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Cashplus UK Customers can Block Gambling Sites On Demand

Cashplus is one of the leading United Kingdom bank challengers. Cashplus announced that it had launched the first ever Credit Card gambling block in the industry. The new option would allow the players to decide to turn off all monetary transactions with casinos, gambling merchants and bookmakers. The company has over 1.5m customers in the United Kingdom and it have made the new account gambling block option available through just “one-click”. It means that with only one click, its customers will have the ability to block themselves from all sorts of gambling bookies, sites and casinos. It is available through the company’s website and its mobile applications. It also announced brand new ATM withdrawal blocks. It works as another point of friction for customers whenever they use it in parallel with the new gambling block.

Why is Credit Card Gambling a Critical Issue?

Many people and many campaign groups see credit card gambling as a critical issue when it comes to problematic gaming, and there is also an industry consultation that is going to take place in the upcoming months about that issue.

The previous Action on Addiction’s Chairman, Lord Chadlington, who is also a veteran safer gambling campaigner, stated that he is personally pleased that companies like Cashplus, among others, are starting to take positions action so they can protect those who are at risk of problem gambling, by giving them a way to block themselves from gambling. He added that work is needed, in an urgent manner, when it comes to gaming with credit, and this is why the voluntary blocking from providers and banks is a welcomed first step.

Cashplus Comments on its New Blocking Service

The CEO of Cashplus, Paul Schooley, stated that there is a more significant discussion revolving around gambling and credit, but he believes that their role as a company is to provide the players with the choice, the choice that they need or want. He also stated that they think that a better banking service can make a difference and can improve the lives of people and that they are going to continue working hard on building different features that can make a useful difference.

The tool is available for use, for both, business and personal credit cards. It means that the owners of a business will be able to prevent company credits cards from gambling use. Paul Schooley added that the new block, in-app account, blocking or the ATM withdrawal blocker are all different ways through which the customers can restrict their spending on gambling. It can work for a person who is struggling with problem gambling or someone who is trying to protect their business.

Gambling Hurts’ campaigner Tony Franklin stated that he is also delighted that Cashplus is leading the path with its new credit card blocks, and it is offering the customers with an easy way to block and restrict gambling transactions and pending. The new function provides real practical help that can aid in helping with the problem gambling issue in the United Kingdom.

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