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The UKGC’s Executive Director of Research and Statistics, Tim Miller, has presented the findings of the commission’s 1st National Strategic Assessment for UK Gambling. The assessment aims to evaluate the response of the gambling commission to its duties and risks. The evaluation of the UKGC was built on evidence of 4 key-elements. These elements are the person gambling, the place where the gambling takes place, the products available, and the gambling service provider.

Tim Miller Comments on the UKGC’s UK Gambling Strategic Assessment

Tim Miller ensured everyone that the assessment of the commission was carried out with the best evidence available. It also accounted for the ongoing crisis and its impact on the industry and the consumers’ habits and behavior. The assessment spans on a 3-year period. The UKGC also conducted it concurrently with all of the massive changes as well as improvements in the UK gambling protections, research, treatment, and policies.

Tim Miller stated that during the continuous debate regarding UK gambling, people tend to forget about the progress that has been occurring for the past three years. The assessment also addressed the fact that problem gambling is now a public health issue. Therefore, it believes that it requires a public health approach, which is something that the community did not accept three years ago.

UK Gambling Problems Treated as a Health Problem

In addition, the authorities have recognizes that those who have problem gambling issues with a lived experience need to be heard. Therefore, to meet such requirements, the UKGC created an advisory panel. It will help with the development of policy and research. The group stated that they were among the first to argue that UK gambling harms should be considered a public health problem. They adopted a public health approach when they published the UK gambling harm national strategy in 2019.

Despite the great progress, the commission noted that the problems that they are facing and the risks are dynamic. Therefore, they have changed the profile and make-up of those who are affected by UK problem gambling. Tim Miller also highlighted the great shift by the UK players towards online gambling. It grew to more than fifty percent of the gross gambling yield last year. He added that this has apparent implications for how and where players gamble. It also stresses the fact that mobile phones are increasingly popular to place bets online.

Gambling Commission Enforce Strict Requirements

The UKGC has also enforced stricter requirements regarding ID verifications. It also prohibited credit card gambling. That is not all, as GAMSTOP has become the compulsory exclusion scheme for UK online gambling websites. These are only some of the great progress that the UKGC has achieved in the past few years.

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