The Gambling Commission of the UK Launches a Society Lottery Reform

The latest announcement from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission stated that it had launched a Society Lottery Reform. The commission said that they are looking forward to seeing the different views that everyone has. These views are regarding strengthening some specific aspects of the LCCP (License Condition and the codes of practice). It aims to produce new guidance that is related to the info that is available to the consumers in the industry.

The Announcement of the UKGC Regarding the Society Lottery Reform

Through its official website, the UKGC stated that in June of last year, the government issued a consultation on the reform of society lottery, which sought views on potential amendments to prize and sales limits for both small and large society lotteries. In July of this year, the UK governments made its intentions clear to make changes to section 99 (3) in the Gambling Act. That change would increase the per draw limit for lottery proceeds from 4 million to 5 million pounds. It means that the maximum prize will grow from 400,000 to 500,000 pounds.

That is not all, as the yearly aggregate limit for proceeds will go from 10 million to 50 million pounds. Therefore, the UKGC is required to attach the condition to the licenses of lottery operations to achieve the items of Section 99 of the Gambling Act. Thus, the current limits that will occur to the terms of the licenses to all society lottery will need to reflect this change.

The Gambling Commission Launches New Self Service Portal

In related news by the UKGC, in addition to the Society Lottery Reform, it has launched a new self-service portal. Such a portal will enable license holders to manage their accounts via mobile or online. They will be able to make personal detail changes and report any significant events to their licenses. They can also download electronic-copies of their permits with ease. According to the commission, the new portal will decrease processing periods from many weeks to only a couple of days. So it seems that the UKGC is keeping its hands busy; from the new society lottery reform review to the new self-service portal.

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