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There are potential changes that Ford’s government is planning to carry out, which includes the online gaming scene. According to the statistics by the PC Budget, the residents of Ontario spend over half a million dollars every single year on different internet gambling sites. Most of this money ends up in the pockets of offshore as well as illegal companies. Therefore, the PC is planning to establish a legal market for these websites, a market that it can tax and govern. It was in the PC Budget statement, which made it clear that the government is intending to make it easier for the Ontarian residents to drink and gamble online. It will do that through sweeping changes that will allow the residents to drink starting from 9 am, as well as other offers. Therefore, the CGA welcomed the changes.

The Canadian Gaming Association (The CGA) Welcomes the Changes

The Canadian Gaming Association has welcomed the changes that the province of Ontario is proposing that would change the internet gambling scene in the region. It is embracing the fact that the Ontarian area is aiming to establish a competitive online casinos marketplace.

The province is planning to push the federal government to start allowing the placement of wagers on single-game sporting games. Such action was deemed prohibited according to the criminal code of the country. The government is also aiming to open up its internet gambling opportunities, by creating a competitive marketplace, which is regulated by the OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission). The CGA pointed out that the residents of Ontario layout more than 500 million every year by gambling on offshore websites, therefore, it applauds the commitment of the government to creating a competitive market for legal internet gambling. The new market would reflect giving consumers a choice while being able to protect them as they place bets online, which is not the case when they go to offshore websites.

The CGA Comments on the Changes towards Online Gambling

A consultation is going to take place that will involve the industry stakeholders as well as the Canadian Gambling Association (CGA). The CGA emphasized that it shares the commitment of the province of Ontario towards developing a market that can provide sufficient safeguards while offering an entertaining online gambling experience that reflects the preferences of the consumer.

The CEO of the CGA, Paul Burns, stated that they had witnessed fantastic growth in the number of stakes that the residents of Ontario place on offshore casinos and websites. He also added that they are welcoming the move that would result in a regulatory system for these sites so they can provide better protection for the consumers.

He also thanked Vic Fedeli, the Minister of Finance, for the continuous pressure on the federal government to make a change to the criminal code that prohibits singe-event stakes. He said that they share the views of the minister, and believe that it is the time to end the online gambling prohibition era and to grant sports bettors access to their product of choice.

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