Divine Showdown – New Play n Go Slot Goes Live at Online Casinos

Play n Go released one of its latest slots almost a week ago on the 12th of December. The new slot is none other than Divine Showdown. Divine Showdown is a five-reel slot that offers a fantastic experience. Players will join some of the most powerful mythologaical figures from different cultures. So everyone should be ready to join these gods as they engage in an all-out war. Players will genuinely enjoy an epic battle of drastic proportions. Such an epic battle comes packing plenty of winning chances, bonuses, and features that players can trigger during the gameplay. Also, it has entertaining and immersive gameplay.

Divine Showdown – Theme and Story of the New Slot

The name of the slot explains the theme of the game perfectly. It is about an epic showdown between the gods from the different cultures and mythologies from around the world. They will battle it out, as players enjoy the action and grab massive rewards. The gods that are joining the battle are Thor, the Nordic god of thunder, and Wukong, the Chinese monkey king. Others are Anubis, the Egyptian god of death, Goddess of war and wisdom, Athena from Greece. Even the main attraction of the slot is its interactive bonus feature. Players will pick one of these powerful gods to go in a battle with the other three for rewards and glory.

The new slot machine, Divine Showdown, is undoubtedly an excellent addition to the world of slot machines. The slot machine manages to capture many different themes in one slot machine, so there is a little something for everybody who has an interest in mythology-themed slots. Previous games that had similar themes such as Viking Runecraft and Legacy of Egypt had an excellent reception from the players. Therefore, Play n Go is expecting that the game will also have a positive welcome into the market by the players.

Play n Go CEO Speaks About The New Slot

Johan Törnqvist, the CEO of Play n Go spoke regarding the idea of getting different worlds and cultures together to create this world in Divine Showdown. He stated that mythologies and ancient gods are quite popular in all sorts of entertainment. On the other hand, they rarely cross paths with each other in the different entertainment forms.

The team at Play n Go wanted to have an imaginative and unique concept for the new slot. Therefore, they decided to try this new concept and bring different worlds and cultures together to create a fresh perspective on a popular genre.


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