The UKGC Releases an Update to Guarantee Players Rights and Privacy

Online gambling was once a taboo, but not anymore. It is becoming the most popular activity in the United Kingdom. There are thousands of people who enjoy their time at online casinos. The popularity of casino gambling increased with the introduction of mobile gaming as casinos are now compatible with smartphones and tablets. There is only one catch, which is that many players are not aware that they have rights and obligations. A lot of players also do not know what to do if they start spiraling down to compulsive gambling. Therefore, the UK has its watchdog and regulations, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). Its job is to regulate the sector as it trying to battle the harmful impact of gambling.

The UKGC Set Fourth casino Player Rights

According to reports, the UKGC has recently placed a set of rules that all online gambling casinos will have to follow, which will guarantee certain rights to the players. The main goal of these rules is to ensure fairness and transparency in all of the results. It also aims to protect the banking transactions of the players and their privacy.  The UKGC made it clear that when players make a money transaction, they are entering a contract, and that contract should protect the players’ rights, information, and privacy. The commission added that Consumer Law protects the rights that all iGambling businesses should exercise.

The Commission Explains “Fairness of Results and Transparency”

The UKGC refers to the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and indicates that it also protects the operators. It achieves that by making sure that they do not suffer from any unfair advantage because of a controversial working in the contract. Therefore, the contractual wording has to be fair and transparent. It will enable players to make informed decisions. It also indicates that no part of the contract will either prove or hide an advantage to the operators.

As for “Fairness of Results,” the UKGC that all of the casinos will have to guarantee that all of the games they offer use Random Number Generators (RNGs). It is the only way through which the casinos can ensure that the results of all of their games are random, especially when there is no involvement from a dealer. To make sure that this is happening, the UKGC started to test the software that the online operators use with the help of competent authorities.

The checks are often carried out by independent 3rd part auditors such as eCOGRA, iTechLabs, and TST (Technical Systems Testing). The auditors run a different number of evaluations. If the operator passes, they will get a badge and a certificate that deems their games “Fair.”

Privacy Protection and Safe Banking Transactions

According to the UKGC, online operators have to give the customers detailed information regarding their money transactions and account. The casinos have to provide their customers with an explanation of how they will protect their identity. They have to detail how the security systems of the casino work, and how they protect the personal and bank account details of the players.

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