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Earlier during this week, there was news that the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is going to aim at online slots next. It seems that online UK slots are the next thing to go into the sights of the commission. If you are a United Kingdom slot fan, then you can expect a lot of changes to happen to online slots if the UKGC has its way. It all started with limiting the stakes of FOBTs, but now the UKGC is taking its attention to the online world, where it aims to strike hard again online slots.

What are the Changes the UKGC is Aiming to Achieve?

There are numerous changes that the UKGC is aiming for when it comes to online UK slots. There is a whole package of changes that aim to make online slots safer by their design.

The changes to online UK slots are expected to become effective starting from the 31st of October. That will include slots offered by any UK licensed operator. These changes include banning the following:

  • Speed features that speed up the gameplay and can give players the illusion of control over the outcome of the slot.
  • Slot speed options that make it faster than 2.5 seconds
  • Autoplay functions, which causes players to lose track of their play
  • Imagery, animation, or sounds that give the illusion of a win, when the payout is below or equal to the stake.

Operators and UK Online Casinos will also have to display the total amount of losses or winnings, as well as the time play, during an online gaming session. It will allow UK players to be more in control and track their gameplay and financial situation. Alongside these changes, the gambling commission also introduced a ban on reverse withdrawals for all kinds of online gambling. It was a function that allowed players to use the money they requested to withdraw to place wagers on casino games.

Changes to Online UK Slots Do not Go Far Enough

Despite how drastic these changes are, it seems that they are not enough for many prominent anti-gambling groups and campaigners. It appears that the main thing they were after is not being implemented. It is the introduction of a max stake limit on online UK slots to follow the same route as land-based FOBTs.Iain Duncan Smith, an MP and the former leader of the Conservative Party, labeled the commission toothless and not fit for purpose.

Many members of the online gambling industry and campaigners believe the opposite. Many stated that increasing the restrictions on online gambling, in addition to stricter limits and gameplay options, will have an unforeseen consequence. They claim that when players can no longer enjoy their gaming experience at UK licensed operators, they will end up at unlicensed, offshore ones. These operators offer much fewer protection measures, and they do not follow the regulations and ethical standards of UK operators. Therefore, they believe the UKGC should find a balance, so they do not destroy the online UK slots industry.

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