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The Gambling Commission of Great Britain has launched an industry-wide consultation regarding reforming the current online gambling laws. The consultation aims to refine the Gambling Act of 2005 with new laws and rules to enhance player protection. The UKGC decided to extend the deadline for the submissions for the remote customer interaction. It is due to the high engagement ever since it launched the consultation last month.

The UKGC’s Customer Feedback for the New Consultation

The consultation opened its door back on the 3rd of November, on affordability and intervention. It started asking for the views and the feedback from consumers. It also includes people with experience and members of the industry as well as stakeholders. The UKGC wants their opinion on new laws and requirements for operators to identify risk gambling. It would include improved affordability checks and better action to protect vulnerable players.

The consultation was met with enormous engagement. That encouraged the Commission to extend the call for evidence for the new laws by four weeks, to end on the 9th of February. According to a spokesperson from the UKGC, the extension aims to allow for more time. It will help the commission acquire detailed feedback and for a better evidence base from stakeholders and consumers.

The consultation is available and open to all members of the industry and stakeholders. On the other hand, the commission made it clear that they will focus significantly and particularly on the feedback from the consumer when adjusting the new laws. The Gambling Commission wants to gauge the operator’s ability to identify the vulnerability of players. In addition, it also wants to see how they gauge gambling affordability and under which circumstances they decide to take action.

New Laws Require A Conversation with All Members of the Industry

Tim Miller, the Gambling Commission’s Executive director, make it clear that they need of gambling operators to take more action. The UKGC has to set strict requirements for specific standards, for that matter. They are planning to have an open discussion with all members of the gambling industry. They aim to strike a balance between freedom for consumers and to ensure that there are safety precautions to prevent harmful gambling.

Thankfully, as reported before, many members of the industry welcomed the approach for the new laws. It included gambling operators, online UK Casinos, regulatory entities, and more. Also, it seems that there is an unexpected engagement from consumers and players, which pushed the UKGC to prolong the consultation period. So, it seems that regardless of the current situation worldwide and the fact that Christmas is just around the corner, players were still eager to provide feedback. They want to share their experience as a part of this essential consultation.


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