UK GambleAware Appoints Expert Link for the ALERTS Network

GambleAware is a responsible gambling charity advocacy organization. It has announced that it has appointed Expert Link to become its co-designer for its new nationwide network “ALERTS.” GambleAware has been providing massive funding for ALERTS, which stands for Affected Lived Experience Research, Treatment and Support Group, for eighteen months. The group is going to consist of people who have had an experience with life with gambling harm. The charity has stated that it has a lot of ambition that the group is going to become completely independent and sustainable. It believes that it will be able to apply and identity its own funding resources.

ALERTS  To Focus on the Underrepresented

In addition, the network is going to pay attention and full focus on inclusion, diversity, and equality. Its membership will be drawn from all across the communities' experience and those who lived through gambling harm. It will essentially focus on those who have always been marginalized or a part of underrepresented groups. ALERTS is going to be driven by the membership. The membership is going to decide on the governance arrangements. On the other hand, Expert Link is going to organize the start-up procedure.

The reason behind choosing Expert Link is its experience dealing and working with marginalized communities as well as those who experienced social stigmatization. It also has a lot of knowledge as well as an understanding of network formation and community mobilization on social-related issues. Once it is up and running, the network is going to target participating in as well as influencing the national debate. That will also include participating in the process of policy making regarding the UK gambling industry and sector.

GambleAware's Comment on the New Network

The Research Director of GambleAware, Alison Clare, had a lot to say on the matter. She stated that they are hoping that the group is going to become a single inclusive network that represents everyone. It aims to represent all of those who experienced gambling harm across the United Kingdom. She added that there are other groups with the same concept and that they are already out there doing great work. Although, ALERTS is aiming to fill in the gaps and to reach the people that are hard to engage with within the UK. She declared that they are ambitious that this new independent group will develop and grow. Such development will enable it to assist in all aspects of the gambling debate. That includes regulation, policy, as well as research, and treatment.

In addition to providing its advice, the new network is going to scrutinize the current treatment services. It will also provide a service-wide advisory service to the NGTS (National Gambling Treatment Service) and GambleAware. It will also provide it to the NCNF (National Clinicians Network Forum). So far, there are some areas of priority that the network has identified, they are:

– How to increase the accessibility of treatment and identifying the barriers.

– Ways of improving the links between the treatment services and the other parts of this system.

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