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100 Best Online Casinos is a site built on the foundation of real player experiences. We value the feedback from players who visit online casinos and share that knowledge with others. With that being said, we do have some guidelines that all players should follow before deciding to post a comment.


If you’ve been to an online casino and have had a good or bad experience. We’d love to see your feedback. The emphasis should be on “your feedback.” Please do not rehash other reviews or comments from other sites or blogs. Other real players are interested in what you have to say about actually using online casinos or playing games. Retelling of old tales does not add any benefit to the casino player community. Instead, an honest firsthand experience of a site will give other players an idea of what to expect.


The team at 100 Best Online Casinos understands that some casinos online are going to leave a bad impression on players. In fact, we want to know about that so we can keep our information relevant and watch out for scammy sites. However, do not post just to badmouth an online casino without evidence. Make sure you can justify what you’re saying with examples from the site or its features. All player comments are reviewed and we will not accept any unjustified slander for the sake of getting noticed.


We know that many players out there are definitely casino experts like the reviewers on our crew. With that in mind, show others HOW you are an expert. Give facts and show off your knowledge about the positive or negative aspects of any online casino. Again, comments that add no value to the conversation will not be accepted. The information a new player sees can help them to get the most out of the best online casinos.


You can end up back at an online casino and receive a completely different experience than you did the first. Let us know! However, don’t keep bringing up the same benefits or issues over and over again. You should feel free to add valuable information to your original comment, but parroting yourself means that the comments won’t be published.


When you post a comment, we don’t expect to see a college thesis. What we would appreciate, though, is a little bit of grammar and correct spelling. Your comments will be more appealing to other players, letting them get something out of it as a result. Please do not just spam or use unintelligible writing. Submissions that are nonsensical will not make it onto the site. Also, PLEASE. DON’T. EMPHASIZE. YOUR. COMMENTS. LIKE. THIS.


You must use a registered account to leave comments about the casinos online at our site. However, your comment will be visible to the public and anyone who visits will be able to see it. Do not endanger your own privacy by posting sensitive information or payment details of any kind. Cybersecurity is just as important here as it is at online casino sites.

“Branded” Comments

Our staff would like opinions from players that can be substantiated, but we don’t want branded posts or comments from affiliate managers showing up. If you have something to say that can be seen as a conflict of interest, it’s best to keep it to yourself. All comments with an obvious sales pitch will not be published.


Blatantly plagiarized or stolen content has no place here. Keep everything you do original, and you’ll do your part in contributing to a great discussion about online casinos and gambling. We monitor all submissions for copied content so please think before you post.

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