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According to reports, it seems that the gambling companies in the United Kingdom might have no choice but to provide their customers with free blocking software. The blocking software aims to prevent them from betting. Such a proposal is reported to belong to the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (the UKGC), the industry regulator.

The UKGC Aiming to Protect the Vulnerable Gamblers Even More

The UKGC has launched a call for evidence where it is aiming to look for better and more effective ways to protect the vulnerable players and problem gamblers. It is planning to do that by identifying the weaknesses in the current systems and changing the code of practice of the industry. The proposals that the UKGC is considering is to force the bookmakers and the online casinos to fund blocking tools that will enable the customer to block themselves from all sorts of gambling. It is a move that is building on the nascent moves to enhance and tighten up the Self Exclusion programs. Such moves come amidst a broader tightening of the regulations of the UK gambling industry, such as more strict age verification methods, as well as the new rules that the ASA (Advertising Standards author) is introducing to stop the targeting of children commercially.

Paul Hope, the Executive Director of the UKGC, stated that the proposed changes are intending to accelerate the progress in protecting the UK customers and prevents them as much as possible from suffering from any harm related to gambling. There are many ways to do that, and they include making gambling, whether online or land-based, a safer and a fairer experience, and that this goal is at the purpose of how they manage the regulation of the UK market. They also aim to have better customer interaction and to facilitate the use of blocking software.

Self Exclusion – Important and Effective

The director of Gamban, a blocking software firm, Marr Zarb-Cosuon, who is also a gambling campaigner, stated that the people who choose to self exclude themselves have already gone through a great deal of gambling harm, and in most cases, it came at the cost of losing all the money they had. Therefore, at least, at the absolute minimum, they should not be able to access, and they should get that assistance by measure and software that are designed to do that, such as Gamban, which is the reccomendation of the UKGC.

The Commission is also looking for opinions on the way to improve the customer interaction, which aims to ensure that the gambling companies, through their employees, will intervene whenever they see any signs of a gambling problem.

Lately, we covered news that Ladbrokes staff members will get incentives when they boost the number of customers they sign up online, or feed into slot machines. Such revelations have prompted concern among many members of the parliament, as they see a conflict of interest as the employees should step in to prevent problem gambling, and not encouraging more gambling. The commission also referred to its report, where it uncovered failure of employees to interact with problem gambling behavior.

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