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Casino Stocks

Ten Gambling Stocks for 2021

Online casino games are a cash cow with more people placing wagers online. The 2020 pandemic shuttered actual casinos but made the online casino games very successful. More sports gambling sites are coming up worldwide with numerous phone applications to make gambling more accessible.

Gambling Stocks

Apart from playing gambling games such as EuroMillions, a national lottery, gamblers have other gambling stock options. The online betting industry's success is attracting more investors than ever before. Here is a list of ten gambling stocks that are worth considering.

Las Vegas Sands

The resort has recently sold all its holdings in Las Vegas to focus on the Asian market. It is valued at $46.6 billion but has been the worst-performing stock in 2021. The stock heavily relies on the bounce-back of the Macao market to hit its jackpot again.
The poor economy in 2020 caused the consistent resorts to experience a financial drop in profits and revenue. Its impressive track record promises a significant rebound with time.

Flutter Entertainment

Flutter entertainment is the largest online gambling site valued at $39.7 billion. It is popular in the U.S market for FanDuel fantasy sports and sports betting. The jackpot won on this site is strictly from sports betting.


Draftkings is fast growing as a fantasy sports and sports gambling operator. After flutter entertainment, it is the second-largest sports betting site. It offers a premium business for the players by getting into partnerships with related sports industries. DraftKings has a valuation of $25.3 billion.

MGM Resort

MGM resort is a world-class casino that focuses on the United States market, unlike its competitors. It is a resort that offers its investors a pleasant experience of both online and physical gambling thrills. The application, BetMGM, allows gamblers to bet effortlessly in sports betting. This resort has a valuation of $18.6 billion.

Caesar’s Entertainment

A renowned casino valued at $18.2 billion with many properties globally is expanding its horizons. The giant operator has over fifty resorts worldwide and has recently joined online sports betting. With the recent threat of near bankruptcy, Caesar's entertainment has indeed bounced back impressively.

Penn National Gaming

Penn National Gaming prefers to keep its operations for the locals with the casino racetracks. It has only recently decided to try the online sports gambling business with an application named barstool. It is currently worth $16.7 billion.

Wynn Resort

Wynn resort was one of the most affected resorts by the 2020 pandemic. The resort relies primarily, if not solely, on the Macao market for profits and revenue. The value of the resort is still high at $14.7 billion. With the economy slowly going back to normal, Wynn resort has a very profitable future.

Melco Resort and Entertainment

A Hong Kong-based resort valued at $9.3 billion is a successful sports betting operator. It primarily operates in Macao since it's the only place in China that is allowed gambling. There are plans to open new resorts in different locations around China. Melco resort and entertainment was also affected by the recent pandemic, but it is steadily getting back to its optimum performance.

Churchill Downs

Churchill Downs is known for its annual Kentucky Derby horse racing events. The shifting economy has steered Churchill Downs to invest in online gambling games, increasing its profits and returns. It has included sports betting, horse race betting, and online casino betting sites.

Boyd Gaming

Boyd Gaming is not as dependent on tourist presence as other casino gaming resorts. It focuses on the locals, making it the least affected by the pandemic among all the other resorts along the Las Vegas Strip. This simple fact made Boyd Gaming the top-performing casino operator this year. The extensive sportsbook and online gaming sites attract investors to secure the promised rebound soon.

The Technical Aspects of Trading Shares on the Market

When the numbers were crunched for Paddy Power Plc ADR, the -DI was higher than the +DI. This may mean traders are waiting to see if stocks are starting to show signs of bearish momentum. Stock analysis widely uses moving average indicators. Numerous traders use a combination of different time frames and moving averages to the trend direction of stocks. One of the most popular combinations is the use of 200-day and 50-day moving averages. The 200-day MA may be used by investors to have a clearer long-term picture by smoothing out the data. They may look at the 20-day or 50-day to achieve a better grasp of the stock in the near-term. The current moving average for the 50-day is 48.77 and the 200-day is 51.91.

The ADX or Average Directional Index is used to discern if the market is currently not trending or trending, and is a technical analysis indicator. Only the ADX measures the trend strength but cannot measure the direction. When the ADX is used with the Minus Directional Indicator and Plus Directional Indicator it can help determine the overall momentum and direction of the trend. The ADX is used by many traders along with other indicators to help locate the proper entry and exit points for trading. Paddy Power Plc ADR’s current 14-day ADX is 13.47. An ADX value from 0-25 is generally an indication of a weak or absent trend. A strong trend has a value of 25-50, a very strong trend is 50-75, and an extremely strong trend is 75-100.

The Relative Strength Index shows 47.73 for the 14-day RSI, 39.22 for the 7-day, and 17.48 for the 3-day for Paddy Power Plc ADR. The RSI or Relative Strength Index is popular as a momentum indicator for technical analysis. This can show if the bears or bulls have the strongest market, and find reversal points with more accuracy. J. Welles Wilder developed the RSI, and a reading above 70 generally shows overbought conditions. Oversold conditions show a reading under 30. Adjustments in the values are necessary for the market and specific stock. Larger market turns can be spotted with the RSI.

Donald Lambert developed the CCI or Commodity Channel Index. This tool is versatile, can help provide extreme condition warnings, and emerging trends. The current price in relation to the average price is measured by the CCI over a specific period. When prices are a lot higher than average, the CCI is fairly high, when prices are far lower than average, the CCI is fairly low. Additional technical indicators like the Williams %R and Williams Percent Range are watched by investors to measure overbought and oversold levels. This indicator provides a comparison between a stock’s closing price and the lows and highs over a specific period. The most common period to look back is 14 days. The oscillation of the Williams %R ranges from 0 to -100. An overbought situation is indicated by a reading of 0 and -20. An oversold situation is indicated by a reading of -80 to -100.

Day traders profit by exploiting the movements for minute price in individual assets. This requires leveraging a lot of capital so the stocks they trade are in play. They have enough volatility to be a good risk, and the reward comes from both bear and bull traders intraday. Volatility is low in most company stocks. They usually move slowly with big price swings occurring a couple times a year through bad or good trading results. A typical day trader looks for trading volume, volatility, and liquidity. Liquidity lets an investor exit or enters a stock with a good price. When the liquidity in a stock is not good, a broker may need some time to negotiate the deal so the stock can be bought or sold. The broker may be unable to get the selling or buying price the trader wants. This represents a problem for day traders and can make the difference between a non-profitable and profitable trade.

The rules for traders regarding what is a good guide and constitutes liquidity are different depending on the volume of shares, and volume of trades traded every day. The minimum for most traders is 100,000 shares traded each day, although some traders require 1,000,000. The gauge for home many times a stock is purchased or sold within a specific period is called trading volume. The ADTV is the average daily trading volume. A lot of interest in a certain stock is a high degree of volume, and a stock boost is the volume of a stock either down or up in regards to a price jump.

Sweden is known for global brands worldwide yet there is much that is not acknowledged. Sweden has one of Europe’s best economies with a healthy commerce and trade environment, and a good corporate governance. The economy’s growth is becoming more influential globally and regionally. It influences company spreads like NetEnt AB ser. B. Sweden has been established as one of the European economy’s most valuable contributors.

Nasdaq Stockholm

The Nasdaq Stockholm or Stockholm Stock Exchange in Sweden is the main stock exchange, nd is in Frihamnen, Stockholm. Like other Nordic nation stock exchanges such as Iceland and Norway, the Nasdaq has operated and owned it since 2008. The Nasdaq Nordic stock exchanges include Nasdaq Iceland or the Iceland Stock Exchange, Nasdaq Baltic or the Tallinn Stock Exchange, Nasdaq Helsinki or the Helsinki Stock Exchange, Nasdaq OMX Armenia or the Armenia Stock Exchange, Nasdaq Copenhagen or the Copenhagen Stock Exchange, and Nasdaq Baltic or the Riga Stock Exchange.

The Nasdaq Stockholm began in 1963, and operated with a floor trading system at the Stockholm Stock Exchange Building until May of 1990. The electronic trading system was established in the country in June of 1990. This helps NetEnt AB ser. B remain there with improvements brought to the market every year. The Nasdaq Stockholm’s regular trading begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m. Over 300 stocks are currently listed on Nasdaq Stockholm with the current total market valuation at $1.26 trillion.

The OMX Stockholm 30 is the benchmark index in Sweden and is a market-capitalization-weighted index. The top 30 stocks listed are tracked on the Nasdaq Stockholm. September of 1986 is the base date with a base value of 125 points. To ensure an accurate and proper indication regarding the Swedish economy, there is a semi-annually rebalancing of the OMXS30. New stocks can be added and old stocks dropped each rebalancing period. This depends on the overall performance and different factors in the equity market. Consumer Services, Financials, and Industrials are the OMXS30’s three largest sectors.

The all-time low for the OMXS30 is 98.96 points, attributed to Black Monday in November of 1987, and equity markets worldwide had tumbled. The meltdown spread worldwide after beginning in Hong Kong. The all-time high of the OMXS30 was 1,719.93 in April of 2015. An increase was additionally received by NetEnt AB ser. B.

The best way to bet on any country’s long-term prospects and growth potential is to penetrate their equity market. Investing in Nasdaq Stockholm stocks is the best way to maximize the nations opportunities and bank on the Swedish economy’s growth.

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