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Microgaming is adopting an eco-friendly approach to doing business, which it will showcase during the ICE London event. The online gaming and software supplier stated that it would commit to reducing its waste across its different stands at the ExCeL and ICE London events. It will achieve that by providing great recycling strategies and facilities, and by minimizing the usage of plastic at its bar, as well as re-using the stand materials after the event is over.

Eco-Friendly Initiative by Isle-of-Man Company – Microgaming

These initiatives continued on the existing work that the company carried out at its HQ at the Isle of Man. Such action had the staff in mind, and for them to be as eco-friendly as they possibly can, which became active back in July of 2017. Microgaming is planning to re-use more than 75% of the stand structure that it will have at the ICE London event, at other industry events in the future. It has also pledged to recycle the stand graphics as well as disposing of other materials responsibly after the end of the 3-day event. The eco-friendly bar policy is going to see the provider let go of the usage of plastic coated cups and plastic bottles, and will instead use completely compostable cups as well as recyclable aluminum cans. The Microgaming bar will also serve plastic-free coffee cup, glass bottles as well as wine goblets that are going to biodegrade in twelve weeks under compost conditions. As for the food waste and coffee grounds, they are going to be composted whenever possible, and the meals for the staff are going to have eco-friendly packaging.

The CEO of Microgaming, John Coleman, stated that Microgaming’s new strategy, PlayItForward, is going to encompass all of the CRS programs of the company, which focus on education, community charity, health, and sport, whether at home or abroad. He added that environmental sustainability has always been one of the focal points of PlayItForward.  The force of PlayItForward gets its drive by the aspirations and the values of the people at Microgaming, which includes the Eco Warriors, who are always looking to implement new ways to make the world a greener place.

John Coleman added that thinking how much waste that trade show events can result, they saw that they needed to take a leading and an active role in driving a positive change. He finished his statement as he said that the hopes that their green initiative at ICE will inspire other people to follow.

Dench eGaming Solutions’ New Deal in the United Kingdom

Dench eGaming Solutions is a turnkey online gaming platform supplier, and it has announced that it is the primary driver behind the revamping of the 138 brands in the United Kingdom. The deal is going to cover the full operations migration of the brands of 138 to the Dench Core gaming platform. It aims to introduce the 138 Brand to a flexible and modern technology with new features. The Head of Product of 138, Darren Howland, stated that they believe that the best chance to create a sustainable competitive lead is through the redefinition of their operations process, with a great focus on the management of the player relationship.

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