The United Kingdom Greyhound Racing Industry gets a £3m Funding Boost

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Bookmakers in the UK to give Greyhound  Racing a £3m Boost

The Greyhound racing industry in the United Kingdom is going to receive up to an additional three million pounds in funding. The additional funding is from the UK gambling operators after they signed a voluntary agreement, which is going to see the addition of three million pounds to the Greyhound Racing Fund. The income of the fund is going to increase with that additional funding to reach £10 million this year.

The New Greyhound Racing Agreement

The new UK agreement includes William Hill, Betfred, Paddy Power Betfair as well as Sky Betting and gaming, which is owned by The Stars Group. The agreement aims to increase and enhance the welfare standards of the greyhounds across the UK industry by increasing the funding aimed towards that cause through the Greyhound Racing Fund. The agreement is going to include more than just the additional funding, as it provides training courses for the veterinary staff as well as expanding the dogs’ injury-recovery scheme. Some of the funding will also go towards the Greyhound Trust, which is the UK charity that is responsible for giving a home for the retired greyhounds. The Greyhound Racing Fund is also going to use the additional money to improve the safety of the twenty-one licensed racetracks in the United Kingdom, such as enhancing the dog kennels and proving A.C for the vehicles of the trainers.

The Agreement Garnishes the Appraisal of the Greyhound Industry

Mims Davies, the Sport and Civil Society minister, commented on the agreement stating that they are delighted that they reached this agreement with some of the leading operators in the industry so that they can ensure the good welfare of the greyhounds. She added that Greyhound racing is the 6th most watched sport in Great Britain. Therefore, it is clear that enhancing the health and well-being of these racing greyhounds, from the moment they register to their retirement is essential. It plays an integral part in the prosperous future of the industry.

Mims Davies also stated that she urges all of the other bookmakers to sign up to the funding agreement, so they can prove that they fully support the Greyhound Racing sport and its wellbeing.

Mark Bird, the Managing Director of The GBGB (Greyhound Board of Great Britain), stated that he is grateful to all of the operators who agreed to provide that extra funding to the greyhound racing sector. He added that the Greyhound Board had set clear ambitions, in the Greyhound Commitment, as to where that additional funding is going to go, with most of it supporting the welfare of the Greyhounds and different initiatives within the industry.  These initiatives include the support of the Greyhounds through their career, as well as enhancing their well-being after they retire.

Joe Scanlon, the Chairman of the BGRF (British Greyhound Racing Fund), stated that with the income of the fund reaching 10 million this year, they would be very close to meeting the targeted funding for the year. He added that such agreement was not going to be possible without the support of the Minister and the team at the DCMS who worked non-stop for many years to achieve this.


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