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Bitcoin Gaming

Bitcoin is an online currency that has taken the modern world by storm and has now been making a scene in the realm of modern online casinos UK and international players can visit. There are a few significant advantages of using Bitcoins for these purposes as opposed to the traditional digital currency options available today.

The first reason would be the speed at which Bitcoins can be transferred back and forth between accounts. This means that using Bitcoins will allow you to take advantage of faster loading times and payouts at the best online casinos like Vegas Paradise. On the other hand, government-issued currencies can task as long as a couple weeks to clear and allow you access.

Once Bitcoins have been transferred into your Bitcoin wallet they can be traded in for real-world cash that you can spends conventionally. The biggest worry for a new gamer in online casinos UK is if the chosen gaming site will actually make the payout. The longer you will have to wait for this transaction to be completed the greater the concern. This is an unnecessary and stressful part of the online gaming process. Many players will stop playing until the money they have won clears. This is when using Bitcoins for your online currency will make your gaming experience faster and more fun.

Fees will be typically applied to playing on an online casinos UK website. These charges are used to address the high fees for transferring cash electronically and cover other bank fees that the website operator must handle. Banks maintain high fees for their services of transferring cash so they can make their share of cash off each transaction.

Those who use Bitcoins can successfully avoid these transactions and transferal fees and take home the full amount of their winnings. Some sites might still charge a small transaction fee, nevertheless, you will find fees are greatly reduced for Bitcoin users and tend to be the nominal amount for authorization and customer support required.

Many countries around the world have very strict laws concerning gambling or practice falls into a grey area that makes it hard to regulate. Depending on your location on the globe, Bitcoins can allow you to bypass the local laws and allow you a legal way of enjoying your gaming. Bitcoins are considered a commodity, not a currency. This allows you to sidestep the many laws that prohibit gambling with legal forms of currency. Which essentially means that you can gamble with Bitcoins if your country has strict laws about gambling with currency. Furthermore, Bitcoins will not be traced back to its user. Even still, it is probably a better idea to check with your local laws before beginning.

Another good advantage of using Bitcoins is that it minimizes all the confusion caused by online gambling by keeping a consistent currency in use for this purpose. Online gambling websites are in use everywhere; this means that currencies from every country are used to play. Bitcoins allows all the currencies to be converted into a standard entity and this helps to avoid the confusion that comes from being lost in translation.

It is an interesting thing to note that most Bitcoin casinos in operation today have a more transparent policy system in comparison to online casinos that operate with only standard currency options. Records are kept immaculately and risks thereby reduced. This allows for fairer odds to be set as a necessity for bringing in a greater amount of business. At the same time, those that keep transparent records will ensure that there is no cheating going on. Bitcoins are a huge advantage to die-hard online gamblers.

Click and Buy Online Casinos

The Click and Buy Casinos have grown to the ranks of the most prolific online processors in operation today. The company began its record of impeccable service when it established itself as the easiest way to handle and transfer cash online. They have seen nothing but success since and have amassed over 14 million active customers and a service range that includes over 16,000 online venues that accept their payment options in store. To say they have seen success could be a major understatement.

This premier financial services company has grown its service radius to international levels from its humble beginnings in Cologne, Germany. Click and Buy is now the preferred payment option for the vast majority of online casinos in all parts of the globe. Though they were founded a mere 18 years ago in late 1999, the company has seen great revolution and have eve relocated company HQ to the city of London where they continue their expansion in the global markets. Today Click and Buy has become a household name associated with online payments options.

One of the contributing factors to the unprecedented success enjoyed by Click and Buy is their compatibility with so many international currency options. Their international services cater to currencies from over 120 different countries opening opportunities to many gamers and shoppers in remote and otherwise inaccessible locations across the globe. They are also increasing the capacity for these users to shop online at more and more virtual locations each day. It is the increased range of service that makes Click and Buy such an innovative and convenient solution to online marketing.

The unprecedented growth and rapid expansion of Click and Buy were crucial to their acceptance on an international scale. Because the online financial world is fraught with mistrust and dishonest services it would be imperative to differentiate themselves from small-time swindlers. Even today there are plenty of people with an inherent mistrust for providing information about their financial records to online parties this is occasionally due to poor experiences with online businesses.

Click and Buy has a well-placed fear of being associated with these fraudulent online marketers and their practices as they can directly affect even honest payment processors trying to make an honest living in the unpredictable online markets. This is why click and Buy has taken every measure to ensure they are on the up and up. This has done much to create a name for their services in the mainstream online market and they have an impeccable record of providing superior payment services to thousands of happy customers.

The greatest selling point for the Click and Buy option is their extensive experience in payment processing and their shining reputation with almost 2 decades in the industry. This means that for the most part, they have seen all the potential problems that can arise in a plethora of international scenes and have the know-how to set things straight.

This is an important advantage over the competition who will often lack the experience in this intricate process and this can lead to rookie mistakes.

One thing that will be important to note is that Click and Buy became a full subsidiary of the Deutsche Telekom AG, an organization better known as Europe's’ largest telecommunications operator. In 2010 they took over the brand and the promised profitability such a company could provide. For the most part, the new management has left the company to operate as it has been since it saw such success there was hardly a reason to change things around. Users around the globe still flock to this formidable service for their payment processing needs.

EcoCard Online Casinos

EcoCard is a payment option that is available in many online casino sites today. EcoCard is a type of electronic wallet that has gained high popularity among online gamers and gamblers and is also accepted at hundreds of online casinos in all parts of the world.

Like most third-party processing services, EcoCard accounts are funded through conventional credit or debit cards transactions as well as a few other financial products like bitcoins. Funds can then be transferred into your EcoCard account and then on to an online cashier at the casino website.

Once this payment option was only available to those working and operating in Europe., today the service range has expanded to worldwide coverage even in the US. Like other eWallets at work today, EcoCard now limits the customers working out of the US to make transfers to non-gambling sites only.

EcoCard is not a viable means of payment transfers being made in the US and Canada. On the other hand, customers using EcoCard from other countries can use their accounts to make credit card purchases, cash transfers, bank wires and many other means of transfers that allow them to play at the online casinos of their choice.

How To Obtain an EcoCard

Opening an EcoCard account is not a difficult task and can be done through the official Eco
Card website. Registration is free and will only require a few minutes of your time to complete. Only basic information is required to complete the application and you will need to create a username and password to manage the account. No upfront expenses are required; you will not even need to include any specifics on your financial information before you are ready to start adding funds into your EcoCard account.

How to Fund EcoCard

Adding funds into your accounts has never been easier, all that is required is to add money into the EcoCard using an accepted funding source. This can be different depending on the location you are in, the most common ways of doing this would be with a debit card, credit card, eCheck transfers, prepaid cards and even bank wires. Depending on the method you choose to use for funding, you could have funds available in just a few minutes or several working days.

Cashing Out with EcoCard

Many online casino sites will allow you to cash out with your EcoCard. If you are planning on using your EcoCard account to finance your online gaming habits, you should consider talking with the casino cashier and asking if it will be possible to handle all the deposits and withdrawals you will need to make with your EcoCard and account. Different website casinos have different policies on how this will be done and it would be a good idea to check the policies of your favorite online casino before attempting to take out an EcoCard and loading it with your gaming money.

Nevertheless, despite these few hiccoughs, withdrawing your cash from an EcoCard account is as simple as selecting the “EcoCard” option from the corner of your casino’s cashier menu and select the amount you wish to withdraw. Simple as that. EcoCard advertises their instant transferral services that allow these transactions to be done very quickly.

A few of the benefits of this preferred way of using this card is that it keeps all your personal information safe. When you enter your information into an online gaming account none of your personal information will be shared with the casino. You EcoCard service will keep all these matters private. The casino will only see your account number and the amount of cash you are entering or taking out.

EntroPay Casinos

EntroPay works on a pre-paid business model and offers virtual accounts compatible with traditional credit cards systems. Those who have bought into the EntroPay membership system will have accounts that can be used anywhere Visa and Master cards systems are operative.

There are no annual fees for this membership with EntroPay. They also won’t charge an interest rate fee or security deposit for their members, they will even provide opportunities for those trying to get credit accounts push their processes through.

EntroPay offers new members two pre-paid accounts that can be used from anywhere in the globe. These are either a virtual Visa or MasterCard account that can be accepted anywhere. When a client applies for VISA account they are issued their 16-digit account number, CVV code and even the expiration number. It is a fully-operative account and can be used anywhere to load funds or make purchases.

One advantage of opening a virtual account like this is that it avoids the hassles of waiting for plastic to make its way through the snail mail system.
The MasterCard credit cards provided by are all fitted with the correct chip and PIN that can be used in international locations. Where the MasterCard Logo is present. This card and account can also be used in ATMs and banks.

EntroPay History was registered in 2003 by laxris Systems. This privately held company was managed by investors in London but holds supporting satellite locations in Malta. EntroPay became the first company to sell pre-paid accounts in Europe in 2003.

Those holding EntroPay virtual accounts can use them to access cash in many different locations in over 200 different countries. This includes The United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Mexico the UAE and many more.

EntroPay Customer Services

EntroPay offers their clients many safe options for acquiring a pre-paid VISA account. New applicants will not need to fill out the customary credit application in order to solicit their prepaid account. Everyone is pre-approved regardless of how bad their personal credit history is. EntroPay account users can only spend against cash deposits and are safe from amassing any debts they can’t cover.

Verification and Security

There is a mandatory process for applying and being verified for an account. The process of registration is very straightforward, but it must be completed before an account can be issued.

Completion and submissions for these applications can be completed online. Users must enter their information accurately. Here is the necessary information to provide: date of birth, email address and country of birth. You will also be required to provide a username and password so that only you can access the information being held on this online account.

EntroPay Security

EntroPay has a spotless reputation for first-rate security measures. EntroPay monitors all accounts and is on the lookout for “suspicious” activity. Accounts can be locked down if suspicious activity is suspected and can be reactivated just as fast with the provision of correct information.

Making Deposits into a Virtual Account

Those holding an EntroPay account can load or deposit cash into the account with the correct information from their funding source. Deposits made at a local bank will be cleared in a few business days, but those made from a credit card are ready immediately.

EntroPay Additional Features

EntroPay also provides some additional resources that make it easier for international customers and those traveling out of their home countries. There are currency converters in place that can provide information on adjustments made to their accounts before they are asked to finalize currency exchange.


You can never predict what tomorrow brings. With this assumption, many have turned to online transactions. This is because you transact when you need it from wherever you are. NETELLER is an online money transaction service that makes it easier for you to carry out these operations.

Gambling is an age-old practice, and it has been with humankind for a very long time. However, it’s only in 2000 that online gambling began. The NETELLER service started in 1996 to cater to this growing online transaction demand.

On the bright side, NETELLER doesn’t deal with online gambling alone. This enterprising service covers practically all your online transaction needs. This includes depositing, withdrawing and transferring money. If you have an online business, then this way of transacting will be very convenient for you.

The net+card

Although NETELLER doesn’t cover all your banking needs, it ensures that you can withdraw cash from your account via the Net+ card. The online money service also allows you to transfer currency to your bank account directly. Net+resembles a normal bank card but the best part is that you control the transactions. In retrospect, this means that your bank account will never be depleted. The credit card balance will also be monitored by you so you will never have to worry about it being too high for comfort.

To ensure that you transact safely and conveniently, ensure that you set an airtight PIN. Net+ allows you to withdraw from the ATM. The service also allows you to transact using different kinds of currency and you can also deposit directly from your regular bank account. Another advantage of the service is that you can transact from anywhere that the Discover Card is allowed.

Advantages of net+card

NETELLER also ensures that you enjoy safe and convenient transactions with the Net+ card. The service provides the card with a unique virtual card digit for every cash operation that you make. If any foul play is discovered, the transaction will be automatically rejected, and the system will retain the unique code. This means that cases of fraud, card loss or any payments that you haven’t approved will almost be impossible.

The Net+ card continues to get better, as you get to reap its benefits, without paying exuberant fees. Get this right, with this card; there are no additional payments or subscriptions. What you see is what you get, this means that your balance always remains unchanged unless you utilize it. With this card, being penalized for late payments is also a thing of the past, as it will never happen.

There’s also nothing like NETELLER gaining undue interest from you through your account. This means that money can remain dormant in your account until you are ready to carry out any online business. To top it all off, you can deposit cash in your account when you feel you are ready even from your bank account. However, with this online money service, you cannot acquire any loans.

About Neteller

NETELLER was started in 2000. The headquarters of this online transaction service is in Douglas, Isle of Man. However, it can be used in over 200 countries. The service is also available in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. The online money service, allows the user to transact safely and conveniently.

Back in 2000, when online gaming was starting, the service was responsible for up to 80% of the global gambling business and this controlled 95% of NETELLER’s revenue.

The service also has the NETELLER VIP which provides its privileged clients with more advantages such as more features with inferior fees.

Poli Online Casino

There has been an unending amount of issues with internet security and safety when banking online. It is imperative that those performing these transactions make use of a trustworthy and reliable payment system or company. POLi is one such service to rely on when it comes to working with a trusted company to handle important financial transactions.

POLi is a company based out of Melbourne, Australia and a specialist in securing these online payments systems for merchants and online consumers as well. POLi acts as a third-party server holding all the financial information on each customer. They perform their transactions without the merchant needing to gain access to this information to complete a transaction. This is a service that benefits the client in keeping information confidential as well as the business as it facilitates speedy business transactions.

The Consumer will have the chance to make their orders and pay the required costs through the website of the manufacturer. Merchants who make sales are notified faster and this can increase the rate of production. The best thing about this service is that it comes available at no extra cost to either the Merchant or the consumer and neither will have to formally register to take advantage of this advantageous financial service.

POLi and this sort of financial service is a common practice in both Australia and New Zealand. Many well-known companies and services in the area are commonly associated with this type of financial transaction including, Sportsbet, Air New Zealand, JetStar, SportingBet and others. Prepaid debit cards from Velocity is another in use with this financial service. Finally, POLi is the most common financial service in the online gaming sites both in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

There have been many recent adjustments in the financial service system that allow for greater security and safety as more concerns are found. This vigilance for security is what to keep the company at the forefront of the current ongoing struggles with identity theft and hackers. Within the POLi system there are many different versions and applications that have been removed or readjusted in line with improved performance. The version that dealt in ActiveX control was one of the first to go. This type of threat has been categorically eliminated and the entries system has been operating on a .NET platform ever since.

Of course, the .NET version was not without its own concerns. This solution to the banking issues that arise is still the best solution and in use throughout most banking institutions in New Zealand. While this platform was under construction, the company spent a great amount of focus on boosting the security of the company as opposed to improving the user interface. The system requires the use of a Google Chrome or Firefox Plugin to access. This ponderous platform was a major success and was replaced by the third version of the POLi system.

The POLi version which is in use today is created from URLs supplied by the merchant's website. The URL can be accessed through a number of conventional means including email, SMS message and an electronic PDF. This is a simple and effective way of handling these financial transactions and is hugely popular in online gaming and the casino website managers.

When it comes to the safety and security of online transactions, it is very important to obtain the most secure form of completing these transactions with the highest levels of security. POLi is constantly monitoring their work and making important adjustments that will ensure the ongoing security of their clients and their important transactions.

With a primary focus on the security of their customer’s bank transactions, this company has become a trusted name within the UK and many other locations.


If you've ever used online gaming or casino sites, you may be familiar with payment processing companies. These companies provide you with an extra layer of security making the transaction safer. The reasonable rates are well worth the piece of mind you receive knowing your personal information isn't getting into the wrong hands and that you are protected. A leader in the European market, Skrill is trusted by the online casino and other gaming venues such as sports betting as a premier payment processor. Skrill is also used by many who trade in currency markets.

The benefits of using Skrill are numerous. At just around 1.9 percent of the payment amount, it's among the most affordable options to send and receive money. The fees never exceed $20, so you always know there won't be any fees or hidden charges incurred over this amount. To use Skrill all you need is an email address which cuts out the hassle involved in other methods of wiring money. Since Skrill is a trusted international company, you can send and receive to over 200 countries making it easily accessible and convenient. Additional benefits of using Skrill include faster access to gaming winnings and instant transfers meaning you and anyone depending on you won't be counting the days until the payment is processed. You can access Skrill literally anywhere including your tablet or mobile phone. Skrill can even be used to do online shopping, which is typically one of the most common places for security breaches giving you additional peace of mind.

Skrill was founded in 2001 and has won many awards over the years. The headquarters is in London and the company has offices in Europe and the US. The company is reflective of over 30 different nationalities. Skrill is trusted worldwide to be a leading payment processor and has presence all over the globe making them a truly diverse and inclusive company.

Many use Skrill for online gaming. You can keep all your information in one online wallet. This is beneficial if you use more than one gaming site to keep track of your spending. Skrill also makes it easy for you to wager with the simple click of a button saving you time. Cashing out your winnings is simple with Skrill as most major online casinos accept it and since the account is established already, it cuts down on your wait time and certainly is much faster than using a bank account.

It's easy to see why so many casinos and customers love Skrill. By offering a simple streamlined process, you will have better organization and optimized convenience. The fees with Skrill are low and the transparency in pricing will make you feel confident knowing there won't be any unpleasant surprises. Having an international presence, Skrill can handle transactions almost anywhere you conduct business. You'll save time and money by not having to make trips to wire money. Your personal information is kept private reducing the exposure to potential fraud. Skrill is also a much safer method than paying through a website with a credit card to a company you may not be familiar with or may not have a secure system for processing payments. If you happen to own a business or do any type of work online, Skrill has a great affiliate program where you can make good passive income through banner advertising and merchant accounts. You have many different options when choosing how to pay for goods and services and Skrill has the knowledge, expertise and resources to handle all your payment processing needs. Go online and get setup with them today, it's quick and easy!


Don’t you like the sweet taste of winning? Gambling is sweet, and winning is even better no wonder it’s addictive. What’s better is that you can also shop online, pay for your online game and even pay your bids with Ukash which is an online payment method.

Ukash is an online card that can be used to pay for anything safely and anonymously. The company’s headquarters is in the UK, and the safety net is that you can pay for your bid or shop online from the comfort of your home.

With Ukash, there are no added fees to process any payment. The online payment method is strictly online and money cannot be exchanged physically. The method works by providing you with an online voucher with a code that can only be used once. To use the voucher, you will be required to submit it to the site of your choice so long as it accepts this online system.

The code will then be entered on the site and used to pay for your transaction; this is only after the site has confirmed that the payment is legitimate.You may also use the voucher to add money to any acceptable site. However, once you purchase a voucher, it will never be accepted as payment by anybody else or institution.

The voucher code number is unique to you and not any other person. So this simply means that regardless of the time or day, you can securely and proficiently transact online from whichever part of the world you are situated, so long as the site accepts this system and the country recognizes it.

With Ukash, what you see is what you get, meaning there no extra fees for anything. Note this, even the transactions are free. With online, it also means that you are the sole bearer of the information and you don’t have to worry about carrying a large stash of cash.

The best thing is also that this online payment method can also be used physically in any area where the MasterCard can be used. Presently the system is acceptable in 55 countries and you can use it online in around 420,000 sites.

The Ukash system also has a card which you get to carry everywhere just like a debit or credit card. If you misplace it, then you should obstruct anyone from using it and request for a new one which will be sent to the address of your choice.

Transaction cost exception

As pointed out above, Ukash doesn’t cost a thing, but there are exceptions to this rule, which include:

• When you lose your Ukash card and you need a replacement then you are liable to be charged a fee.

• If you find it necessary to cancel your card, then you will be required to pay a certain amount.

• If you need to transfer anything to a fellow member or vice versa, then you will need to pay.

• When you carry out any ATM withdrawal within the United Kingdom, then you will also be charged.

About Ukash

Ukash is an online cashless payment system that is situated in the UK. It can be utilized in 420,000 sites to carry out transactions, safely and anonymously. You can use this system in 55 countries. The client base of this online payment system is continually increasing and this proves that it is efficient.

The fact that it also has a record seven awards under its belt, also shows that Ukash can be trusted to exclusively shop online, play online gaming or bid your bet online.


When using an online casino you may be wondering what's the safest and best way to take care of your payment. Look no further than MasterCard. The benefits of using this secure payment method give you greater flexibility than any other method as well as greater protection. While there are seemingly endless benefits to using this world famous and established credit card, you'll be provided with the specifics as to why it's the best method for online gaming.

Perhaps the most important feature you'll enjoy by using MasterCard to fund your online casino account is that the security is far greater than any other third party payment processor. You'll have peace of mind knowing that your money is protected and if there are any security issues you always have fraud protection and zero liability as long as you've to exercise reasonable care in protecting your credit card information. This means if someone has access to your information through a security breach or you hadn't authorized a charge you won't responsible for the payment. MasterCard's long-standing experience and worldwide presence will put you at ease knowing your money are safe anywhere you play and help is just one phone call away if you have any problems.

Using MasterCard at online casinos also offers you convenience. Digital wallets are the new technology to keep your information safe and secure and MasterCard is compatible with all of them. Having your payment information kept all in one place also assists in budgeting with knowing exactly what you're spending and where you're spending it. Another convenience factor is that MasterCard is accepted nearly everywhere that offers online credit card payments. You won't have to open multiple payment processing accounts with third-party companies you're probably not familiar with when you keep it simple with one account with MasterCard.

MasterCard also offers online casino customers the benefit of being able to earn “points” for their purchases. Many travel programs and even retailers offer programs that will allow you to earn credit for free travel, merchandise and even cash back. This is, of course, subject to terms and conditions and will vary from account to account so it's always best to familiarize yourself with the workings of these programs.

Other benefits that make MasterCard favorable are that since it's available and widely used everywhere. Currency conversions are seamless and you won't have to pay outrageous rates. The turnaround time is far quicker than any method of wiring, where you may have to wait several days for the transaction to process and you may be unfamiliar with who's handling your personal information. Larger amounts are also able to be deposited using your MasterCard and the withdrawal process is the same so there won't be any unpleasant surprises.

You'll love using MasterCard at your favorite online casinos for so many reasons. Aside from being experts in payment processing and customer satisfaction, you'll feel comfortable knowing your transactions are safe and have zero fraud liability. Fraud detection is always working on your behalf by constantly monitoring for any unusual or suspicious activity. You'll save time and money with MasterCard as you may earn rewards just for having fun at your favorite online casinos! You'll have additional peace of mind knowing that you aren't doing business through a third party that you may be unfamiliar with. Even international transactions are a breeze by using a digital wallet and having all the information you need kept safely in one place. There are many different payment processing options available, however, if you appreciate the convenience, security and value should look to using MasterCard as your payment method of choice for online casino gaming.

Visa Card Options – A Secure Way to Enjoy Online Casino Gaming

When you play online casino games, you're looking for a little fun and excitement, plus a chance to win some money. The method that you use to deposit funds into your account is important. You certainly don't want to compromise your financial security to experience the thrill of winning a jackpot.

Visa cards, both credit cards, prepaid and gift cards, are alternatives you can use to deposit funds to your game account. Here's some information that shows why Visa is a great choice for online casino players.

Zero Liability

When customers use their Visa card responsibly, Visa feels it is their duty to give you complete protection from being liable for unauthorized use of your card. Visa's zero liability policy means that you can use your card with confidence when depositing funds into your online casino accounts.

Fraud Monitoring

To add an even thicker wall against fraudulent use of your Visa card, there is real-time fraud monitoring. Visa has one of the industry's most advanced anti-fraud detection systems, which means you can play with the comfort of knowing your information is protected from deviant attempts to steal your money or identity. Visa real-time fraud monitoring protects you while you spin the online roulette wheel, or go all-in on a hand of blackjack.

Visa Card Options

Visa also provides alternatives, which do not require you to expose your dedicated Visa credit card if that is a problem. Four Visa card options allow you to transfer money to these cards, keeping balances at whatever you decided, then using them exclusively for online casino gaming.

Visa Debit

The Visa Debit Card functions almost exactly like a normal credit card for online purchases. The difference is, you can never have your balance amount exceeded. This adds an extra measure of protection against someone swindling you, by running up maximum charges on your account.

You will only have the balance on the card and can actually transfer exactly the amount you want to deposit into your game account. If you decide to use your Visa Debit Card for online gaming for this reason, be sure not to register for overdraft protection. Keep your card set to accept a transaction only if there are sufficient funds available.

Visa Electron

Similar to the Visa Debit Card, the Visa Electron works in the same manner. This card does not work in the United States but is a great option for playing at international online casinos. There is no option for overdraft protection, so only the balance on the card is ever available.

Vanilla Visa

Unlike either of the debit card options, a Vanilla Visa is a prepaid card. You can buy these cards, and add funds to them in the United States, or Canada. They work internationally though, on hundreds of online casinos. They accept $20 deposit increments up to a maximum of $500.

You will need to have a withdrawal option set up on your online casino account that is different from your Vanilla Visa. You cannot withdraw cash; request cash back, or transfer game winnings. This card is completely separate from all other Visa accounts when making online purchases.

Visa Gift Cards

Buying a Visa gift card is another safe way to monitor your online casino money and keep your financial transactions secure. Gift cards operate exactly like Vanilla Visa cards, plus you can add funds to the same gift card repeatedly, making them somewhat like a prepaid card as well. Make sure you check the online casino site before you decided to use a Visa card, as some do not accept such forms of deposit.

Using Visa to deposit money into your online casino gaming account is an excellent choice. You have options on how you want to put the money in, plus Visa's outstanding security features keep your transactions secure.


Click2Pay is a globalized modern platform that is being used to pay digitally for slot machines and casino games. It is one of the convenient and safest solutions for financial institutes in today's world where withdrawing and funding money from your account is easy than ever before. When banking rules restrict financial transactions, Click2Pay is here to help you from such trouble. Click2Pay is a rival and alternative solution for other online payment such as Money Booker and PayPal, but the sole limitation is that you can use it for gambling or play casino games. It came into existence a couple of years ago and quickly rises to become the most reliable, trustworthy and recognized name for online payment solution covering around 200 countries and counting.

Click2Pay has made withdrawals and deposits from your account that you are using for you gambling purpose as easy as sipping a cup of tea because it does not require you to deal with credit card companies which would decide your withdrawal or deposit limit and for the type of activities that would be valid. You can use this payment method at any gambling website or online casino where Click2Pay is accepted. It has designed the most efficient system, and this system is so easy that you won't have to be an expert in online banking to use this method. Click2Pay provide you different choices of currencies, such as Euro, US dollar, and British pounds.

Click2Pay is acting like eWallet service where all your money dealings take place between you and the casino. So, there's no hassle of credit card rejections and no worrying of a 3rd party keeping a close eye on your winning/losing while you are playing a game. An account that you own at any casino and accept this mode of payment can immediately fund through Click2Pay website using a valid credit card. Before doing anything, you have to sign up on the official portal of Click2Go to become a registered member. The only drawback of such a method for money transfer is a transaction fee i.e. 3%. It will add for every deposit made to that account through credit card. But there is a way that you can choose to avoid that fee by funding your account using direct deposit, direct debit or ACH from your current bank account. This option is completely free of charge and safe to do.

As soon as funds transferred to your Click2Pay account, the fund will be available for you to use. Users can also proceed with the fund transference to their casino account through eCash or banking facility that your casino allows. At this point, you'll be asked to use your login credentials to complete the transaction. Making withdrawals from your account is simpler as compared to making deposits in your Click2Pay account. Money withdrawal can also be made by EFT or by requesting a company to send a check for a particular amount. Always remember that the checks might take 1 to 3 weeks depending on your location, and you will have to pay $2 as a processing fee for every check.

This method is also rated as the most secure payment options by gamblers and to earn that trust this company has invested a great deal of energy, resources, time and effort in ensuring that their systems and software provide a safe environment. Click2Pay uses multi-layer technology that is encrypted and includes the latest firewalls to safeguard your financial data. Everything you do on their official portal is protected and carefully logged, means that you don't have to worry about your money and personal information as your information and money are in safe hands.

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