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London is the home to many fantastic beer festivals, and one of them that are upon us soon is the Love Beer London. It is the festival that aims to “Brew Good and Do Good.” It brings together different kinds of beer that are from some of the best London breweries and the South East. All of the staff are volunteers, and all the proceeds from the festival are going to go to charity.

The Love Beer London Festival – For True Beer Lovers

The Love Beer London is the first collaboration between the SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers), Craft Beer Cares, and the LBA (London Brewers Alliance). All of which are going to help run the 3-day craft keg beer festival. All proceeds from the festival are going to go to a charity, The Benevolent. The festival helps supports former and current works of the drinks industry as well as their families. It is going to take place at the Two Tribes Brewing in London. It will take place from the 13th to the 15th of February of this year.

The organizer of the festival, Jaega Wise, is also the Director of the SIBA and the Wild Card Brewery head brewer. She stated this event is aiming to reflect the positive and exciting influence of Brewing in the great city of London. She added that over the last decade, the beer scene has been progressing a lot.

The organizer behind the event state that a considerable part of the Love Beer London is to give an authentic representation of Beer in the English capital. It also pays homage to the different brewing heritage of London. It also champions the diversity that exists in the brewing scene of today. The Love Beer London includes everything you can imagine, from bitters to traditional porters as well as Czech-style lagers and fruited sours.

The tickets for this festival are £12 for each session, which includes a branded glass. Also, the beer at the event has a very reasonable price at only £2 for half a pint, with a few high ABV exceptions that cost £3 for half a pint.

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