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With over 110 million copies sold, it would be safe to say that one of the world's most successful video game franchises is Grand Theft Auto due to its popularity since 1997. It is believed that Grand Theft Auto's in-game experience as well as the many expansion packs that have been produced is why the game attracted so many players from all over the world.

Located somewhere in Los Santos is the Diamond Casino and Resort and is the Grand Theft Auto franchise's newest and most recent addition. The Grand Theft Auto Diamond Casino and Resort allows its gamers to enjoy games that they would most likely find in many of the casinos in Las Vegas such as slots, horse racing, roulette, and poker. The thing about these games that are found in the Diamond Casino and Resort is that these games are real and live casino games online which led to the game being banned in 55 countries around the globe. The game has been banned on the basis that it is illegal gambling being done over the internet.

Gamers that are above 18 years old can visit the Diamond Casino and can spend real money to get into real online and live in-game casino games using casino chips. For every $7 a gamer spends at the casino, the gamer gets up to $500,000 of Grand Theft Auto currency. A lucky gamer can win a lot of money in the Diamond Casino but the thing is that the money they win cannot be converted back to actual cash and will never be able to be withdrawn. Instead, the winnings are used to be able to buy things within the game such as weapons and other purchases that can be found in the game.

The exchange rate of $7 for up to $500,000 of in-game currency is sure to be the best exchange rate we have ever seen but the game also limits gamers on the amount that a gamer can transact on an hourly basis. IF you consider the many regulations that are in place when it comes to betting, this arrangement can turn out to be a problem especially when you start to think about it and the fact that it is still real currency that is being exchanged over the internet.

Rockstar Games, the game's publisher, has already sold over 4.7 copies of the game in North America alone this year. Rockstar Games also included geo-restrictions when they published the game. Geo-restrictions use the games software to be able to locate the exact location of a gamer and then determines if the gamer is in a country that has banned the game which results in the gamer being able to enter the Diamond Casino but does not allow them to be able to make any transactions at the Diamond Casino. Without being able to make a transaction at the casino, the gamer is not able to participate in any of the casino games found there. They just simply cannot buy casino chips for gambling at the casino because there is no provision to be able to.

The Diamond Casino and Resort addition has had a lot of mixed opinions. There are a lot of gamers out there that believe that the new Diamond Casino addition is a unique gaming experience and is exciting while there are just as many gamers that believe that the game could have just stuck with the in-game currency instead of using actual currency and could have just created it so that the gamers receive rewards for their in-game achievements.


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