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Online gambling is a favorite activity amongst UK residents, and this is why the UK government had to set a strict set of rules and as to govern this activity. These laws and regulations keep changing, as to meet the changing nature of the gambling industry. Without these laws, players will never know if the random number generator is Random, or is the casino ripping them off. Gambling became legal in the 1960s in the UK, and while the laws started governing land-based gambling only, now it covers all sorts of gaming. Here are the top four gambling laws that tighten the UKGC’s grip on the gambling industry.

The Online Gambling Bonuses Crackdown

Everyone knows that bonuses are a big part of the appeal of the online casino. But most of the time, the casinos have confusing offers, with hidden or unclear terms and conditions, especially when it comes to the wagering requirements. Therefore, the UKGC has been cracking down on these casinos, and they are finding it harder and harder to get away with confusing offers. Therefore, due to hefty fines and penalties, many UK casinos no longer offer a bonus that has a wagering requirement.

Online Gambling Point of Consumption Tax

Many casinos are based offshore, which means that they have their base of operations in other countries, like Gibraltar and Malta. They do that so they can avoid the high taxes in big countries like the UK. The UK government is well aware of this loophole, and this is why in 2004, the government started implementing the Point of Consumption tax. It means that the operators will have to pay the UK tax rate, as long as the players placing bets are in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom White List

For a casino operator to carry out business in the UK, they have to acquire a license by the UKGC, but of course, there are some exceptions to the rule. The exceptions are in the UK white list, which lists several licensing jurisdictions, whose standards live up to the standards of the UK. For example, any country in the EEA, Isle of Man and Gibraltar makes it to the white list.

Ads to Children are forbidden

The UKGC does not take ads to children lighting, as it has been cracking down on any sort of advertising towards children. Whenever that happens, the operators have to pay a fine, and they have to take down their adverts. For example, they will have to take down any adverts that contain cartoon characters or other types of ads that would appeal to children. Despite these regulations, there are estimations that more than 450,000 children in the UK gamble every single week.

As you can see, the gambling laws are always on the side of the average player, which is why many casino operators are not big fans of these laws, but they will abide by them nonetheless. Of course, these laws and regulations might change in the future, with the changes in the gambling industry and the casino operators’ techniques and offerings.

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