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Betsoft Gaming

The Betsoft game developers have over ten years of experience in creating high-quality online betting games. Many of the gaming productions to come from this cutting-edge gaming lab have received multiple commendations and awards for excellence. In addition to engaging visual and audio effects, Betsoft has an outstanding reputation for creating trustworthy productions.

To get a feel for the high-caliber visuals you will find in their casino games, just look at the corporate website. You will agree that these visuals are on par with those used in large budget motion pictures today. Whether players win big bucks or lose their tokens, the visual experience along the way is nothing less than spectacular.

Betsoft Online Pokies and 3D-Technology

Betsoft creates its software from the versatile Expandicon technology used in so many online casinos today. This gaming software is fast-acting and trouble-free which allows for the full gaming experience to be enjoyed from any operating system even those that are a bit older. Slow loading times and lags can affect many games featuring top-of-the-line graphics software, but these are not a problem here.

Betsoft online pokies are also sprinkled generously with fully engaging cinematic visuals presented with dynamic sound effects. Sound effects are produced by studio specialists and professional musicians for the greatest possible appeal.

The user interface is another top-selling point for Betsoft and their world-class casino games. Their online software suite system provides an intuitive way to get the most out of everything they have to offer. Not only can a user gain easy access to all their favorite games, but they can also track the gaming activities of other individual gamers.

All of this is made possible through the Flash software. This formidable gaming platform allows for high-caliber audio and visual effects to be delivered seamlessly. This allows the user to become fully immersed in their gaming without slow loading and lag time to dampen the fun. Users will have the option to hone their skills at 3D pokies with play-tokens before they feel comfortable enough for the excitement of real cash. This is a great option for new users.

Betsoft Gaming for Mobile Devices

Betsoft has recently broadened its service range to include games for a mobile device. This means that the user will now have the options to play all their favorite games from the convenience of their mobile devices. Betsoft's new line of ToGo games has been optimized to be used with iOS and Android devices. At the moment, there are only 8 games that can be used on these mobile devices, but many more are expected in the future.

Betsoft Customer Service

While a unique gaming experience is the hallmark of a reputable gaming developer, much of the company's excellence will lie in the care and service which they provide for their customers. Betsoft is at the cutting edge of world-class customer support. A staff of customer service professionals is on call 24/7 to provide assistance as needed. They will work with their client until any issues in questions are resolved completely.

About Betsoft Game Developers

Betsoft Gaming operates from its corporate offices in Valletta, VLT, Malta. For a sample of the gaming experience, they offer their clients, visit their webpage. Here you will see the stunning animation features and dynamic sound effects profuse in their games. You will note by the precision and quality placed into the productions that they are created by experienced professionals. Furthermore, all gaming productions fully comply with all regulatory guidelines applicable. Betsoft Gaming’s online site has a full listing of their certificates and awards for excellence. Curacao eGaming issued Betsoft Gaming’s eGaming license.


Microgaming is the software production company known as the first to produce online casino games. Since they began in 1994, this company has taken the lead as a major supplier of casino games and the security software that makes it all possible.

Today Microgaming has a selection of over 700 casino games to offer and the complimentary software that supports them. A combination of content, both licensed and proprietary, is used in the production of their games and more are being produced each month. As a leader of the online casino industry, Microgaming was there for the biggest win in online Bingo, a total of £5.88 million. When the largest win made in mobile gaming was taken home, a total of £3.7 million, Microgaming brought it all about. Microgaming has received many awards and commendations for their incredible technical innovations.

Microgaming Reliable Supporting Software

The modern industry of online gambling depends largely on the software and applications used in the development of these games. Online casinos are run by owners who may not be proficient in programming and will obtain their software from a reliable developer of these casino games. While the many styles, brands, and games included in various online casinos can be very different, certain things are the same. Things like an intuitive user interface and an integrated chat system are needed in every situation. Microgaming is a software developer that can be relied on for the full package of reliable games and supporting software.

Microgaming and Mobile Devices

Since they have been around since the beginning, Microgaming has seen online casinos evolve in many ways. The most significant trend to rock the online world has been the advent of mobile devices. Casinos that operate with Microgaming software are available on both desktop and mobile devices. This way users can enjoy their favorites games from the comfort and convenience of a mobile device.

This is another example of the dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions to providing users with the greatest values for their cash. Microgaming can always be expected to present classic games and fun with a new and exciting twist

Notable Microgaming Productions

Some examples of the games produced by Microgaming deserve mentioning here:

Blaze Poker is an exciting twist on the classic game of luck and chance. In this game, players join a pool of other players and are randomly placed at a table for the start of the hand. Each hand that will be played will be against across from a different opponent. Microgaming software is deftly applied to ensure the players are always at a new table with a new hand. It is the fast playing dynamics at work in this game that make the chances of win higher, as such the pay-outs collected from this game are significantly larger.

Major Millions has become one of the most popular games to come from Microgaming. This military-themed game features 3-Reel 3-Payline display. Microgaming technology is applied at every step of the process in the“ largest progressive jackpot” game you’ll find. The player must line up the Major Million images on the bottom pay-line to take home the gold.

For these and the many other games like this Microgaming has the largest payout percentages. The positive user response from these engaging games is a credit to their penchant for finding a way to keep things novel and fascinating.

About Microgaming Game Developers

Microgaming is based on the Isle of Wight. There are a few region restrictions associated with the use of their software, but this is primarily due to taxation issues in countries that have higher tax rates for these activities. But with the largest variety of casino gaming choices, there is, Microgaming is the premier option for players as well as those looking to opening an online gambling venue.


Currently being a leading digital entertainment provider, NetEnt has a long-standing history at being a pioneer gaming design and development. The company was founded in 1996, and began its climb up the gaming ladder through making games for traditional brick and mortar casinos. Seeing the amazing potential in online casino gaming, it launched its online site NetEnt Casino in 2002. The company was right in its projections, within just one year the site became profitable. After moving into the international market and making great strides, NetEnt is a giant in the online gaming industry and a company you've most likely heard of for good reason.

Priding itself on providing digital solutions for its customers, the company has most recently expanded into the exploding world of mobile applications for their gaming platform. You're probably already familiar with their most popular games. Although the list is rather extensive most everyone has heard of Warlords, Crystals of Power, Gonzo's Quest and starburst. NetEnt also offers a live casino where you can play in real-time with other players and a dealer. Known for their rich and colorful graphic design and seamless operation, NetEnt is constantly coming up with the newest and most innovative games for you to enjoy.

NetEnt is excited about its work and can back its credentials up. They have received multiple industry awards such as the eGR which is a prestigious award by the websites they serve as being the best slot provider for several years running. Women in Gaming awarded NetEnt for the Hidden Talent of the Year award in 2015. Global Gaming Awards has also recognized the company for its hard work.

You may already be familiar with the ever popular pooled jackpots NetEnt provides for its customers. Having record breaking jackpots also sweetens the deal and will have you looking toward happy paydays. NetEnt also handles its own progressive jackpots which have been known to skyrocket and also makes players feel at ease that you know the correct amount is always updated. You will see NetEnt across multiple online gaming sites as their collaborations are strong and give you versatility in which sites you can find them on.

NetEnt takes social responsibility in its commitment to responsible gaming practices. Displaying a banner that states players must be over 18 years old, they consider this to be an important topic and want people to enjoy gaming to have fun. Taking this a step further, you are protected by several layers. Not only do they keep your information secure, but they will also set limits and blocks if it appears you may be playing a bit too much. Another safeguard is imposing “reality checks” when the player is actively playing, reminding them of the importance of responsible gaming. Players must acknowledge this information to continue progressing in the game or they are locked out for a set period of time. Although not the direct provider to the end customer, they take care of players through implementation of these socially responsible policies.

If you haven't already played a NetEnt Gaming slot machine, you are able to go to most online casinos where you are able to get acclimated with the game and take some spins free of charge. This is a great time to familiarize yourself with the amazing graphics and design of the game. Another good idea is to make sure at this time you understand how the betting process works and implement your strategy.

It's easy to see why NetEnt is such a popular choice in online gaming. Their innovation to give you the ultimate entertainment, graphics and unique opportunities to win are all the result of being such an experienced and expert gaming provider. NetEnt is excited for you to try their games, and you will be excited once you play them!

NextGen Gaming

If you enjoy online casinos, you'll love NextGen Gaming. Well known for being a collaborator through their partnerships within the industry, NextGen strives to provide the highest quality games while preserving the tried and true fundamentals you've come to expect from an online leader.

Chances are you're already familiar with NextGen Gaming. A UK based company founded in 1999, NextGen is primarily known for online slot games. The rich colorful graphics and unique creativity are a staple to any online casino. NextGen has created superhero games such as Batman, Green Lantern and the Flash. Other popular games you've most likely heard of include Monster Wins and an evening with Holly Madison. Accolades include winning the 2014 “eGR B2B” awards.

If you don't recall playing any online games with NextGen, you're probably familiar with the unique wagering options. The “SuperBet” option allows you to ante up by slightly increasing your bet and opens up more opportunity for additional free games and increased multiplier prizes. The next option is “Select-A-Play.” This option allows players to select their own reward systems such as increasing the multiplier option and receiving less free play or more free play with less multiplying. “Up Wild” is an option that increases the winning possibilities by wild symbols working together to win. A prize is also able to be won if you only hit one wild. Lastly, “Slide a Wild” is a unique game to NextGen that's also patented. This option allows you to have a level of control over wild and other symbols to customize the game to your liking.

NextGen Gaming History

NextGen Gaming is a part of the NYX Gaming Group. Their transparency is evident as you can access licensing information online. Licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the company is free of any sort of violations or license suspensions on record. You'll have full confidence playing on the NextGen Gaming website or any affiliate websites online. The collaborative partnership model offers more access to games across many different partner sites. NextGen Gaming strives to balance creativity with traditional methods known to produce results benefiting everyone involved. The company also prides itself of being dedicated to the enjoyment of the players.

If you've never read player reviews on NextGen Gaming you'll quickly find players are impressed. Among the most common compliments are that graphics and color usage in their games is much better than the competition. Players also note that you'll not have to worry about any problems while playing as the engineering of the games provides a unique and issue-free experience from start to finish. The reviews also note that there are very clear explanations of how to play and that you'll not have any difficulty understanding the mechanics of bonus rounds, multipliers, and free spins. Most games also allow you to try them for free before actually committing to playing with real money.

With all factors considered it's easy to see why online casino players are so impressed with the NextGen Gaming experience. Not only will you find the highest quality games but you'll also find unique experiences such as the tiered wagering system. As a leader in the online gaming industry NextGen Gaming will keep you up to date on the latest developments and is always striving to be the leading innovator in the business. If you've never played any of their games it'll be a great decision to take a look at them and find something you'll enjoy. There is literally something for everyone and as previously mentioned a preview is always available online. NextGen Gaming is certainly a great pick, and you'll be glad to discover them yourself.

Play'n GO Game Developers

Play'n GO is a Swedish based casino software developer that has a long history of dedication to producing top-quality gaming experiences and most gamers today have seen their products at some time or other.
This software developer is based out of the small Swedish town of Vaxjo. Play'n GO has been operating as an independent developer since 2005, before this time they had always taken a subsidiary role to more prominent software developers.

Play'n GO Contributions to Modern Gaming

As a games developer of first-rate games and software, Play'n GO has made some important and noteworthy contributions. More than fifty very original games have been released in over thirty different languages. As a part of their dedication to bring the most comfortable and convenient gaming experience to the user, Play'n GO has dedicated themselves to producing applications that can be used on all devices and platforms. This takes the fun and excitement of a game of slots to the comfort of a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Play'n GO and Core Technology

All the games produced by Play'n GO are created with their own MAVEN technology which is owned and copyrighted by the company. This technology allows a great deal of flexibility in programming and allowing them to apply an idea in many different ways or start a project from scratch if so needed. This allows them to cover all the bases in the demographic. Every game is presented in fully-engaging color and high definition graphics that capture and entertain the user.

One of the most definitive features about the Play'n GO games are their availability in widget form. Widget games are smaller versions of the game that can be integrated directly into an email, promotional advertisement or website. The Play'n GO company uses these frequently in their publicity campaigns.

Another distinctive feature of the Play'n GO gaming collection is that they constantly produce new and innovative games with exciting visual and audio effects. Their games have invariably received a positive response from gamers of all experience levels.
Some of the more significant games released by the Play'n GO game developers include table games like BACCARAT, Pai Gow Poker and their very own take on the classic Caribbean Stud Poker. Nevertheless, the specialty of the company is its line of Blackjack games. Over eight different versions of this game have been released and include several options that allow the player to deal multiple hands.

Roulette is another game that the Play'n GO producers have perfected nicely. Of the three inventive options, one is the elusive French roulette that is hard to find in casinos in this day and age. There is also a scratch card game and a few other poker machines that have been enjoyed by many.

About Play'n GO

Play'n GO adheres to a very strict policy of conscientious gaming. The company abides by all regulatory guidelines in place for its activities and holds licenses from all around the globe. Each nation that has granted Play'n GO a license has had its own set of stipulations and requirements and Play'n GO has abided by each and every one.
Furthermore, in every effort to live up to their name “Play'n GO”, they have created games and software that is compatible with all of the platforms, devices and operating systems.

In the end, Play'n GO can’t merely be lumped into the category of the many other gaming developers in operation today. They have earned their right to be called industry leaders and pioneers of the online casino gaming frontier. The company has received awards and holds many strong affiliations with other important online gambling platforms.

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