The Gambling Commission Refutes Industry Claims about Illegal Market

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has replied to the claims of several UK operators.  It refuted the claims regarding the massive size of illegal gambling in the United Kingdom's black market. Many operators claimed that the UKGC's review and new measures would favor the illegal gambling market. They have cited a report from the PwC that stated that 9-10% of the UK Gambling-related searches were aimed at the black market UK Casinos and illegal sites. The operators used the report to show the potential danger of over regulating the gaming sector. They believe that it will push the numbers higher, as more people will prefer the illegal market's relaxed rules.

United Kingdom Gambling Commission Criticizes the Report Regarding the Black Market

The Chief Executive of the UK gambling commission, Neil McArthur, had a lot to say on the matter. He stated that the report did not differentiate between real visitors and automated bots to these unregulated websites. Therefore, he believes that the results are not consistent or accurate. He added that they understand that the licensed operators, along with their trade bodies, have concerns about the illegal market. Nevertheless, he believes that the impact is a bit exaggerated. He finished the statement that the report did not convince them that raising the licensed gambling market standards would prompt players to head to the illegal market.

Labor Party Also Refutes the Findings of the Report

The MP of the Labor party, Carolyn Harris, who is also the chair of the Parliamentary Group on Gambling Related Harm, is not convinced. She explained that the internet gambling industry is talking up the illegal black market's threat for its own reasons. It is trying to protect its income and profits and utilizes it as an attempt to resist the needed changes and regulation of the market. It is trying to achieve that by manufacturing dodgy reports and dossiers of info. All of these efforts are only to serve their own goals. It is an apparent tactic that is not going to succeed in holding down the standards by using the black market as an excuse.

Gambling Commission Site Adds Player Rights' Details

The UKGC has added a brand-new section to its website. It aims to inform as well as educate the public about their protections and rights when they are gambling. You can find it under the Public and Player Information category, under the Money and Rights section. The category is going to provide players with info about opening accounts, disputes, and ID verifications. It also includes all of the data rights that licensed United Kingdom operators have to guarantee. That is not all, as it also includes a list of the banks that allow players to block transactions to gambling sites, as well as info about how gambling can have an impact on their credit score.

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