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eSports Betting and what are eSports?

eSports betting has become the most popular and highly sought after form of betting. Millions of players from the UK, the US, and around the world are starting to watch eSports. Primarily to enjoy the excitement and also to make money from the wagers. Before we get into eSports betting and some of the most commonly asked questions about it, we need to talk about eSports itself first.

eSports is short for Electronic Sports. It refers to competitive video gaming, but on a professional level. So it is just like physical sports like tennis or soccer, there are professional video game players that compete in tournaments and events. They fight for massive prizes, and there are single-player games or team games. Some of the most popular eSports are Overwatch, Dota2, and League of Legends, to name a few. If you think that games can't grab an audience, you will be surprised. These competitions are quite exciting to spectate and its popularity is sweeping across the nation.

Even the rewards for the winning teams are equally massive. For example, the International DOTA Tournament for DOTA 2 has passed the $30 million mark, announcing the biggest prize in the short history of eSports. These events do not only attract live audiences, and there are millions of viewers that watch it through numerous streaming services online such as Twitch and YouTube. There are even some big TV networks that started airing these events. These TV Networks include ESPN, which shows how the world is beginning to view eSports and considering it as an actual sport. Therefore, due to the popularity of eSports, players can place wagers on the outcome for a chance to win it big.

Can you gamble on eSports?

eSports, like any other type of sports, offers punters around the world with plenty of betting options and opportunities. So the answer to that is a definite “yes,” you can gamble on eSports, and you can certainly do that online. There is plenty of betting websites and bookmakers online that offer odds on different eSports events.

It works the same way as other kinds of sports. The bookmakers have a set of odds, depending on the teams or the players. So it is the same as boxing matches or football events. You will place a real money wager on the outcome of the game, and you get a handsome payout if you bet on the winning team or player. Of course, there are plenty of betting markets, so it is not only bets on the outcome. You can bet on the number of rounds, and other certain markets that are specific to each eSports game.

Where Can I bet on eSports?

There are plenty of websites that offer eSports betting services to players from the UK and over the world. The reason behind that is the fact that big gambling operators felt the importance of such a service. Therefore, they offer odds on all of the popular eSporting events and tournaments so they can tap into the great potential of eSports gaming. You will find hundreds of websites that offer such a service, but it is crucial to find a legitimate website with a good reputation.

Leo Vegas:

Leo Vegas is one of the top online casino operators. It claims to be the king of online casino gaming, and rightfully so. It offers its services to millions of players around the world and in the United Kingdom. It made its grand debut to the market in 2011 and became one of the most successful online casinos and bookmakers. It has built a reputation for offering high quality and a rewarding casino ride. It offers live casino games, online casino games, and much more. That is not all, as the online gaming operator provides a sports betting section, which allows you to place wagers on all of your favorite sports. These sports include the main topic of this article, eSports. The operator offers a wide variety of odds and markets on different eSport events. So, despite the emphasis on the “Vegas” part in the name, the casino offers a wide array of sports betting markets that include in-play betting and eSports.

eSports are indeed a hidden gem at Leo Vegas. Once you open the website and check the homepage, you will not find an indication that it has eSports betting options. You will have to go through the sports section so you can reveal the vast array of eSports betting markets that Leo Vegas has to offer. These markets include Overwatch, Starcraft II, Dota 2, League of Legends, and more.

Another unique thing about Leo Vegas is that it has a mobile app. It allows you to enjoy your favorite casino games and place bets on eSports anytime and anywhere through your smartphone. It is compatible with iOs, androids, and other operating systems. Android and iOS have their applications. As for other operating systems, you can smoothly go on the mobile site, which is highly optimized to work on different mobile devices.


Betway is yet another excellent casino operator and sportsbetting operator to offer eSports betting. It provides a massive selection of sports betting opportunities, which include a section dedicated to eSports. You will find all of the betting markets that Betway has to offer on eSports there, with the different championships and games. You will discover eSports betting on CS: GO, League of Legends, DOTA2, and Rocket League. To show how invested Betway is in eSprots, it is the official sponsor of some of the biggest eSports teams. These teams include Invictus Gaming, BIG, Ninjas in Pajamas, ESL One, Made in Brazil, and many more.

How Do I Open an Account on Betway?

Betway has made creating an account quite easy. You will only need to visit the website, and you will get the registration prompt where you can smoothly start creating your account. You will need to provide Betway with few personal info and some essential data. Then you will be able to make deposits and place bets on your favorite eSports games. You do not have to worry about providing Betway with your sensitive data, as Betway utilizes state of the art encryption systems.

Betting on eSports – Is it Legal?

eSports gambling is in its early stages as a betting market in many regions around the world. Many regulatory bodies are working to regulate eSports bets. One of the main issues revolves around how to define it, and around the word “sport” when it comes to describing video games. Technically, any sort of gaming can become eSports. For instance, if two people challenge one another in a round of Mario Cart, it can be considered eSports. So while many argue it should fall under the laws that govern gaming, many say that it should fall under the sports betting laws. Therefore, it remains unregulated in many regions around the world.

On the other hand, in Europe in Spain, Malta, Italy, Denmark, and of course, the United Kingdom, they have defined what gambling is when it comes to eSports, and they successfully placed proper regulations. Therefore, in these locations, it is legal to place bets on eSports, as long as you are using legitimate and regulated websites. All of the eSports gambling sites that have a base of operations in the United Kingdom fall under the jurisdiction of the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission). It started back in August of 2016 when the commission took the initial steps to make eSports wagering safer for UK players. The decision was primarily because of the controversies regarding “Skin Gambling.” It is where players use the in-game skins or items instead of real money to make wagers on eSporting games.

Therefore, in the United Kingdom, it is legal to place wagers on eSports, as long as you are above 18 years old. The UKGC was the first regulating body in the world to issue a discussion paper regarding eSports legality. The discussion paper covered, among many other topics, the use of licensing for normal and skin betting on eSports. In that research, the UKGC decided that all wagers on electronic sports constituted gambling. That means that any bookmakers or sites that offer eSports betting, as well as the bets should work according to the regulations of the standard United Kingdom gambling laws and rules. So the UKGC took essential steps, not only to regulate it but to protect those who place bets, all according to the Gambling Act of 2005.

In the USA, the sports betting industry is still a young one, as it all started in 2014. In 2014, the USA Supreme Court eliminated the twenty-six years old law that prohibited states from regulating and legalizing sports gambling. Therefore, flowing that ruling, each state is free to offer sports betting. Since that ruling, many US States started passing bills that allow gambling such as Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Mississippi, to name a few. There are also plenty of other states that have such legislation in the pipeline. eSports or fantasy sports betting falls under the same rules and regulations. Therefore, there are plenty of websites online that offer legitimate eSports betting services in the states with regulated sports betting bills active.

Therefore, the answer to that question is relative. It varies from one country to another, even from one state to another. Most countries that legalize it treat it the same way they treat sports betting, from a regulatory point of view.

What eSports can I bet on?

You can place bets on almost every eSports tournaments at different online websites. Like all other sports, it depends on which tournament or event is taking place at any given time. Some of the most popular eSport that you can place bets on include Dota2, League of Legends, Rainbow 6, and Counter-Strike: GO (CS: GO). Here are some of the highly anticipated eSports events that people wait for from one year to the next.

League of Legends World Championship:

The qualifiers began in February of this year, with the final world championship happening in the next few months. It will take place in Paris. The prize for last year's champion shop was 2.25 million dollars. As for this year's award, they have not revealed it yet.

The International by Valve:

It is the international eSports events for DOTA2 that took place in Shanghai, China. Team “OG” won in the finals against Team Liquid.

Fortnite World Cup:

It took place in July of this year, and it was the first world cup finale that the game has. It took place in Arthur Ashe Tennis Stadium in New York. The winner was the 16 years old Fortnite player, Kyle Giersdorf, aka Bugha.

Other eSports events include CWL (Call of Duty World League), The Overwatch League, PUBG Global Championship, and HALO World Championship.

What kind of eSports betting is available?

Like most sports, there are multiple markets when it comes to betting. You can choose to place a straight wager on the final winner of a match. On the other hand, if you want to engage yourself in the fun and the experience, you will find that most eSporting fixtures have in-play betting. It allows you can update and change your bets during the game.

Can you Gamble Online on eSports with Real Money?

Of course, real money betting in eSports is available at almost every bookmaker that offers eSports betting services. While others prefer “Skin Betting” and using in-game currency, most players want to feel the rush and win it big. They can only achieve that by using real money.

Can you bet on eSports in Vegas?

Many people might ask that question, as they believe that eSports betting is only available online. On the contrary, you will be glad to know that you can place bets on eSports in Las Vegas. For example, the Downtown Grand casino in Las Vegas usually hosts watch parties for the League of Legends World Championship. You can go there to watch the tournament, as well as place bets and enjoy the excitement of betting on eSports in Vegas. You will not only enjoy the Mecca of the gambling world, but you will also be able to follow and place wagers on your favorite eSports as well.



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