The Canadian Gaming Association Launches a New Initiative

The CGA (Canadian Gaming Association) has unveiled the plans it had to launch a new credential-revealing and an educational initiative. The CGA's latest effort has the title “Get to Know Gaming Canada.”  The primary goal of this new program and initiative is to shed light on the various advantages that come along with the gaming industry in Canada. The CGA announced the intention and the announcement through a press release.  Throughout the upcoming months, the Canadian Gaming Association stated that it is going to share a wide array of stories that are going to showcase the employees, and the benefits of gaming in Canada to communities and local economies, as well as gaming innovators and job creators.  The program also aims to inform the locals about the gaming sector in Canada, and its world-leading commitment towards responsible gaming. Such move seeks to educate the public about gaming and the many advantages that it brings them and the community around them when done responsibly.

The CGA Invites Local Stakeholders to Participate

The CGA invites the stakeholder in the Canadian gambling sector to share with everyone their aspiring stories so they can contribute to the program and its encouraging initiative. The stakeholders can do that through Twitter, Instagram or Facebook by using the hashtag for this initiative, #gamingbenefits. The CGA also stated that people could submit their stories via-email so they can get their feature during the Get to Know Gaming Canada initiative.

The CGA Talks about the Get to Know Gaming Canada Program

The Canadian Gaming Association noted that there would be no shortage of inspiring stories about the benefits of the gambling industry. The association stated that there must be a lot of accounts between the thousands of workers who work and live in the communities where gambling operations take place, so there will be no shortage of inspiring stories, whether on a local level or internationally.

According to the statement by the CGA, the gaming industry of Canada is strong, diverse and it succeeds to contribute massively to the economy of Canada, in addition to communities and governments as well. As a result of that, the association believes that everyone has to know about the sector, how the operations run, and how can it benefit them in the long run. So far, this initiative has managed to garner the support of many in the industry, as well as the provincial governments.

What is the CGA – Canadian Gaming Association?

The CGA is an NPO that has one primary goal which is advancing the evolution of the gaming industry of the country. The organization’s mandate is to promote and highlight the benefits of the gaming industry to the Canadian economy while innovating and researching robust protocols that can help the industry in its evolution and advancement.  Another goal of the association is to facilitate the productive and positive dialogue between the different stakeholders of the industry, the service suppliers and the players. The latest imitative, the Get To Know Gaming Canada is just one of the many highly successful attempts of the CGA to broaden the understanding and educating about the Thriving Canadian gaming market.

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