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The Republican legislature of the state of Michigan has approved its 1.3 billion dollar budget plan. The US State is going to spend the budget on environmental cleanup, mental health counselors on school, roads and more, which will top off the busiest lame duck session in the history of the state. The New Legislation and bills that are going to get the signature of the governor Rick Snyder are also going to allocate some funding to hire more caseworkers for child protective services. Majority of the republicans and the democrats voted for that legislation, but the Democrats did vote against the measure that is going to redirect the taxes from online sales to other priorities including roads.

Gambling New Legislation and Permits

Another New Legislation, which is going to permit online gambling and fantasy sports also managed to pass the Senate, in addition to a bill that will make it easier for people who have previous convictions to be able to get a supplier license. These new gambling measures are going to make the state of Michigan the 5th US State to make online betting legal. It is going to allow Michigan to have a regulated and a legal online gaming market, through its tribal and state casinos.

One of the first concerts for Detroit it that an expansion of gambling, to reach internet gaming, might lead to a cut down in the revenue for the city, as plenty of people would stay home, rather than go to land-based casinos. Detroit at the moment gets a significant cut of the taxes because of the three casinos that are in the city, and this tax is bigger than the new Taxes that apply to online gambling, which might be solved by the New Legislation.

Under the changes that will affect the Detroit Casinos, the city is going to receive 30% of taxes on winnings, in a place with a floor and a ceiling, so that Detroit does not get fewer taxes than it already receives today.

The New Legislation also dedicate 5% to the School aid fund, the same percent to roads and Agricultural Equine Industry Development Fund with a maximum of three million dollars to the fund. The remaining fifty-five percent are going to go to the state gaming fund, and it is going to be processed there, with at least one million dollars going towards gambling addiction prevention.

The lawmakers also backeda  New Legislationthat is going to ease the regulations when it comes to the charitable gambling industry. The bill came after the terrible backlash against the governor’s administration's crackdown on what is called “millionaire parties.” They are casino style events where the churches, schools, and service groups and others split the cash proceeds with poker rooms that run their fundraiser events.

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