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David Schwimmer, one of the stars of the worldwide popular TV show Friends, has teased the fans about the long-awaited Friends reunion special. The filming for the special is expected to begin in only a few days. That alone has been great news for the fans of the show all over the world. The reunion special was first confirmed in February of last year. It was announced that the entire cast of the beloved show, Friends,  is going to record a nostalgic look back at the show for HBO Max, the US Streaming Service. Sadly, due to current events, the filming was pushed back numerous times.

David Schwimmer Announces the Good News on the Graham Norton Show

On Friday night, David Schwimmer, who plays Ross Geller on the hit 90s sitcom show, appeared on the Graham Norton Show. It was there where he lifted the lid and gave the fans the good news. He teased the fans on what we can look forward to seeing during the one-off Reunion Special of Friends. He told the host that the shooting for the Friends Reunion Special would begin next week. David added that he will be hopping on a flight in the afternoon. He also added that he will finally get to see everyone next week after so many years.

David clarified that there is nothing scripted, as they will not be in character. They will all be themselves. On the other hand, there is one section of it that he didn’t want to give away, it is something they all read, but he did not reveal anything. David Schwimmer also confessed that he hadn’t seen Friends in a long time. David Schwimmer jokingly added that he thinks he should watch the show in the next five days.

Safety Precautions Will be Applied on Set

Last month, David Schwimmer revealed that there are plenty of special measures that they will take to make sure that the filming goes safely. He said that they figured out how to film it safely. He added that there would be a portion of it filmed outside due to safety protocols. David Schwimmer did not reveal who is going to be hosting the unscripted part of the episode. On the other hand, he ruled out Billy Crystal. Billy Crystal was a former guest star on Friends. He also ruled out Ellen Degeneres.

Other stars teased the new special. For example, back in January, Lisa Kudrow, who plays Phoebe on the show, stated that she already shot a little something for the upcoming special. She teased and said that it is not a reboot. It is not something that is scripted, as they are not playing their characters. She added that it is a reunion special where they will get together. It is something that did not happen in front of other people since they shot the finale of the show back in 2004.

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