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A Complete Online Casinos Payouts Guide

Whether you are an established player or you just got introduced to online gambling, you will know that online casinos have high payouts. There are top casinos out there offering a broad range of payouts and ensuring you are making real money; this article will give a strategy guide for choosing sites with best payouts and odds and how to make sure you are capitalizing on the chances.

Most top gaming sites reward their clients with some of the best online casino payouts that you can find on the internet. It is widely recognized that sites with greater odds favor the players more. This means that you are most likely to get a higher payout when you play slots, roulette games, and other famous casino table games.

This article will list some of the online casinos that offer the highest payouts to their clients. Such casinos have been around for a while; they are safe, have a great variety of games and their sites are easy to navigate. They offer top bonus awards, fast cashouts and players can have great fun playing.

Most of the sites with higher payouts have features like

  • Huge range of online slots and table games for players
  • Awesome payout percentages on games
  • Safe cash out options including MasterCard and Visa

A guide to finding better casino payouts on the internet

High, fast, and secure payouts are what make the online casino experience great. Despite the fact that you want to have some fun, no one hates making really good money. You need to stick with sites that built their reputation on trust by delivering top-notch services and payouts to their customers. When you stick to reputable sites, your online gaming experience will be great.

Despite the fact, that playing online games and offline games is essentially the same, playing online casinos have one significant advantage; space does not restrict them. The area of online casinos is not limited meaning players can have a wide variety of games to choose from. The online casinos are not regulated so they have the freedom to offer so many games at one time. For example, a live casino will pick one or two blackjack games based on the player’s preference; an internet gaming site will give the player a variety of real money games. Also, you expect more than the average payout in online casinos compared to the live ones.

Moreover, most live casinos will always restrict you to the rules and regulations in your locality, which can always take away the fun in the game. However, when it comes to internet gaming, you can enjoy the huge payouts from where you are. For example, when you play the North American roulette, you will realize it has a different style and structure compared to European roulette. This makes the latter better. When you are playing online casino games, you will not have to worry about geographic factors. You can choose the games with the highest payouts from any part of the world.

The makers of most online casinos do a lot of work to try putting all the factors that matter together to give players the best. The hard work ensures that you as a player have the freedom to choose the games with the highest odds and make more profits. The player has more choices, and will not be restricted by the borders. This means that online casinos can give you a variety of payout options on the real cash games meaning you have a higher chance of making more money.

A breakdown of the games and casino payouts

At this point, you already know that online casinos have a higher payout rate than the live sets. Also, maybe you have navigated the top online casinos and noticed the odds associated with the standard games. Below is a breakdown of each game explaining how you can get a higher payout in the online setting?


When playing blackjack in the online casinos, the games often have a stipulation that you can double any two cards and a dealer has to stand on soft 17. Also, splits are allowed giving you a chance to make more profits. If you have played live blackjack games, you have probably realized that they only use six to eight decks. However, online casinos spread games in many layers ranging from one to eight thus giving you a chance for higher payouts. Established online casino players can tell you that blackjack has been the highest payout game on the internet. Every time you add a deck while playing, the house edge will increase by almost 0.2% thus when you get the chance to play a single deck game the player will have a higher chance to win more cash compared to playing in a live setting. There are times that players can attain a second payout rate when playing the blackjack compared to other games.


Established players know that roulette comes in two forms – the double zero and the single zero. You should be aware that the match you choose will highly determine how successful you will be while playing. As said earlier, you get a variety of games to choose from when playing in online casino games; you should choose the game that you are good at to ensure you are getting the maximum payout.

The stats show that a player is exposed to a casino edge of 2.7% when you play a single zero game and double that when you play in dual zero matches. The difference is notable if you are betting with ten dollars, you lose around 2.5$ on a single spin and double that in a double zero game. These stats show that the best online gaming sites give players the chance to choose a more lucrative payout deal than the live casinos.


When you are playing a real money baccarat game, you get an opportunity to gain 1.36% edge over the gaming site compared to 1.36% disadvantage when you play on the player. However, you should keep in mind that there is a 5% tax for betting on the bank since casinos are also in the business to make profits. When you consider all this and the payout from the online casino, you are still left with an overall edge of 1.17%. The percentage is more profitable despite the fact that it favors the casino more.

Casino War

The game is neutral for both the players and the casino but when you bring in the tying factor; you will see why the house has an advantage. The games you choose and the decisions you make determines the amount that you get. Taking a risk and going to war can have higher rewards than the backing off. Also, you cannot go to war with allies in some live games, but it is always an option in online casino games. If you put this into consideration, it becomes clear that you get the best payout in online casino games compared to the live ones.


These have a variety of payout determining factors. The game themes, real numbers, wager game features, and the number of pay lines you get the highest slots payouts when you play online casino slots. There is a 95% payout rate in most online slot casinos, a rate that you can never find in any live casinos. The odds connect to the different symbols and your possible winnings, so it is wise to check the pay tables before you play. This will give you the best possible experience when playing for real money since you will know the amount of risk to take.

Video Poker

Stats show that the top video games have a house edge of around 0.45% when you play on the high table. Although these odds look good on the eye, the payout can even be better when you decide to play video poker in an online casino. The reason is that online casinos have a higher variety of video poker games. Some of the games are aces and faces, deuces wild, double bonus poker, and other games. You get a chance to compare returns hence giving you an opportunity to get better pay ratios. It also provides you with a higher expectation when you know you can always perfect on certain games.

Get more winnings with online casino games

Playing casino games in a live setting is fun but not compared to what online casinos offer. However, if you want to get incredible payouts and make some money, then online casinos is the way to go. Apart from games being many, organized and faster, while the betting conditions being are less expensive, there is always huge expectations to the player in top online casinos. The reason is operators can spread many games without being tied by the laws consequently giving you a chance to choose the games that favor you and make more money.

Some of the typical payout questions

What is the payout percentage? – This is the proportion that tells the player the amount of cash that he or she has wagered at the gambling site, and it determines the player’s winnings. When the percentage is high, it means that many players playing that particular game are winning meaning you stand a chance of winning more too.

What makes a payout rate be considered right? – A rate which is above 97% is always considered safe in the online casinos. Therefore, if you see a rate between 98-99%, you should know that players are more likely to make more money because they are in the top online casino payouts on the internet.

The best online casinos payouts? – When you Google this question, you will find so many sites claiming to be offering the best payouts. Players should keep in mind that they are in business and some of them might just be trying to win clients. However, you can find many real gambling sites out there offering good casino payouts, but you have to do proper research to ensure what they are saying in the adverts is true. Check out reviews by other players to know the truth. You can compile a list of the most rewarding online casinos and choose the best in order to make significant cash.

• Does the withdrawal amount affect anything? – Mostly, this depends on the online casino that a player is using and the payment method. Some payment methods will take longer to remove significant amounts of cash compared to others. You should also check the fees associated with deposits and withdrawals to ensure they are not affecting your payout. You can do this by reading the terms and conditions to know the method that is cost effective.

•Is there a minimum and maximum payouts? – This also depends on the online casino that you are using. They typically set the minimum and maximum amount for their players. However, the minimum amount is always relatively small. You can always check the terms and conditions of different sites before making a withdrawal to know the charges.

• The waiting period before do you get your payouts? – The time depends on the payment method you are using. However, most online casinos will process your money within 24hrs after you have made your request. Other gambling sites take longer than others since they use different software’s to process requests. Some might take one to three days while others might even take ten days. If you are those people who value urgency, it is important for you to look for the online casinos that pay faster. Read online reviews and user feedbacks to know more. Faster payouts are determined by factors such as your payment method, the documents that the site requires to process your request, among other things. For additional information, consult with the operator.

Top three Traits that make some players get higher casino payouts than the others do

What makes individual online casino players get higher payouts than others? Is it intelligence? Not really, because if that were the case then all engineers, lawyers, and doctors would be great players by now. Is it playing experience? If it were brain power, the people who developed the amazing software for businesses would be top online casino investors.

So what then makes some online gamblers get higher payouts than the rest?


A player intending to be great must work harder than everyone else. Just the same way if you want to be great any at anything, you should work hard than all other people who share the same goal. When you work hard over a given period, you will develop two important traits: intuition and edge. An edge is critical; it is the competitive advantage that will put you leaps and bounds ahead of other players. Every great online game player has his edge.

On the other hand, intuition is the gut feeling you will identify with at some level, as a player. Some great players attribute a good deal of trading success to their sixth sense. To nurture and develop the sixth sense, you need to work hard for some time. The sixth sense helps you to develop some of the most difficult playing skills: knowing when you should load up a bit more on the reels or spins which you feel have a greater potential for success, and not exiting your position early.


It is much easier to say ‘be disciplined’ but honing this skill takes time and deliberate effort. So, why do most of the online casino players find it hard to be disciplined? Well, first, control requires that you understand your comfort zones, psychological weaknesses, and boundaries. Surprisingly, not many people have this understanding. Know your weak points and strengths to help you understand where you need to focus. Don’t do what seems to be thrilling, but rather what befits you. The latter will enable you to shape your discipline as a player and get higher payouts.


The online gaming world does not encourage sheep mentality. After learning the ropes, you do not need advice from other people on the games to bet. Besides, you do not know whether whoever is giving advice wants to beat you, do not be quick to take advice. Through intelligence and hard work, you can make your decisions. Thinking independently regarding your gaming actions enables you to be adaptable and flexible with your strategy. The latter is important when it is necessary to change a direction quickly without paying attention to other voices in your head.

In conclusion, many players would love to enjoy maximum payouts every time they bet in any online casino. However, this is not easy since the online gambling sites are not in business to give you profits. It takes many factors to get the best payouts as a player. The above guide will help you choose the best payout sites.

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