The United Kingdom Gambling Commission Unveils Plan for The Upcoming Three Years

The UKGC To Roll Out New Plan Over the Course of Three Years

The Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom, the UKGC, which regulates all things gambling in the UK has revealed a new 5-point strategy that it intends to roll out over the duration of the upcoming three years. The new policy and this plan aim to help shape the gambling market to become a well-regulated one that works for the benefit of the consumers. According to research results by Watchdog, more than 63% of the adults in the United Kingdom placed a bet over the last year. The regulator hopes that the new plan is going to build up upon the previous work they’ve done so they can balance the societal and personal risks that come with gambling, against the issues of consumer choice.

According to a statement from the UKGC, by the Executive Director Sarah Gardner, the UKGC has put the consumers in the middle of the strategy, as they aim to protect them from the harm resulting from gambling and to keep them safe and to keep gaming fair. She added that this new strategy has ambitious plans that will become effective over the course of the next three years and that they will realize these ideas as they work closely with regulatory partners, the industry as well as anyone who has an interest in keeping gambling safe and fair. These policies and the strategy are going to achieve the vision for a gambling make that is safer and fairer than the current one.

The first level of that new strategy is going to involve protecting the customers’ interests, and it will include the UKGC asking the operators to take action to protect the consumers that are at risk and to make the play fairer and safer. The strategy is going to encompass harder sanctions against any party that fails to improve the safety of the consumers or any entity that mistreated the players. Along the same lines, the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom declared another strategy that aims to prevent the consumers from suffering from the gambling harm. The Strategy will require operators to provide its consumers with information about the activity of gambling and all of its risks, and at the same time, to institute better functions to allow consumers to have more control.

Sarah Gardner Talks About the Industry’s Technology and its Purposes

The statement from Sarah Gardner stated that currently, there is a lot of technology that the industry uses and that they would like to see more investment in technology that will help the consumers. They hope that this technology is going to help the players manage gambling more. They also hope that technology will help target information on a tailored-basis to the suitable players, at the best time. Another part of the strategy is to see the UKGC attempting to improve the standards in the gambling industry as they demand the operators to establish more independent and efficient routes to resolve the disputes and the complaints of the consumers.

The Gambling Commission’s General Counsel, Neil McArthur stated that the UKGC is going to work with the operators to raise the standards by sharing their best practices while providing guidance and advice. On the other hand, he also stated that the UKGC s going to use all of the power it has to correct any poor practice, wherever they find it. The UKGC also said that their fresh approach towards giving new license to operators to run the National Lottery is going to involve optimizing the money from the lotteries for good causes. The Commission affirmed that this is aiming to regulate the lotteries in a way that is going to deliver a healthy experience for the consumers and Good Causes. Sarah Gardner also stated that Watchdog is going to work on bringing a better understanding to the consumers regarding the role of the lotteries and the contributions that they are making to communities and good causes across the United Kingdom.

Last but not Least, the Commission intends to improve its regulatory ways and wants to publish an external risk outlook as it initiates a policy to collect information from real players, and the outcomes that they experience during their gambling.

Spin Games Claims United Kingdom License

In similar news, only after a few days after the integration deal between Spin Games and the mobile real-cash service provider Nektan, Spin Games has claimed a license to operate in the United Kingdom from the UKGC. Spin Games already has permits to work in multiple regions around the world. The company’s foundation was in 2002, and it developers real-money and social online gaming technologies and content. The company stated that the UKGC’s approval means that the company is going to expand its footprint so it can start providing its innovations to partners in the UK.

Spin Games has declared that it is already offering its technologies and gaming content to many regulated iGaming online casinos around the globe. It also added that it is on its way to start applying for more licenses in many commercial domestic as well as international regions so they can expand their footprint

The CEO of Spin Games, which is in Reno, Kent Young, stated that he is very excited about the fact that his company managed to receive a license from the regulatory body of the United Kingdom, the UKGC. He added that such approval is going to enable the company to expand its presence around the globe. Kent Young finally added that this is a milestone and a significant opportunity for the firm that signifies the success and the growth of the company.

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