The BGC Calls for Delaying the Biggest UK Horseracing Event

The biggest UK horseracing event and the showpiece is the 2021 Grand National. It is due to take place on the 10th of April and will occur at the Aintree Racecourse. It will take place only two days prior to the reopening of the betting shops. That comes after a long period of forced shutdown due to current events. According to Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, all non-essential retail shops in England will re-open once again on the 12th of April. He said that through an official statement less than a week ago. It is a part of the country's roadmap to move on after the current measures are lifted.

BGC Responds To The Statement About the UK Horseracing Showpiece Event

In response, the British Gaming Commission wants to delay the date for the Grand National of 2021. They believe that delaying it after the date of reopening the retail shops will allow the betting shops to capitalize on one of the most popular UK horseracing events on the calendar. That would also benefit the racing sector, which has been suffering greatly because of recent events and circumstances.

The BGC has estimated that 125 million pounds are usually placed as bets on UK horseracing events by millions of UK punters. According to estimates, almost 50% of these stakes are through high-street shops. That makes it the busiest day of the year. Therefore, Michael Dugher, the CEO of the BGC, stated that they know delaying the event until the shops open is not without challenge. On the other hand, they will do all that they can in order to remove any obstacles.

He stated that making sure that the once-a-year punters can go to their high-street shop and place bets on the most prominent UK horseracing event is something everyone wants. It would also make the 2021 Grand National a true national celebration as the economy reopens. It would also provide a timely and much-needed boost for the UK horseracing industry and high-street after such a challenging year.

The British Horseracing Authority Comments on the Upcoming Event

The BHA (British Horseracing Authority) came out and supported the government on its roadmap for easting the current restrictions. It stated that it would work hand-in-hand with the authorities. It will work to allow the spectators to return in a safe manner to racing events, whenever they are allowed. The BHA also made it clear that unless they delay the 2021 Grand National  to the end of May; it is most likely that it will take place behind closed doors like last year.UK Horseracing and other sporting events won’t be able to host spectators until phase 3 of the roadmap, which will begin on the 17th of May at the earliest. It will start with half capacity or 1000 spectators for indoor events. As for outdoor events, it will be half capacity or 4000 spectators.

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