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The Canadian Loto-Quebec has finally showcased its statistics following the long-awaited Super Bowl clash. The clash was between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay's Buccaneers. It is one of the biggest sporting events in the US, and it has plenty of followers around the world, especially in Canada. According to reports, Loto-Quebec recorded the highest betting activity during the weekend that was before the pinnacle of American Football. 2021's edition was able to generate a historical CA$1 million in wagers by players in the Canadian Province.

The Super Bowl 2021 – Phenomenal Numbers for Loto-Quebec

Last Sunday, on the 7th of February, Tom Brady was able to lead the Buccaneers to a glorious victory in their 31-9 win against the Chiefs. The event was able to attract the interest of players in Canada in general and in Quebec in specific. The crown agency that is in charge of the wagering industry in the province reported that it saw wagers that amounted up to one million Canadian dollars on the Super Bowl football game.

Previous Sports Betting Record for Loto-Quebec

Before that, the previous sports betting record for an event was last year. It was also during the Super Bowl where betting hit peaking points. It was a difficult confrontation between and San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Despite achieving peak numbers, the newly achieved record was able to achieve an increase of 31%. That means that amongst Canadian casino players, especially in Quebec, the interest in one of the American continent's biggest sporting events is growing.

The Canadian Province was well prepared for the Super Bowl event by increasing the betting variety. There are more than 250 types of wagers available. These wagers included the match-winner and bets covering total points and how the winning team will come victorious. There was also a wagering option regarding The Most Valuable Player. There were also non-match specific bets. The wagers included the color of Gatorade that would be poured on the coach of the winning team.

Loto-Quebec to Reassess Its Budget

In other news, Loto-Quebec is also going to re-consider and reassess its budget for sponsoring festivals and other community events this year. One of the major reasons is the current financial crisis that the entire world is going through. The budget of the corporation is scarce as a result of the closing-down of many land-based casinos, which had a devastating effect on the revenues. Therefore, the crown agency has revealed through an announcement that it is going to reassess its budget.

Over the course of last year, the gambling regulator has decided to invest more than CA$10 million in community festivals, sponsorship, and events. However, such a number doesn't include payments to NPOs. In this fiscal year, the company witnessed a 33.2% drop when compared to last year. Of course, such a drop made it hard for the company to honor its commitments to these events.

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