Luigi’s Bar – Berlin Canteen Inspired Bar with an Italian Name

Luigi’s Bar – A hot Italian Spot in London by Day and Night

Luigi’s Bar is one of the most popular and highly recommended nightlife destinations in London. You can find it at 154-148 Shoreditch High Street. Transportation is accessible through the Shoreditch High Street Overground. Despite the name that will remind you of Mario Bros, the décor and feel of the venue look more like a Berlin canteen. It offers an electric and an exciting mix of arts on its walls, with shabby rugs across its shiny floors. It has inviting brown leather sofas that create a very inviting atmosphere across its seating clusters beside rows of different tables.

During the day, the room is Spelzini. It means that it is a low-key Italian café that serves breakfast food, coffee, and breakfast dessert. When the sun sets, it all changes, and it becomes Luigi Bar. The bar has wide windows that would allow you to look at Shoreditch High Street. If you sit on any of the sofas, you will surely get a feeling that you are a part of an advert for the east London dream.

Eager Service and a Friendly Staff

The design for Luigi’s bar seems to be trying to give a sense of the refreshing Shoreditch ease. The staff is friendly and will eagerly usher people into the establishment. After you go inside, the service remains equally overenthusiastic. You can even sometimes see Jim Fisher, the owner, working the room and talking to the visitors about the Italian vermouth and wines on offer. He will also show a great passion for the new cocktail menu that they have.

The cocktail menu is extravagant. For example, you can get a delicious savory martini that comes with a silver piece of parmesan and a few drops of surface truffle oil. As for the pork ragú with butter and bread, it is generous and full of tasty Italian flavor at Luigi’s bar.


While the Shoreditch High Street is full of party spots and happy hour bars, Luigi bar focuses on high-quality Italian produce for the people looking for the more delicate taste of life. Some might not want quality over happy hour offers, but certainly more people would. So at Luigi’s bar, you can always count on quality, an excellent menu, and a cheesy bonus with the cocktails.

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