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GVC Holdings has been making headlines recently, whether for its new deals with gaming developers, or its new sports wagers, and it has managed to headline the news again with its social responsibility towards gambling awareness.  GVC Holding has decided to embark on a new quest, through its new campaign that aims to increase awareness about gambling, and minimizing the harm of gambling. The campaign is going to have seven main points, which include educating the stakeholders, empowering the customers, leading by example with responsible product designs and driving the cultural changes, starting with their own business.

GVC Holdings New Campaign “Changing for the Better” to Inspire the Industry

The company is going to carry out this campaign through a partnership with Harvard Medical School’s department on addiction. GVC Holdings is going to invest more than five million US dollars throughout the upcoming five years. They will give the faculty total access to anonymous data about players across its wide range of products and brands, including both, sports betting and casino gaming. The Director of Responsible Gaming at GVC, Grainne Hurst stated that while most of the customers of GVC enjoy GVC’s product in a secure and a safe environment, but they are aware that for some players, gambling can have a negative impact on their life. She added that they are committed to leading the whole industry when it comes to minimizing the possible harms that gambling can cause. Therefore, they have launched the new campaign, with a partnership with Harvard University, the “Changing for the Better.” The partnership with the Division on Addiction will help them understand and tackle the issue of problem gambling effectively.

The Member of the UK Parliament and the gambling minister, Mims Davies, stated that the gambling operators play an important key role when it comes to protecting the public from the harms of gambling, as well as identify any risky gambling behavior. The research in that area is essential, and the new campaign of GVC Holdings is going to be a significant contribution to tackling the issue of problem gambling. He also added that they are committed to the protection of consumers across the United Kingdom and that they are working side to side with the industry so they can create a socially responsible and a healthy sector. He also added that the commitment of GVC Holding is a progressive one, and a directive for the rest of the industry the UK to follow.

More People Take a Step towards Safer Online Gambling

David Bradford is another example of the leading role of people when it comes to safer gambling. He is a former internet gambling addict, and he joined his son the entrepreneur, Adam, in building five years of campaign work as they established The Safer Online Gambling Group. It is an NPO that is aiming to raise the needed awareness of internet gambling addiction and bringing support to online problem gamblers. They will work with the government and the operators so they can tighten the gambling policy so that they can protect the vulnerable online players.

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