokesperson stated that players are dreaming of a White Christmas. He said that this might actually happen, as the odds continue to decrease with the temperatures. Meanwhile, Coral is offering 1/2 odds for snow in any Major City in the United Kingdom on Christmas Day. They also have 3/1 odds for Edinburgh, 4/1 for Manchester, and 5/1 for London. It is also offering 4/5 for December to record the coldest temperatures. A Coral Spokesperson stated that 2020 had been a tough year for everyone. On the other hand, for many people, for White Christmas to happen, to find white snow on Christmas Day, it would be something that would make them smile. The one downside for a White Christmas is that it will lead the UK on a course for the coldest December ever recorded.

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