GVC Holding Seeks a More Effective Advertisements Ban during Sporting Events

GVC Holding is one of the biggest gambling companies in the UK, and it seems that it is stepping up on its responsible gambling effort. It has called for an end to all types of sportsbooks broadcast ads across the United Kingdom. The operator was also the first one to make its support public, for the watershed ads ban in the UK back in October of 2018, and now, it has thrown its support behind extending that ban, to include any time of the day. The ban is going to include both, repeated and live sporting events, and the only exemption to this new ban would be horse racing.

GVC Holding Speaks About the New Proposed Advertisement Ban

GVC Holding stated that it is supporting the new pre-watershed ban on advertisement ads, but it suggested that campaign that promos safer and responsible gambling should still be able to air. On the other hand, GVC Holding added that even that should be limited to one ad slot for every commercial break during the sporting events. The operator stated that the upcoming pre-watershed and whistle-to-whistle ban that is going to go in effect with the start of the 2019-20 football season in August is not enough. The ban gained approval and agreement from the industry late in 2018, and it became a part of the Code of Socially Responsible Advertising of the Gambling Industry by the IRGC last December.

Kenny Alexander, chief executive of GVC, stated that the While the most of the customers enjoy the product they have responsibly, he believes that this is the time for the industry to do more to protect the customers from the potential harms from gambling. He added that as one of the largest gambling companies in the UK market, and the owner of Coral and Ladbrokes, they are going to do precisely that. He called on GVC’s industry peers to help them bring an end to the ads that promote sports wagering in the United Kingdom, regardless of what time of the day it is airing.

GVC Tackles More Responsible Gambling Issue

In addition to its calling for an all-out ad bad during sporting events, GVC has released a set of new initiatives that aim to tackle the harm related to gambling, which is a part of its Changing for the Better social responsibility drive of the corporate. The operator launched this new initiative back in January of this year, and it is going to witness the operators investing in responsible gaming technology as well as any supporting research, as well as introducing new and voluntary controls across the business. All of this is to make sure that they operate in a sustainable and fair manner. GVS is going to launch four new initiatives which will witness the operator committing to end all football shirt sponsorship deals within the United Kingdom, as well as banning all sorts of ads on pitchside hoardings. It is aiming to allow the fans to watch their favorite sports events live, without any inducements to place bets.

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