Canadian Gambling News – Bill C-218 and OLG’s New CFO

Great news from the Canadian gambling industry, and it is regarding the long-anticipated Bill C-218. The Canadian parliament has finally passed the bill, it is bill C-218. It is the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act. It has gone through its second reading with 15 against and 303 votes in favor. The bill is now ready to enter the last step in the hearings with the Standing Committee on Justice as well as Human Rights. Then it will be able to go to the Canadian Senate, then the Governor-General for Royal Assent. During the previous reading, plenty of parliamentarians showed their support for it as it will positively impact the community across Canada. It is undoubtedly a great and positive step for Canadian gambling.

Kevin Waugh Comments on the Passing of the bill Canadian Gambling

Kevin Waugh, who was the one that sponsored the bill, made a statement regarding Bill C-218. He said that the bill is going to ensure that the profits from Canadian Gambling sports wagering will go back to the communities. That includes education, problem gambling programs, youths’ sports, and health care. That means that money will go to the community and essential services instead of offshore companies and sometimes even criminals. Many stakeholders in the Canadian gambling industry, including many gaming companies, showed their support of that bill because of the positive effect it would have on Canadian gambling.

Luckbox’s Chief executive, Quentin Martin, stated that the overwhelming positive voting showed that there is massive support of the amendment. He also said that the support is across-party. He believes that it is an amendment to a very outdated law. It is why it is gaining everyone's support in the Canadian gambling industry.

BCLC Director on Single Event Sportsbetting

The director of the BCLC (British Columbia Lottery Corp), Stewart Groumoutis, said that they are calling on parliament members to work together so they can legalize single-event sports betting. He added that they believe that it would greatly benefit the provinces and the players in the Canadian gambling scene.

The CEO of theScore, the digital media company, John Levy, also had a lot to say on the matter. He stated that the development in the House of Commons is a great step forward to amend the law. He was referring to the focus that they paid on legalizing single event sportsbetting.

The OLG Appoints new Chief Financial Officer

Related news from the Canadian gambling scene, the state-run lottery operation, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp (the OLG), has announced appointing Pinder Basi as the new CFO. Basi began his new role with the OLG earlier this month. He was previously the Executive VP and CFO of MasterMind Toys. He is going to replace Lisa Bell-Murray, who retired after thirty years of service with the OLG. As stated by the OLG president, Pinder has a lot of experience and has a proven track record in business and finance.

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