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$50 Million New Zealand Lotto Winners Announced

There are plenty of New Zealand players who enjoy gambling, and this is why there are plenty of New Zealand online casinos that open up shop regularly. Another popular form of gambling is the New Zealand Lotto. Between 6 and 7 PM last Saturday, the New Zealand Lotto agents were selling 2500 tickets every minute across the country. These crazy numbers came before the announcement of the lucky lotto winners. In total, lotto sold 2.6 million tickets. It was a must-win draw with a prize of $50 million.

Demand on New Zealand Lotto Tickets Was Unprecedented

NZ Lotto sold more than 2.6 million tickets across New Zealand, with 2500 tickets sold per minute in one hour on Saturday. Chris Lyman, the chief executive of Lotto New Zealand, stated that they never saw such demand before. He gave special thanks to the retailers who did a fantastic job. Also, he thanked all the players that got into the New Zealand lotto game spirit. He appreciated all of the happy banter between players in the queues throughout the country. It was nice to see strangers chatting in a friendly manner and talking about what they would do if they won the New Zealand lotto.

Two Auckland Winners Share the $50 Million Lotto Prize

Two lucky Auckland players won $25.1 million each from the ground-breaking New Zealand lotto draw yesterday. They bought the winning tickets at the Countdown Manukau City Mall and on MyLotto. Each prize is equal to $25 million from the Powerball First Division and $111k from the Lotto First Division.

The Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Communication for Lotto NZ commented on the grand prize. She stated that Kiwis across the country have been fanaticizing about what they would do with the $50, and two players are now answering that question for real.

An Advice to New Zealand Lotto Winners

A financial advisor advised the lotto winners to pretend that they did not win. Martin Hawes stated that the winners received a life-changing amount of money. They will have to get used to their new life after winning $25 million each, and their life will never be the same. He advised them to make decisions slowly and not to start spending and making rash decisions immediately. He urged them to be confidential and to put their money in different banks and take it slow.

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