Ladbrokes New Controversial Criteria For its Employees

Ladbrokes Employees Face a Great Controversial Challenge

The staff of Ladbrokes Coral shops are facing a fight for their lives, or rather jobs. The reason behind that is the new and controversial ranking system that the operator is going to implement when assessing their employees. The new ranking system depends on the number of customers that the employees can succeed in persuading to sign up to internet gaming accounts. According to a report in the Guardian newspaper, the letter that the employees are circulating is outlining how the bookmaker is going to close over 1000 of its 3500 existing shops, during the upcoming two years. The report added that the closing of these shops could result in more than 5000 staff members losing their job.

Ladbrokes Coral blamed the gloomy outlook on the cut down in the maximum wager of FOBTs (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals), from 100 to 2 UK Pounds. Therefore the operator is planning to establish this new system, which is going to rank the staff according to different criteria, and they will separate them by area.

Forty percent of the score of the staff members will come from the online test, with twenty percent based on their face to face interview, and ten percent that will reflect the disciplinary record of the individual’s past. However, thirty percent is going to depend on the number of players that the employee manages to convince to set up an online account.

Reactions for the New Criteria System at the Operator

Carolyn Harris, a Parliament Member that chairs the Gambling Related Harm Group, stated that the new system is appalling as it pushes the staff to take advantage of vulnerable customers, and urge them to sign up for an account online. She added that this clearly shows that Ladbrokes is once again, putting the profit before the well-being of the customers.

The bookmaker also informed the employees that it would not be making any decision regarding which shops it will close, until the Collective Consultation is complete, which is going to happen across a forty-five day period. The Bookmaker and its parent company (GVC Holdings) did not comment on the matter or the news circulating between employees. On the other hand, a spokesperson of Ladbrokes stated that the shop closures are a result of the change of regulations regarding the FOBTs.

The Spokesperson added that they are committed to run a transparent and fair consultation process with the shop colleagues. The spokesperson added that according to the regulatory environment, they aim to keep as many shops open as they can, with employees losing their jobs to a minimum. They also seek to build a vibrant and a responsible a multichannel environment for their shops, where the customers can transact with the bookmaker seamlessly, whether physically in the shops or through the bookmaker’s online websites.

It seems to be one of the first hard hit results of the cut down in the FOBTs stake across the United Kingdom.

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