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According to released data, the UK online gambling gross yield in the United Kingdom grew 30.6% to reach £613.6m in December of last year. It is the highest figure ever achieved since the Gambling Commission started releasing its yield data month-to-month. It is due to the closure of retail shops, as well as a busy sporting event schedule. The reasons also include the high margins stakes that reached 293 million, which is an increase of 22%.

The Gambling Commission Comments on the Great Numbers

The statement by the UKGC stated that they would continue to monitor and collect data from the industry. They will utilize such data to inform their view of the risk. They will also use it to see if the industry changes are just fluctuations or long-term changes that they would need to adapt to in the long run.

The gambling commission complied data from operators that represent more than 80% of the internet gambling market.

The Breakdown of the Numbers Released by the Commission

Slot machines brought 199.7m in revenue, which is an increase of 12.9%. It also represents the highest revenue of any measured month. The same goes for the number of slot players. The number increased six percent to reach 3 million players. As for the number of spins, it increased by 11.8 percent to reach a new high of 5.89 billion spins. The average session for a slot machine lasted for twenty-two minutes, which is the same in November. There were 2.5 million sessions that lasted over sixty minutes, according to the gambling commission.

Besides slots, other online gambling games brought in 73.9 million, which is an 11% increase from the previous month. 2.1 million players played non-slot games online, which is 13.5% more than November, with bets growing by 15.5% to reach 313.2 million. As for poker, it witnessed a 2.8% increase in revenue to reach 9.4m. On the other hand, virtual gambling increased by 10.8% to 7.9m. eSports betting was the only section that witnessed a decline in revenue. It decreased to 1.3 million, down by 6.2 percent. The total amount of customer interaction decreased by 3%, with most of them being automated. The Gambling Commission stated that it is the first time that number decreased since it started to publish these numbers. On the other hand, the non-automated interaction witnessed an increase. All of these numbers are backed by the closure of betting shops, as well as a busy sporting events schedule.

The data resembles similarities in gambling behavior that the gambling commission seen during last year in March 2020.

Gambling Commission Announces Re-Opening of Retail Shops

The regulator also accounted that betting shops will re-open in England on the 12th of April. As for adult gaming centers, casinos and bingo halls, they will open on the 17th of May.

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