Buenos Aires Celebrates the Launch of The Hipódromo de Palermo

Argentinians were joyous as the new racecourse, the Hipodromo de Palermo, launched operations. Offering tons of games and entertainment, this casino exploits the latest technological advances. That way, users can enjoy secure and easy access to all their favorite casino classics.

Lotería de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (LOTBA) Authorized It on the 19th of March

In Argentina, the Lotería de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (LOTBA) governs the casino industry. They gave the new institution its licenses in March, ending a process that began in mid-2020. Last year, the COVID epidemic had brought the process to a halt, delaying it by 5 months overall.

The Hipódromo de Palermo Promises to Offer Hundreds of Innovative Games

They've got a jam-packed lineup, full of everyone's top picks. Table games, as well as slots, should enthrall anyone who walks through their doors. Not to mention, online play provides easy access to players from home. So, if you'd like to play any of these, Betfun would let you play them. Betfun connects you to a whole library of games, secured by cryptographic technology. For example, take a look at the following.

Available Betfun Games Include
Instant Roulette
Chilli Heat
First Person Roulette
9 Masks of Fire
Arena of Gold
Fernando Facal Endorses Betfun for Mobile Gaming

Managing the new casino, Fernando Facal offers his perspective on the new platform. Betfun lets anyone, regardless of location, play their favorite games without worrying. As such, he has high hopes the new software could improve player experiences.

Enhanced Security:
Secure connections are crucial. Without those, you'd be lucky to walk away with any winning, given you hit the jackpot first. Betfun implements security protocols, cryptographically designed, that minimize potential risks. That way, when you're ready to play, nothing else taunts your mind.

Ability to Play From Anywhere:
Besides, as long as you've got internet, playing casino games is super straightforward. Just download their app, and you can pick from their library right on your phone.

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