The Snyder Cut Is Here- And Everyone Says It Is Glorious (No Spoilers)

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If you are a DC fan and you watched the 2017 theatrical version by Joss Whedon, you were most likely disappointed with the outcome. The final cut seemed mashed together. It had very little to no character development. It was supposed to be the movie culmination of the DCEU, which would kick start the second wave of DC movies, which was something that all of us DC fans wanted. Unfortunately, the movie did not perform well at the box office and amongst critics and fans alike. That all changed when the #Releasethesnyndercut movement started to gain traction. It then achieved the impossible. As a result, the Snyder Cut of Justice League is available to watch on HBO Max.

The Snyder Cut – What Happened and Why?

Zack Snyder was at the helm of the Justice League movie, with a great plan to expand the DCEU universe. After an almost completed project, sadly, due to unfortunate personal circumstances, he had to stand down and be with his family and “So It Begins the End,” as Darkseid says in the trailer. Joss Whedon took over, and with pressure from Warner Brothers, the movie had a mandated runtime of 2 hours. That resulted in trimming down and removing integral parts of the Snyder Cut of the film. The end product was just a sad event for all DC fans. It wrote the end to the vision that Zak Snyder had for the DCCU.

The Fans Push Back and Release the Snyder Cut

The fans are the reason we are seeing the Snyder cut. There were a few hints from Zack Snyder as well as stars of the movie that hinted at the existence of a Snyder Cut. The fans took up arms, protested, invaded twitter with the #Releasethesnydercut hashtag. Many said it does not exist and that we will NEVER see it, and everyone is glad that they were utterly wrong. In May 2020, Zack Snyder himself announced the existence of the Snyder Cut, as well as confirming that HBO Max is going to release it.  Zack Snyder was given free rein to deliver his vision and his version of the Justice League.

Is it a Completely New Movie? Is it Good?

Without giving away spoilers, it certainly feels like a new movie. Do not fear the 4 hours runtime. It flies by quickly and leaves you wanting more. Here are some of the things that stand out:

No More Red Skies and the Flash Pushing a Car for Comic Relief:

Thankfully, the weird red/orange skies that existed in the last act of the movie are no longer there. In addition, the Flash is a real character in the Snyder Cut and not just a comic relief. So, you will not see him pushing a car while the rest of the team is doing real action stuff.

The Justice League is a Real Team:

The team works together; you get to feel a sense of “team-work.” It is not only action sequences mashed together, therefore, final act is long, enjoyable, and brings closure.

Victor Stone – a Real Cyborg Character:

It is one of the aspects that everyone is talking about. We Never got any backstory or felt connected with Victor Stone in the theatrical version. In the Snyder Cut, there are entirely new scenes, and a lot of character development, and a character with an emotional storyline. These are only three out of many changes that make the movie a spectacle.

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