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NZ Gambling Report Flawed and Biased – Says Advisor

A well-reputed economic advisor described the report that the New Zealand Ministry of Health commissioned as severely biased and flawed. The advisor also stated that the conclusions of such a report are not trustworthy. The research in question is “Measuring the Burden of Gambling Harm in New Zealand.” The report cost NZ$319,000. Despite the steep price, the economic advisor claims that there are more than ten research flaws in that NZ gambling report. The report is going to affect NZ online casinos and the entire gambling industry.

The Findings and the Flaws of the NZ Gambling Report

According to the findings of the controversial report, low-risk gambling such as Lottery has the same harmful effect on a gambler’s wellbeing as physical mutilation. On the other hand, the reports compared NZ gambling addiction to a massive stroke or terminal cancer. The review of the methodology of such a study by the advisor concluded that these comparisons are not accurate. Also, these comparisons might have been on purpose and were a result of a biased mindset and errors.

The GMANZ Releases an Opinion on the Review

The Gaming Machine Association has released a full opinion about the NZ gambling eview, which is accessible online. The TDB Advisory review also revealed plenty of errors, whether deliberate or as a result of mistakes. These mistakes were regarding the randomness of the survey. It seems that the selection process of the survey participants was not random. It means that the participants might have been biased on the matter.

The NZ Gambling study indicates that the toxic burden of gambling is more severe than common health conditions. The advisor stated that this is simply not right. It also added that the participants might have attributed all the harm to gambling without any consideration of related behaviors. For example, gambling can be a coping mechanism with other harmful behavior, or a symbol of another problem, without being the primary cause.

Based on the results of the report, New Zealand Ministers received an advice that low-risk gamblers would have 20% of their life quality severely affected by NZ gambling. After the TDB Advisory released its review on that report, the GMANZ spokesman stated that the results are not trustworthy. That is not all; the spokesman additionally asked for the research to be withdrawn officially and requested an official warning to warn against its use.

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