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The revenue that online gaming generated by different operators across the EU throughout 2018 reached a total of €22.2bn. The market is also expected to increase to reach €30bn by the year 2022. From the total gambling revenue for the twenty-eight European Union Member States in 2018, online gaming contributed with a massive share of 23.2%. It also accounted for 49.2 percent of the global online iGaming market. On the other hand, land-based gaming generated €73.5bn in the European Union. All of these numbers and statistics were a part of the new data that the EGBA has released.

Online Gaming Statistics of the EGBA

The EGBA stated that they expect the total online gaming revenue to witness an increase in 2019 to reach €24.5bn. They expect the growth and momentum to remain steadfast in 2020 and 2021 to reach 29.3 billion Euros in 2022. The most popular type of online gambling was Sports Betting. It had a market share of 42.5 percent. It was ahead of online casinos, including slot machine which had a market share of 32.4 percent. The rest of the niches were the lottery came at 12.6, poker at 5, bingo with 4.3, and other skill games with 3.2 percent.

In total, more than 16.5 million players placed 31.6 billion pounds in stakes in 2018, with 320 million online payments (including withdrawals and deposits), through the same twelve-month period. The statistics also show that players from the EU were more likely to enjoy online gambling through desktops with 57% compared to 43% through mobile devices. By 2021, the EGBA is expecting mobile gaming to overtake desktop as the leading online gaming platform of choice.

Geographical Performance of the EU states

When it came to geographical performance, the United Kingdom, by far, was the largest online gaming market in the EU. It had a market share of 34.2 percent. The second on the list was Germany, with a market share of 11.1 percent, followed by France, Italy, and Sweden. Another significant finding is that the gambling operators contributed to a total of 86 million Euros in sponsorships in sports to different European sports leagues, clubs, federations, and events throughout the year. They also paid more than 132 million Euros to show various sporting events on their online gaming websites.

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