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The chair of the APPG of the UK (All-Party Parliamentary Group), Carolyn Harris MP, is calling on the government for gambling reform. The MP is renewing the call to make reform to the Gambling Commission and its 2005 Gambling Act to provide more protection to the vulnerable players.

The APPG Renews Its Calls for Gambling Act Reform

Carolyn Harris from the APPG has talked in the parliament on the 9th of January regarding gambling reform. She specifically discussed an important topic related to the ongoing dispute. The dispute is regarding the FA (English Football Associate), selling the media rights for wagering purposes. Bet365 has streamed a total of 23 football games in the third cup of the FA less than a week ago. Customers were only able to view the match if they have placed a wager or made a deposit. It was possible as a result of the deal between the IMG agency and the FA. The agreement was signed in 2017, which allows IMG to sell the rights for clips or match footage to the bookmakers. The FA has drawn a lot of criticism regarding such a deal.

Carolyn Harris MP Criticizes Streaming of Matches at Bookmakers

Carolyn Harris from the APPG sharply criticized the streaming deal. She also called the government to take a much stronger stance towards the approach of the FA in this matter. The MP stated that everything related to the deal is shameful and that everything about it needs reform, along with the Gambling Act of 2005.

Responding to that, Nigel Adams, the Sports Minister, stated that the sporting organizations have the right to benefit from their product commercially. On the other hand, he said that they also have a responsibility towards its fans. They have to to make sure they are protracted from problematic gambling.

The calls by Carolyn Harris for gambling regulatory reform surfaced for the first time in November of 2019. It was a part of the interim report if the APPG regarding the online gambling sector in the United Kingdom. In that report, the group also called for a £2 stake limit on online casino gaming products; so it can be in line with the stake cut that occurred in FOBTs.

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